WR/CB Matchups – Week 10

Tony Pisano looks at four WR/CB matchups that could provide interesting results.

| 3 years ago
Richard Sherman

WR/CB Matchups – Week 10

richard-sherman-tom-brady-graciousEvery week there are a few matchups that catch my attention. I use PFF’s advanced statistics to give an in-depth look at possible fantasy starters and duds. This week I focus on four matchups that I think could provide interesting results. This week I rant about a quarterback change and tell you to bench a player I told you to start last week.

Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Richard Sherman

I was very high on Odell Beckham Jr. coming out of LSU. He isn’t the biggest or fastest receiver in the league, but he is a great route runner with great hands. He reminds me so much of Anquan Boldin that I have to say that every time I talk about him. He is only four games into his career but he has already racked up 262 yards and three touchdowns. This is his second straight week in my matchup article. Last week I gave the advice to start him and he came through in a big way.

I keep hearing about how Richard Sherman is having a down year. Talking heads are referencing the NFL’s new coverage rules as to why Sherman isn’t playing well. The biggest problem I have with that is it isn’t true. Sherman ranks first in catches allowed, fifth in yards allowed, and sixth in completion percentage. 25% of the yards Sherman has allowed this season came on that 60 yard touchdown to Desean Jackson that people are still arguing about. I am still not convinced that was his responsibility, but the guys at PFF gave it to him.

Bottom Line: I gave the advice last week to start Beckham Jr. last week, and I’m telling you to bench him this week. Yes he is coming off his best game of his career, and yes the Seahawks haven’t been invincible this year, but Sherman is still Sherman. If Beckham Jr. has a good game, it won’t be while Sherman is matched up against him.

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