VIDEO: What’s wrong with my team? Colts edition

The PFF crew examines the Indianapolis Colts in this week's edition of "What's wrong with my team?"

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Gary Wiepert)

(AP Photo/Gary Wiepert)

VIDEO: What’s wrong with my team? Colts edition

PFF is excited to introduce a new weekly video feature titled “What’s wrong with my team?” Each week, we’ll answer the questions you, the ailing fan, has about your struggling NFL franchise.

To kick things off, we examine the Indianapolis Colts, a team that drew great praise in the offseason, but fell flat in their opener at Buffalo.

Want to know what’s wrong with your team? Nominate your NFL team on Twitter—we’ll be back with answers to your woes next week.

  • Sam Doohan

    Seriously? The Bills were a buzzsaw of a match up, a monster D that’ll make QBs look dreadful all year long. It’ll happen to Brady too, just you wait. The game doesn’t show there’s anything wrong with the Colt, it just proves how impressive Buffalo are.

    • PeterJakes

      Exactly! What’s wrong with the Colt’s/ They played an underated Bills team with one of the NFL’s best defenses.

  • dmajor27

    Colts will gel … they’ve lost 3 out of 4 openers with Luck at QB. Losing an opener on the road, against a team with one of the best D’s in the league — I’m not too worried just yet. People are too quick to jump to conclusions.
    Hell, look how dreadful New England was the first half of the season last year. People were giving Brady the Peyton treatment — talking about his demise and how washed up he was. How’d that turn out, again?

  • Gregory Suhr

    It appeared to me that the Colts weren’t ready to play at the start of the game. As a Colt’s fan, I’m hoping it’s because they really don’t play their starters much at all in the pre-season. I’m hoping that with a little more real game experience they will get sharper….but it’s possible that their lines, offensive and defensive, suc….aren’t very good.

    • Malachi

      def line is very suspect, when a third round rookie, henry anderson (total steal too btw), is the best player at the position thats a problem. i know arthur jones is hurt but he wasn’t living up to that contract anyway.

  • Trent Billups

    I’m worried because the coaching staff was out-coached, the receivers played soft. The defense can’t let a first time starter play like that. The Colts need offensive lineman ASAP. Another Colts one man team again.

  • James Nohe

    Once again, Collinsworth shows he knows nothing about some teams. The three things wrong with the Colts last week, and moving forward, are: Offensive Line, Offensive Line, and Offensive Line.

    • Roque Coral

      You do realize he’s basing this analysis off of statistical grades that pro football focus gathers. You can believe what you want but Collinsworth wasn’t wrong.

      • James Nohe

        Liars, Damn Liars, and Statisticians. He is wrong.

  • John Christina Jordan

    I like Collinsworth.. he always says “pash russer”… understandable :) I’m not too worried for the Colts, I was always for taking Luck and not keeping Manning, I predicted they would get one win deeper in the post season each year and when a SuperBowl in Luck’s 5th year (much of that has been correct) I also predict at least 2 championships, at least, during the Luck era.. if he stays healthy and the team doesn’t totally implode. At this juncture I think they will wind up being a winning team once again, but may still be a year away.. though at this point, any given time they could go all the way, depending on the breaks. Their first 2 games this year are against greats defenses.. the kind of D’s they need to overcome to go all the way.

    • James Nohe

      If they don’t get at least a middle-of-the-pack O-line in front of him, they could have Marshall Faulk, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and John Mackey, in their prime, as weapons, and he’ll still take a pounding, plus they will have no run game to take some responsibility off his shoulders. He’s as tough as any QB, and more athletic than he shows, but he’s been taking a pounding for three years and one game. I worry his career will be short if they don’t get him some protection.

  • Gary Bo

    Grigson…that’s what’s wrong with the Colts.