*Khaled’s NFL Daily: June 6, 2013

| June 6, 2013

Bad news. Unfortunately, PFF head honcho Neil Hornsby has been struck down by a particularly painful case of cramp, and is unable to fulfill his obligation of handling the NFL Daily.

Good news. You get me instead for a short recap on what went down yesterday, including the Ravens making a shrewd move, and the Bills adding some depth on the offensive line.


Thursday, June 6th

Ravens Follow Through

Neil spoke yesterday about the Ravens’ pursuit of Daryl Smith. Well, a day later and they’ve only gone and signed him. To reiterate what Neil said yesterday, Smith has been long on production even if the acclaim he should have had hasn’t come with it. Sure, he played only 117 snaps last year because of injury and is on the wrong side of 30, but you have to think (or hope) that further removed from injury he can get back to his best form.

I wrote a piece way back in November 2011 that highlighted the versatility and productivity of Smith, and for a team that uses multiple fronts like the Ravens that is hugely important. I remember back in 2009 when the Jaguars flirted with a switch to a 3-4 defense that had Smith lining up at outside linebacker, inside linebacker and along the defensive line in their sub package defense. Despite all that was asked of him he still produced, and that’s what the Ravens will want in the post-Ray era.

Bills Bring in Legursky

A former undrafted free agent, Doug Legursky certainly made an impression with the Steelers and their fans. Unfortunately, his on-field performance ensured it wasn’t a positive one.

Now he’s a Bill, and after Buffalo lost some talent in the offseason he’s likely fighting for a spot providing depth across the interior of the line. If he gets it let’s just hope the starters don’t get injured, less Buffalo sees some of what blighted his stay in Pittsburgh, where he was always among our lowest graded players. Take 2010 for example, where, despite starting in a Super Bowl, he earned a -16.3 on his 449 snaps, followed by a -9.6 on 609 snaps in 2011, and lastly a -10.5 on 417 snaps last year.

You get the point, right? Whether lined up at center or guard he was all too often overmatched and it’s hard to see him making much of an impression in Buffalo, although stranger things have happened.

So ends a short NFL Daily, but you’re really going to want to tune in on Saturday when Neil returns with some information you won’t find anywhere else.


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  1. Billy the Kid says:

    Buffalo always signs garbage. The organization is the worst in the NFL and they are way too cheap to compete in the NFL. Ralph is so tight he squeaks that’s why the Bills will always be a losing team. The Bills are so bad if they ever go 8 and 8 it will be like winning a super bowl to their fans. They don’t call Buffalo the city of good losers for nothing.

    • Richard says:

      Do you realize that when the salary cap was implemented that the Bills were one of the few teams that were actually drastically affected by it because of how much they were over they the cap? They had to cut a lot of high dollar talent and replace it with cheaper talent to remain under the cap. This is what started the downfall. That is direct evidence against your claim that Wilson is cheap. Was he not the one that was willing to pay Mario Williams? Was he not the one willing to pay Lawyer Milloy more than the Patriots? Was he not willing to pay Drew Bledsoe? The evidence suggests that it’s not Ralph Wilson that is cheap. He may have had General Managers and coaches that wanted to spend more thriftily and supposedly more wisely but it had nothing to do with Ralph Wilson being cheap. It seems to me that Wilson has always been willing to pay whatever checks the General Manager and coaches ask him to. You can claim coaching is where he didn’t spend the money, but those were decisions made by the General Managers.

  2. Billy the Kid says:

    Buffalo’s front office is little league. They let Levitre walk who was a pro bowl level guard and sign a guy who wasn’t even a decent back up. Then they wonder why they finish LAST for 20 years. LOL The Bills organization is a joke and should be kicked out of the NFL.

    • Richard says:

      Tennessee paid a lot for Levitre, it is debatable whether or not a guard is worth that kind of money. Legursky isn’t being signed to replace Levitre. He’s being signed as a backup. They have however made a lot of bad personnel decisions in the past. This is a different front office than years past so it remains to be seen how “little league” it is.

