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'You play to win the game'

They want to make you feel bad about adding and dropping when your team is out of it, but they are wrong.

2 hours ago
Player Showdown: Ben Roethlisberger or Matthew Stafford?

Michael Moore's Player Showdowns series hits on two veteran quarterbacks, one consistent, one much more volatile.

2 hours ago
Metrics that Matter: The value of a carry, the value of a target

Scott Barrett uses a decade of data to determine how many fantasy points a carry or a target is likely worth.

1 day ago
What the potential suspension to Jameis Winston means for Tampa Bay, Ryan Fitzpatrick

With a potential suspension looming for Bucs QB Jameis Winston, PFF takes a look at what it could mean for the franchise and likely replacement, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Chargers 1-2 punch at CB great defending long-developing passes

PFF showcases just how dominant the duo of Trevor Williams and Casey Hayward were when shutting down the opponent's longer-developing passing game in 2017.

2 days ago
Examining the value of receiver and coverage positions in today's NFL

PFF data scientists Eric Eager & George Chahrouri further explain their study on the value on a per-play basis of different receiving and coverage positions in the NFL.

2 days ago
Devy Spotlight: Previewing the Big 12 for 2018

Curtis Patrick identifies some of the top devy prospects around the Big 12 heading into the 2018 fantasy season.

2 days ago
5 teams set for more fantasy success in 2018

Teams that drop off by a lot of total production one year usually go back the other way after that. Here are the 5 top candidates for 2018.

2 days ago
When do teams make a change at starting RB?

Scott Spratt looks back at notable changes at starting running back in the last decade to see if there's a useful trend for fantasy purposes.

2 days ago
Cornerback Spotlight - top five in PFF signature statistics

Examining the top five cornerbacks from 2017 in each of our major PFF signature statistic categories at the position.

3 days ago
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