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By now you know that Pro Football Focus is the premier destination for unique insight into the game you love, so we’ll keep this short.

Signing up for PFF Premium gets you access to a full year of our subscribers-only player performance grades, PFF-only statistics and a look at some of the data we provide to the teams themselves. You’ll find page after page of intriguing, never-before-captured numbers and our brand of next-level scouting that will take your knowledge of the game to new heights. The tireless PFF team has worked for years with our mission of continual improvement in mind and, to that end, we’re constantly adding even greater depth to the information we offer. What’s more, analysis and data for each game goes up within 24 hours of the game being played so there’s no waiting around.

Who else is using PFF Premium? You’ll be joining a club that ranges from agents who are looking to negotiate a better deal for their clients, to players curious to find an objective source that compares them to their peers based on their play and not their reputation.

They’re not the only ones, though — it’s become commonplace for NFL teams to use our grading. Not just out of curiosity, but as a check for their internal self-evaluation processes. The results? They love what we do and they’ve offered us feedback that we’ve been able to use to better our product.

So if you want to be in the know, a PFF Premium package is something you can’t ignore.

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll find in the PFF Premium section:


Player Grades   Signature Stats
PFF’s key distinguishing factor — our rigorous grading system — is applied to every player on every play. Grades for performance in all facets produce player ratings you’ll find nowhere else. Find new ways to look at your favorite players and teams in our Signature Stats section as the PFF staff brings you numbers and metrics never before seen in the pro football analysis world.
Positional Rankings Individual Grading Game Logs
See how every player compares to his position peers with our fully sortable ‘By Position’ tables that break down player grades in all aspects of the game. PFF’s player grading is logged to show game-by-game performance measures for every player in every game for the past five years.
Game-by-Game Analysis  In-Depth Breakdowns
Every game is analyzed and posted to the site in a matter of hours as our team makes multiple passes through every play to capture the detail PFF is famous for delivering. Moving far beyond the boxscore, the stats you’ll find in PFF Premium paint the picture of where players are enjoying success and where they are falling behind the curve.
Detailed Snap Data Ever Evolving Analysis
Our proven accurate play count data gives you detailed breakdowns for every player in every aspect of the game and provides the backbone for our many true-production per-snap metrics. Constantly improving, we add to our process by tracking new data points and adding layers to our analysis every season — the breadth and depth of PFF Premium grows each year.


The best in the industry use PFF as a go-to resource.
What do they have to say about us? Here’s a sample:

In today’s world of instant media and total NFL access it’s easy to find every game you want to watch, but few can find the time to watch every player on every snap of every game. That’s exactly what Pro Football Focus does, and the results of their work make for some fascinating reading.  — Adam Schefter – ESPN’s NFL Insider

Pro Football Focus is our first-stop when we begin contract preparation for NFL veterans. The unique, common sense approach they take to statistical analysis and player comparisons is simply unmatched by any other service out there, and unless we literally break down every player, on every play as they do, the statistics they compile cannot be found elsewhere. In our 25 years representing NFL players, we have never come across a better source to truly determine player production and comparisons.  — Paul Sheehy – President ProStar SportsAgency

It’s one thing to watch games and notice a player is doing his job. It’s a whole other thing to take a step back, do the homework and understand what it means in the big picture. That’s where Pro Football Focus is so great. If I ever have a question on a player, if I ever want to know more than simply what I see on TV, that’s the site I click on. It takes the game of football to the next level with stats, snap breakdowns, and really anything else I need to know. It’s a fantastic resource.  — Ian Rapoport – NFL Network

The ONLY outside source that has ever directly benefited our contract negotiations with NFL teams. Pro Football Focus has literally helped us put dollars directly into our clients’ pockets. Knowledge is power, and the power of tracking every single player on every single snap of every NFL game is absolutely immeasurable.  — Dave Butz – NFL Agent, SportsStars Inc.

I don’t have a lot of daily go-to NFL websites, but Pro Football Focus is one of them. It’s got vital information about the NFL that you can’t find anywhere else. In a short time, it’s become an essential niche site we need in the football-reporting business.  — Peter King – SI.com

I’ve got so much respect for the time and effort the guys at Pro Football Focus put into their work. The man hours it takes to gather all of their objective data must be astronomical!  — Ross Tucker – Former player, Analyst for ESPN.com, SiriusXM, NFL Radio