Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 6

Kyle Soppe's waiver wire pickups for Week 6.

| 4 years ago

Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 6

Terrance-Williams_075457Every Tuesday I will be bringing you the NFL players who have somehow flown under the fantasy radar and are owned in far too few leagues given their production and/or ceiling. Injuries and byes are inevitable, too.

With the first game of the week a mere 48 hours away, here are some players that are on quite a few waiver wires out there that simply shouldn’t be.



Brandon Weeden, Cleveland Browns (Yahoo 5% owned; ESPN 1.1%) – 4% FAAB

It’s easy to forget that this soon to be 30-year old has made just 17 career starts (less than Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson). The fantasy community was eager to pull the plug on Weeden, but with Josh Gordon back in the folds and Jordan Cameron performing as an elite tight end, it is entirely possible that the Browns starting quarterback is at least a reasonable bye week replacement over the next two weeks with games against the Lions and Packers (Matt Ryan, Ryan Tannehill, Terrelle Pryor, and Drew Brees all have byes).

He’s not a superstar, but with favorable matchups and a handful of quarterbacks on bye, he’s worth considering if you didn’t draft a backup signal caller.


Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tennessee Titans (Yahoo 4% owned; ESPN 0.6%) – 3% FAAB

He didn’t play exceptionally well against a very solid Chiefs defense (21/41 for 247 yards with one touchdown pass and two interceptions), but he showed that he is what he is: a quarterback that will make as many good plays as bad plays, resulting in decent fantasy numbers (especially if you’re in a pinch).

I like the fact that he spread the ball around (five players had at least five targets) and that he was willing to get his nose dirty (six carries for a team high 50 yards and a score). He’s another one that I’m not over-extending for, but assuming that Locker remains sidelined, Fitzpatrick will face the Rams, Jags, Colts, and Raiders in November (when 15 teams have their bye week).


Side note:

I’m not picking up Nick Foles or Jeff Tuel. The Eagles have come out and said that Mike Vick is the team’s starting quarterback (when healthy) and the Bills aren’t going to shy away from E.J. Manuel when he comes back. Tuel is the better bet to get extended playing time over the next month or so, but with a hobbled Stevie Johnson and a banged up backfield, I don’t trust him in anything but 15 team two quarterback leagues.


Running Back

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  • [email protected]

    Full disclosure: I’m a Jet fan and I don’t know whether you penned the majority of this missive before last night’s game. However, just a couple of points/questions:
    -Pittsburgh averages a 2nd to league worst 58 rushing yards per game, and rank 28th in YPC at 3.2. Now, I get it. This was Bell’s first action, so maybe they wouldn’t have been that bad. However, unless Bell is the second coming of Adrian Peterson, this seems like an odd reco because the Jets are 2nd in the league at 76 yards per game and 1st at 3.0YPC. You think Pittsburgh is going to ‘center their game plan around the run (sic)’? The best chance they have to beat the Jets is the put the ball in the hand of their best offensive weapon-Big Ben, and hope he can get the ball to his next 2-3 weapons: Brown, Sanders and Miller. That said, I hope you’re right about the Steelers plan.
    -‘The Steelers get an extra week to prepare for an rather vanilla offense..’ Did you watch the game last night? They only ran 46 plays, but they showed a multitude of personnel packages and formations. I’m not suggesting this is the second coming of the ‘greatest show on turf’. I also realize a LeBeau defense isn’t an easy Sunday. However, he plays against a similar philosophy in practice, every day, so he shouldn’t be intimidated. I also realize he’s still a rookie and likely to have a few more games that have fans clamoring for Rex to bench him, for Simms. All I’m saying: in 5 games, it’s apparent the talent is better than most ‘experts’ thought it was: Cumberland, Winslow, Powell and Hill have all exceed expectations. I think your synopsis of Pittsburgh being a ‘spot start’ based on the NYJ offense was something that may have been pertinent in game 1. However, at home, after last week, I don’t think you can view the Jet offense as ‘vanilla’. The same way I wouldn’t consider the NYG offense with Eli and all those weapons, explosive.
    Teams in the league are always evolving.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for the feedback. This projection for a strong defensive
      performance from the Steelers was based on the fact that Geno Smith,
      while he looked impressive on MNF, still has a tendency to turn the ball
      over (potentially leading to big fantasy points). Did he look great
      against the Jets? He sure did. But I don’t expect him to have that sort
      of time to throw this weekend, and I’ve got my doubts about his decision
      making under pressure. In short, I’m banking on years of watching
      LeBeau lead defeneses over one very good week from Smith. I’m not sold
      that they have the offensive firepower to do what they did on Monday
      very often, and with an extra week to prepare (not to mention an 0-4
      start), I like the Steelers defense this week to make Smith look like a
      rookie QB

      • [email protected]

        Again, if Pittsburgh were a team that forced TOs, I could see your point. They don’t, and haven’t for years. Jay Cutler, who’s been a TO machine for the majority of his career didn’t have a TO, and Matt Cassel did all he could to thrown 2-3 INTs, but Pittsburgh couldn’t capitalize. I think you’d be better off going with the Jets. Pittsburgh won’t gain 50 yards rushing, all day, and this defensive line is going to tee off on Ben all afternoon.

    • Dan

      Basically everybody has held the backs in check that you mention with the exception of FJax. Also, I need to know – Who is Doug Morris?

      • [email protected]

        Doug Martin…great proof reading skills I have!

  • bryan

    if only 90 % of these guys weren’t already rostered by another team. What really would help is such a list for deep leagues..