      • Billy the Kid says:

        A guard is VERY important especially with a rookie quarterback. If the QB gets pressure up the middle it’s twice as bad as getting it from the corners. The Bills try and brainwash fans into thinking a guard isn’t important because they were too CHEAP to sign Levitre. They are the cheapest team in the NFL that’s why last place is their favorite place. Buffalo fans believe the bull the front office tells them that’s why they call Buffalo the city of good losers.

        • Richard says:

          If you ranked the AFC east in terms of salary cap last season, it would go;
          1. Dolphins 116,600,000
          2. Bills 112,700,000
          3. Jets 112,500,000
          4. Patriots 110,600,000

          So the team that spends the least has actually been the best. The Bills had the 15th highest salary cap. That means they’re smack dab in the middle when it comes to spending money. http://www.osmguy.com/2012/09/2012-nfl-salaries-by-team/
          So your claim that they’re the cheapest team in the league is dead wrong. No doubt guard play is important. However, it isn’t as hard of a position to play or as hard to find players to play it effectively since guards don’t have as much mental work as the center or have to be as physically gifted as the tackles. It’s not like Levitre was some highly touted guard coming into the league. Neither was Urbik, their other guard. If you have a great center that makes great calls so that the guards know what to do, then the guards will play well. Problems come when you have guards making mental mistakes, giving up quick pressures or guards that aren’t strong enough to be effective in the running game. Having a great center or QB (depending on who makes the line calls) will eliminate a lot of the mental mistakes by guards. The Bills do have a very good center now, which is probably a reason why their line has been pretty good. So as long as the guy they replace Levitre with can make room in the running game, they should be fine. Your brainwash comment is just plain stupid. They haven’t tried to reason why they let Levitre go, they let him go and left it at that. If you would ever go on the Bills website forums you would find that a good majority of the Bills fans have not believed what they have been sold by the front office. They hold out hope that things work out, but they have been very skeptical for years now. You really have no clue what you’re talking about.

          • the kidd says:

            Dude are you brain dead or just not capable of understanding the English language? You only listed the salary cap. That only covers the players. Ralph is too CHEAP to hire real GM, a head coach with a winning NFL track record, good scouts, and good assistant coaches. He’s too cheap and stupid to know that the GM, scouts, and coaches is what determines how successful your team will be. They are the foundation who build the team. Senile old Ralph even hired Levy as a general manager. That’s like hiring your auto mechanic to do heart surgery

          • Richard says:

            You’re the one that keeps spewing out things that don’t fit reality. You claim Ralph has a problem spending money on GM’s and Coaches. Well, was Polian cheap? Was Butler cheap? Maybe at first, but at some point during their successful runs Wilson paid them well. Donahoe wasn’t cheap. Donahoe was a well respected personnel man prior coming to Buffalo. The hiring of Levy wasn’t about money either. It was about connecting to a prior period of success. Hiring Nix was much in the same vein as hiring Levy. Nix was with Buffalo during the Butler era. When Wilson hired Donahoe he retired from being the team president and did so by giving Donahoe the title and day to day control of the team. From that moment, Wilson hasn’t been involved with making decisions outside of hiring the General Manager. The hiring of cheap coaches is on the General Managers or because higher profile coaches didn’t want to coach in Buffalo. The evidence doesn’t show that Wilson is cheap. He has always been willing to spend money. Why would he be cheap now? He is almost a 100 years old, all he would be doing now is collect money for his children.

          • the kidd says:

            You don’t know the reason why Polian left do you? He left because Wilson put a lock on the vault. The Polian era was the only time Ralph spent money in all the years the team was in Buffalo. Polian told Ralph he would only take the job if he had full control of the football operations. He also told Ralph he couldn’t sell Jim Kelly to the Raiders for 10 million dollars. He told Ralph if he wasn’t going to sign Kelly, Polian wasn’t going to take the job. At first Ralph agreed to Polian’s demands. . After a couple of superbowl losses Ralph got mad at Polian because he was spending money but couldn’t win a superbowl. So Ralph brought in Littman, his financial guy from Detroit and wanted to restrict Polian’s spending. He told Polian he couldn’t sign any more players without getting permission from Littman. Polian told Ralph to stick his job where the sun don’t shine and left. The rest is history. Bill took the Panthers to the NFC championship game, then moved on to Indy where he won a couple of superbowls. BIll Polian was the only big name GM in Bills history.

