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P1 2017-08-12T01:00:00Z

17 - 27 L

P2 2017-08-19T23:00:00Z

30 - 12 W

P3 2017-08-26T00:00:00Z

13 - 26 L

P4 2017-09-01T00:30:00Z

30 - 6 W

1 2017-09-08T00:30:00Z

42 - 27 W

2 2017-09-17T17:00:00Z

27 - 20 W

3 2017-09-24T20:25:00Z

24 - 10 W

4 2017-10-03T00:30:00Z

29 - 20 W

5 2017-10-09T00:30:00Z

42 - 34 W

6 2017-10-15T20:25:00Z

13 - 19 L

7 2017-10-20T00:25:00Z

30 - 31 L

8 2017-10-31T00:30:00Z

29 - 19 W

9 2017-11-05T21:25:00Z

17 - 28 L

11 2017-11-19T18:00:00Z

9 - 12 L

12 2017-11-26T18:00:00Z
13 2017-12-03T18:00:00Z
14 2017-12-10T18:00:00Z
15 2017-12-17T01:25:00Z
16 2017-12-24T18:00:00Z
17 2017-12-31T21:25:00Z

Super Bowl LII

February 4, 2018

US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN

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