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Week 21

  • The Matchup Advantage column takes into account all projected coverage, not just primary coverage.
  • Shadow coverage situations are indicated in ALL CAPS.
  • The speed column (sp) contains combine 40-yard dash times. Players with no times are left blank.
  • Coverage data, receiving data, route data, and grades are from 2017.
Player Name in CAPS: Shadow Coverage
H: Height (inches)
WT: Weight (lbs)
SP: Combine 40 time
L%: % of routes lined up at LWR/LCB
S%: % of routes lined up at Slot
R%: % of routes lined up at RWR/RCB
RT: # of Routes
T/R: % of targets per route
F/R: Fantasy Points per route
C%: Catch %
Y/RR: Yards per route run
Y/RC: Yards per route covered
GR: PFF Grade
ADV: WR Matchup Advantage