          • Richard says:

            I looked the reason up of why Polian left prior to sending my last reply. The rift between Littman and Polian and Ralph siding with Littman made Polian leave. The story I read doesn’t give all the details you did. Your story may be true or false, I have no idea. What I do know is that your story doesn’t fit reality. Kelly, remained on the team past the Polian years. If Ralph didn’t want Kelly, why didn’t he get rid of him after he fired Polian? The Bills also spent enough money throughout the Butler years that they were in salary cap jail when the salary cap was implemented. There were only 2 teams that were majorly affected by the salary cap. The Bills and the Titans. Donahoe was brought in to clean up the salary cap mess. Donahoe tore the team apart to do that. That was the start of the downfall of the Bills. That was also the transition from Wilson’s day to day influence on the team. The only decisions he has made since hiring Donahoe was to hire Levy and possibly Nix (if Brandon didn’t do that). All other decisions have been left to the team president and General Managers since the Donahoe hire. Those are the people that have been cheap at times. Even still, the Bills are always in the middle of the pack in terms of salary cap and have signed some high dollar players (Drew Bledsoe, Lawyer Milloy, Mario Williams) showing that the GM’s were allowed to spend big money. Making it hard to believe that Wilson was restricting them in spending.

          • the kidd says:

            My son went to St Francis high school on Camp Road with Polian’s son. I got to know Bill through him. Obviously Polian didn’t reveal, in the press, the real reason why he was leaving the BIlls.

            These guys don’t air their dirty laundry in the press or they get black balled by all the other teams. Example would be Ted Nolan, (Sabres coach). He did that and couldn’t get another hockey coaching job for 10 years. All the other clubs black balled him figuring he would do the same to them eventually.

            You can believe it or not, I could care less, but Wilson tried to strip Polian of his football operations power by bringing in Littman. Polian knew he could get a job anywhere and told Wilson to pound salt. As far as WIlson dumping Kelly after Polian was gone. It was too late at that point. The Raiders offered Wilson 10 mill for Kelly’s NFL rights when the Houston Gamblers folded. They probably wouldn’t have offered any money for him after he was with the Bills through his prime.

          • Richard says:

            I don’t have a problem with anything you say here. None of it proves that Wilson is cheap. Now that you have explained the Kelly thing in detail it actually makes sense. Kelly didn’t want to play for the Bills, so Wilson probably felt like it was an excellent deal to get 10 million dollars and whatever else for a QB that didn’t really want to play for his team. Obviously, once Kelly decided to play for the Bills and became the icon he is, Wilson was willing to pay him and keep him. I already agreed that the Littman – Polian dynamic was the impetus for Polian leaving. The evidence that Wilson isn’t cheap is the fact that the Bills where in Salary cap jail once the salary cap was instituted (long after Polian left). You have no way around that. A team does not get into salary cap jail by having a cheap owner. Especially, when they were the team most affected by the implementation of the salary cap.

          • the kidd says:

            As far as Wilson spending money on players he isn’t the worst owner in that regard. Wilson doesn’t know where to put the dollars to get the most bang for his buck. In my opinion you invest the big bucks on what I consider the foundation of a franchise. To me that is the GM, scouts, and coaches. You don’t go out and hire a “yes man” at GM who is just happy to get an NFL job. Of course Wilson can control a guy like that. A guy like that is going to kiss Wilson’s a,s,s, and do whatever he is told. The guy knows if Wilson fires him he probably doesn’t have the credentials to get another job in the NFL. Same goes for coaches. Good coaches don’t come cheap.
            In my opinion you spend the money to get a TOP NOTCH GM and top notch coaches. They are what make a team successful or unsuccessful. A good GM and coaches will take a bad team and turn them into a contender. They have a track record of doing that so they can command big bucks. Poor GMs and coaches are just happy to have a job because they stink. You get what you pay for. The better you are at your job the more money someone will pay you. For example a guy like Tom Brady can get a huge contract because he has proven he is one of the best in the business. I guy like Thigpen, (former Bills backup QB) will play for a song and a dance because he stinks out loud.

