Worst hands in NFL this season

Rick Drummond breaks down our signature drop rate stat to see which 11 receivers have struggled most to haul in targets this season.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/John F. Rhodes)

(AP Photo/John F. Rhodes)

Worst hands in NFL this season

Today, we return to the topic of drops rates. After Wednesay’s look at the top of the list, we’ll now focus on the receivers who have the worst drop rates in the league through Week 5.

Remember, to be considered, receivers needed to have 20 targets to their name; that gives us 61 receivers to compare.


Drop rate: Bottom 11 NFL receivers

Rank Name Team Targets Receptions Drops Catchable Drop rate
T-51. Amari Cooper OAK 41 28 4 32 12.50
T-51. Terrance Williams DAL 33 14 2 16 12.50
53. Andre Johnson IND 27 13 2 15 13.33
T-54. Marques Colston NO 27 18 3 21 14.29
T-54. Steve Johnson SD 24 18 3 21 14.29
56. Rishard Matthews MIA 25 17 3 20 15.00
57. Kenny Britt STL 21 11 2 13 15.38
T-58. Mike Evans TB 33 13 3 16 18.75
T-58. Nate Washington HST 26 13 3 16 18.75
60. Leonard Hankerson ATL 31 18 5 23 21.74
61. Ted Ginn CAR 23 12 4 16 25.00

With Oakland’s Michael Crabtree and his drop-less season leading the way, early issues in this area for Raiders’ rookie Amari Cooper have been all the more apparent. Cooper managed to mishandle a throw in each of his first four games as a pro, after dropping just eight of 132 catchable balls as a senior at Alabama last season.

Comforting for the rookie, though, is the presence of many long-time vets who have also found the early-going not so friendly in this department. Marques Colston is one to keep an eye on—he’s in danger of making drops a trend for himself, as he played at a similar pace last season (eight drops in 67 chances, 11.94 percent).

Leonard Hankerson’s five drops are knotted with Keenan Allen for the league’s highest total among receivers, but with Allen’s coming on 44 throws, his drop rate of 11.36 has him beyond the bottom-11 for now. Hankerson’s total already surpasses any of his seasons in Washington, and has helped his new QB Matt Ryan to fifth on the list of passers suffering the most drops (11).

Looking up from the basement through five weeks is Ted Ginn, after letting a full quarter of his chances hit the ground. Ginn, of course, hasn’t always been a featured receiver at his various stops around the league, but has only once before shown a drop rate that was significantly away from the middle of the pack—in 2009 he dropped 10-of-48 catchable balls, a 20.8 percent mark that landed him 96th of 101.

  • Josh Stewart

    I don’t know how Cook isn’t also on the list for the Rams.

    • Vitor

      Maybe because it’s a list of WRs, but I’d like to know his numbers too

      • Josh Stewart

        Lol, I guess it is just WRs. I just read the title and didn’t see only WRs, so figured they would include everything.

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  • LH Almeida

    Without DT there, this is bogus.

    • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

      i was surprised a little by that too, but he has a lot of catches and targets to offset his drop%. math is never bogus tho

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    That’s an interesting list. The Targets/Catchable is telling about the passers too. Cooper will get better.

    • Ian Smith

      you are right. 33 targets to TWilliams and only 16 were catchable. Yikes

      • Riffle,Rod&Fly

        Exactly the same difference that the #1 overall draft pick is sending to Mike Evans.

  • crosseyedlemon

    I know the PFF staff have dropped at least one ball because I don’t see the top 5 plays from last week’s game’s anywhere.

  • Matt

    Coopers issues with hauling in the football is simply adjusting to the game, adjusting to Carr’s ball perhaps. I don’t think we have to worry too much about Coopers hands, we have seen the electrifying plays he can bring as a deep threat and even some of the catches he has made over the middle.

  • Dexter

    Marlon Brown?

  • Dexter

    Marlon Brown?