PFF WR vs. CB Matchup Charts

The PFF WR vs. CB Chart will help you determine which cornerbacks your top receivers will see in coverage each week.

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Redskins CB Josh Norman

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PFF WR vs. CB Matchup Charts

One of the biggest myths in football is that an elite cornerback will follow (or shadow) the opposing team’s No. 1 wide receiver around the field. That almost never happens. Our WR vs. CB Chart (included with your Edge or Elite membership) will help you determine which cornerbacks your top receivers will see in coverage each week. As you’ll see, it’s not always cut and dry, but we hope this information will allow you to make the best lineup decisions each week.

Here is an example chart from Week 3 of 2016:

WR CB Matchup Chart

Understanding the chart:

The chart is split into three “zones”. They are Left Wide Receiver (LWR) vs. Right Cornerback (RCB),  Right Wide Receiver (RWR) vs. Left Cornerback (LCB), and Primary Slot Receiver vs. Primary Slot Corner.

‘Rt’ indicates the number of routes the player has run/been in coverage on at that position. The percentage shown indicates how often the player has lined up in that position. In some cases, the number is very high and telling. In others, it’s low and predictable. Other times it’s low because of injury/depth chart movement.

Next to each player, you’ll see three additional columns.

One is ‘T/R’, which refers to targets-per-route. The second is ‘F/R’, which is fantasy points-per-route (non-PPR). The columns are color-coded to make it easier to understand. For offensive players, green is good and red is bad. For defenders, green means the defender is picked on/struggles, while red means the defender is generally avoided/shuts down his opponent. The third column is ‘Grade’, which is PFF’s exclusive player grade calculation.

The middle column notates which player has the advantage when the two face off. This column is based solely on the fantasy points-per-route (F/R) column. The greener the figure, the bigger the advantage for the receiver, and vice versa.

If you’re not already a subscriber, join Edge or Elite today to view the WR/CB chart in your member dashboard. The latest chart update is typically launched weekly on every Thursday.

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