VIDEO: How Vikings can upset Broncos

Cris Collinsworth breaks down three key factors that will impact Minnesota's success on Sunday.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

VIDEO: How Vikings can upset Broncos

The Vikings head to Denver on Sunday, where a 3-0 Broncos team awaits the likes of Adrian Peterson and Teddy Bridgewater.

Through Week 3, the Broncos have posted our No. 1 defensive grade. Can AP and company upset the AFC West leaders?

Cris Collinsworth gives three you three things Minnesota will have to do to come away with a win.

  • crosseyedlemon

    When the Vikings defense can keep games close then Adrian Peterson can make the difference but when the Vikings have to abandon the run game to play catch up they lose their best weapon.

    • Taylor Christian Vance

      I agree, this game won’t be close if the Vikings are forced to play catch-up. The Broncos pass defense and rush is too intense. AP will have to carry the Vikings and Denver will need to be contained offensively.

      • Malachi

        AP can slow our rush down tho, cause we can’t fly upfield and create lanes for him. this is a game were first down yardage will be huge for MIN, if broncos can keep them off schedule and get some long 2nd and 3rd down situations teddy will be in trouble

    • enai D

      Agreed, the Vikes need to stick to the script from the last two games: try to get out to a lead and lean heavily on the run game. That Denver pass rush scares me, especially with the OL’s injury/blocking troubles and Teddy’s issues throwing vs pressure so far this year; if we fall behind and have to ditch the running game that will be trouble.

  • humper-dinkle dinkle-humper

    I am worried about the Broncos O-line in this game. . . they were showing improvement, but they are really banged up. If they can’t protect Manning, there will be turnovers. If the O-line was healthy, I think Denver takes this in a similar fashion to the Lions game. But I am not so sure now.

  • Thomas Bell

    Something tells me this is the week the Denver RBs get back on track. (relatively speaking) And Peyton is practicing his 2 second release.

  • jody

    The Vikings can win this game by scoring more points than the Broncos. With this defense, that just isn’t happening.