          • Richard says:

            I don’t disagree with most of what you’re saying here. The problem is you perceive Wilson has gone cheap even though Wilson isn’t making the decisions. Wilson brought in Donahoe. Gave Donahoe complete control. Donahoe was experienced and highly touted. He wasn’t the cheap way out. Donahoe brought in Gregg Williams and Mike Mularkey. They were cheaper coaches. Both were viewed as up and coming young coaches. That is why they were hired by Donahoe. From the evidence, Donahoe had the ability to hire whoever he wanted. He wasn’t limited by money. When Wilson fired Donahoe, he brought in Levy. Levy probably didn’t come cheap and he definitely wasn’t hired for monetary reasons. He was hired because of his previous success (try and recapture previous glory). Levy had complete control to higher whoever he wanted. He brought in Jauron because of his relationship with him. The Jauron hire had nothing to do with being cheap. It was because of his friendship with Levy. Then Wilson or Brandon hired Nix. Nix had a previous relationship with the Bills. May have been brought in for that reason. He also may have been brought in because better GM’s didn’t want to work for the Bills. Nix brought in Gailey. The word was it was because the bigger names didn’t want to work for the Bills. We may not know the actual reasons why. Nix and Brandon had complete control. There is no evidence that Wilson limited them. There are many reasons why the Bills have not succeeded over the years. I don’t believe Ralph Wilson being cheap is one of them. I just think the Bills have continuously made bad decisions in many different areas. I think Jauron and Gailey were bad coaching hires. Levy was a bad decision as a general manager hire. Firing Williams after a rough 3rd season may have been too soon. The team was in transition that year from an offensive team to a defensive team. With the talent they brought in on offense the following year, they may have been better with Williams as coach. Getting rid of Bledsoe and transitioning to a young QB led to a setback in Mularkey’s second season. Bringing in Jauron after that ruined the potential of Losman and Edwards because of his bland and highly conservative offense. Sticking with Fitzpatrick was a mistake. Drafting McGahee when they already had a talented runner instead of a bigger need was a mistake. I could go on and on but the point is, it hasn’t really been about money. It has been the decisions that have been made by GM’s and coaches that have been the problem.

          • the kidd says:

            BINGO! We have a winner! You finally getting it! Yes the decisions made by the GMs and coaches is why Buffalo has been probably the MOST UNSECCESSFUL franchise in all of sports. That’s my point, he hired the cheapest, no names, unqualified people on the planet to run his team. He didn’t want to SPEND THE MONEY on people who were highly qualified and respected around the NFL. He brought in a bunch of flunkies who would work for peanuts. That’s why Buffalo has s,u,c,k,e,d, for 75% of their existence. This has been the most poorly ran franchise in the NFL, bar none.
            You talk about bad, you know how bad the Bungling Bills have been?? They have had ONE, yeah count ’em, One winning season this entire millennium. That’s about as p,i,ss, poor as you can get.
            The thing I get the most joy over, is knowing Old senile and cheap Ralph will go to his grave never knowing what it was like to win a superbowl. May Ralph rot in h___.

          • Richard says:

            I have gotten it all along. You’re the one that still doesn’t get it. Your claim is that the Bills have sucked because Ralph Wilson has refused to spend money. The fact is though, Donahoe, Levy and Nix were NOT hired to SAVE money. All 3 had previous success in the NFL. Donahoe and Nix both as part of successful front offices. They were not guys that were brought in because they would work for “peanuts” as you say. Those are the ONLY 3 DECISIONS Ralph Wilson has made during this reign of pathetic football. All other decisions have started with the General Managers and ran through to the coaches. There is NO EVIDENCE that shows Ralph Wilson refused to hire or limit the coaches that the General Managers could hire. The General mangers made the hires they did because of what THEY were looking for in a coach. It had nothing to do with MONEY. If it did, then you need to provide evidence that Ralph Wilson kept his GM’s from hiring better canidates. If you don’t have any, then your claim has no validity. The Bills have been losers because of bad decisions in all areas of football. It has been a collective display of stupidity. It has nothing to do with MONEY and Ralph Wilson’s desire to hold onto his wealth.

