About Pro Football Focus

Every Game. Every Player. Every Play.

For over a decade.


Pro Football Focus is a company that helps its fans and customers win through the delivery of the world’s most valuable football insights.

We help teams win football games: NFL and College football teams take advantage of Pro Football Focus data, insights and analysis for everything from opponent scouting and game-planning to free-agency evaluation and draft preparation. In short, we inform every aspect of what makes a championship-winning football team.

We help media cover football with the help of our one-of-a-kind grades and data: Major media networks rely on Pro Football Focus as a critical component to their coverage, providing critical context and comparisons to their audience.

Our unique stats and grades help grow consumer engagement and fans’ collective intelligence on the game.

We help fans win their fantasy leagues, game bets, and football arguments: To provide this winning edge, Pro Football Focus expert analysts spend over 50 hours per game generating 140+ data points on every single play.

This level of scrutiny and detail is unparalleled and generates in-depth player grading, proprietary statistics, and unique insights and predictions that can’t be found anywhere else.

Pro Football Focus: Every Game. Every Player. Every Play.

(For more about PFF’s history and how it got its start, click here.)