Week 9 Fantasy Football Mailbag

| 5 years ago
San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints

Week 9 Fantasy Football Mailbag

Throughout the 2012-2013 NFL season, I will be answering some questions that come my way on Twitter in a mailbag. Sometimes, Twitter questions require more than 140 characters to get to the reasoning behind the answer. With week 9 upon us, let’s take a look at what people are asking:


1) Two QB league. I’ve got Brees and then a host of schmucks. Which is my second QB this week? Fitzpatrick, Ponder, Weeden?@unSOPable23

That’s quite a gap in QB talent. Don’t feel too bad, I was forced to start Matt Cassel in a two-QB league this week. Ponder and Weeden have been exceeding expectations so far this season, but I’m going to recommend Fitzpatrick for week 9.

Fitzpatrick is averaging just under 17 PPG, which outpaces Ponder’s 15 and Weeden’s 13. Even with the two-headed monster at running back (Spiller and Jackson), Fitzpatrick gets his fair share of opportunities and has taken advantage of them – he has thrown 15 touchdowns in 7 games.

Weeden is facing the Ravens and Fitzpatrick is facing the Texans. The Ravens seem like the more favorable of the two matchups, but I’m not sold on Weeden yet. Too many of his points have come on long touchdown passes, an unreliable source of fantasy points. Ponder is going against Seattle this weekend on the road, a very tough place to rack up the points. Go with Fitzpatrick and cross your fingers hoping that Brees does enough work to make up for him.


2) L. Moore over Nicks in Week 9?@PDWonderland

My gut feeling was Nicks, but after looking it over I’ll say Moore. In less snaps (298 to 303), Moore has seen more targets (50 to 41), more receptions (31 to 26), more yards (433 to 380), and more touchdowns (2 to 1). Pun was intended with my use of the word “more.”

Nicks does have a favorable matchup on paper against the Steelers this weekend, but his “one” in the touchdown category has to be worrisome. Pittsburgh has played one elite quarterback this year (P. Manning) – two if you count RGIII – and have given up 25 receptions for 338 yards to receivers in those games. But they also only gave up 2 touchdowns to receivers in those games. Eli Manning and Co. will have success, but I don’t like Nicks’ chances of scoring six this week.

Moore is going against a solid Eagles secondary that figures to be out to prove themselves. But the Saints are out to prove themselves as well. I smell a shootout, which bodes well for all players involved – including Moore. I expect 8 receptions 95 yards, and 1 touchdown from Moore this week.


3) I’m a Murray owner, should I trade Andre Brown to Bradshaw owner for his Phillip Tanner?@Megatr0n81

I would wait out Murray’s injury and hold onto Andre Brown. Brown is much more valuable than Phillip Tanner at this point, and I expect Murray to be back in week 10. Brown has turned into a goal line back in New York. His 5 touchdowns are tied for the second most in the league among running backs. Not only that, but he has scored 5 touchdowns on just 46 carries in 5 games.

On the other hand, Tanner has carried the ball 24 times for just 61 yards in four games this season. He hasn’t scored a touchdown and isn’t a threat out of the backfield. Also, despite his numerous injuries, Felix Jones will still get the majority of the snaps in Murray’s absence. Jones has 202 snaps to Tanner’s 88.

Basically – if you make this trade, you’re trading for a backup’s backup for one or two weeks and losing a goal line workhorse in the process. Hold on to Brown and pray that Murray’s injury is over sooner rather than later (I’m guessing the former).


4) .5 PPR my Martin and Antonio Brown for his Julio, BJGE, and DHB? I also have Forte, Charles, and weak at WR.@ARomano1117

I think you should stick with Doug Martin and Antonio Brown, although whenever Julio is involved in a deal I’m always intrigued. However, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Darrius Heyward-Bey just aren’t doing it for me here.

Maybe I’m just infatuated after his dominant performance in Week 8, but I expect Martin to be a bonafide RB1 moving forward. He is 11th in the league with 543 rushing yards, and is fifth among running backs with 224 receiving yards. He is the eight highest scoring running back in PPR leagues and Tampa Bay just started using him near the endzone.

Julio is averaging almost three more PPG than Brown, but Martin is averaging seven more PPG than BJGE. You might be weak at wide receiver, but you are very strong at running back, despite Charles’ weak performances as of late. You’re lineup is better with Martin in the flex and Brown as a starting wideout than it would be with Julio as a starting wideout, BJGE in the flex, and DHB on the bench.

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Tyler Loechner is a lead writer at PFF Fantasy. He has played fantasy football since 1999 and has been a part of the PFF Fantasy staff since 2010. Tyler was also previously a fantasy football featured columnist at Bleacher Report.

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