          • Billy the Kid says:

            I give up on your Richard, until you take a reading comprehension course I’m one trying to educate you. You’re dumber t

          • Richard says:

            I don’t have a comprehension problem. I have understood everything you have said. What you’re saying is that Donahoe, Levy, Nix, Gregg Williams, Mike Mularkey, Dick Jauron, Chan Gailey were all hired by Ralph Wilson because he was too cheap to get better GM’s and coaches. Because of that the Bills have sucked.
            What I’m saying is that Tom Donahoe was a well respected personnel man with Pittsburgh and was brought in because of his reputation and Ralph’s belief that he could get the Bills out of salary cap hell. He wasn’t the cheap way out. Donahoe was given complete control of day to day operations, therefore he had sole responsibility for hiring Williams and Mularkey. Those 2 coaches were brought in because of their up and coming statuses and they matched what Donahoe was looking for in a coach. Donahoe was not limited by Wilson and forced to spend cheaply. The mistake of hiring these guys falls completely on Donahoe which had nothing to do with Wilson’s desire to keep money in his pocket. If I am wrong, then provide evidence to the contrary.
            Levy was then hired to try and recapture previous glory. No doubt Wilson had full confidence that Levy could do the job. Hiring Levy wasn’t about being cheap. If you have evidence to the contrary, then provide it. Levy hired Dick Jauron because of his friendship, not because of some limitation on him imposed by Wilson not to spend too much on a coach. If I am wrong then provide evidence to the contrary that shows Wilson limited Levy’s ability to hire any coach he wished. Hiring Jauron is on Levy. The hiring of Nix and Gailey may have been forced by the circumstances and the lack of interest by high quality GM’s and coaches to work in Buffalo. Nix was the choice because of his previous stint in Buffalo. He had the ability to hire whomever he wanted. If I am wrong, then provide evidence. The hiring of Gailey is on Nix, not on Wilson being cheap. So while you may be right that bringing in cheap, inexperienced coaches has been a major downfall and reason for the Bills struggles, you have yet to show that Ralph Wilson limited the GM’s abilities to hire more expensive and experienced coaches. That’s my ultimate point. Hiring Donahoe, Levy & Nix may have been bad decisions by Ralph but what evidence is there that he hired them to save money?

          • the kidd says:

            El Cheapo Wilson has r,a,p,e,d, the city of Buffalo for over 50 years putting an inferior product on the field. That’s why the Bills have to rank as one of the most UNSUCCESSFUL franchise in the NFL. The only satisfaction I get is knowing Ralph will NEVER experience the joy of winning a super bowl.

  3. Billy the Kid says:

    I would say you have to be either brain dead or high on drugs to be a Buffalo Bills fan. How else can you explain following a team that always loses and finishes last year after year? I can’t see how anyone can get enjoyment going to watch a team knowing they don’t have a chance to win the game. I guess Buff fans get enjoyment from losing.

    • Richard says:

      Both my brothers are Bills fans and neither one of them enjoys it. They have seriously considered giving up on football because of the futility. You’re wrong to say they have no chance to win games. The team isn’t actually that bad. They always lose, but more often than not they are competitive.

  4. Rene says:

    Amazing how television “analysts” continually portray NFL front offices as focused, highly competent, and very strategic in their decision making. Meanwhile evidence regularly shows roster decisions bordering on absurdity. The 2012 Cardinals O-line & QB manning, the Bills signing Legursky, every organization that gave Eric Walden a contract, the list goes on…….

  5. Billy the Kid says:

    The Bills better not start EJ Manual this year. Levitre was their best pass blocker. If Manual plays without Levitre on that line he will get killed. He’ll be on the IR before he makes it through 6 games unless he is made of steel.