Vernon Davis Has a Fantasy Throwdown Dream Match-up.

| 5 years ago

Vernon Davis Has a Fantasy Throwdown Dream Match-up.

All this statistical analysis sometimes is, in fact, all for naught. Driving home a 6-4 record on ten Fantasy Throwdown match-ups in week 11 is solid gain but not when the outcome could have been far superior. Missing completely on the Antonio Gates selection for a big game this week and in fact in Gates was out performed by Indianapolis Colts TE Dwayne Allen on the week. Tight ends accounted for 23% of all offensive scoring in week 11 and during the week in matches lost tight ends out performed my selected tight ends in three of the four losses.

Week 12 provided an interesting twist over at The guys over at Fantasy Throwdown set-up a fantasy week within a fantasy week setting by adding what they called the Turkey Day Challenge. By choosing all three of the Thanksgiving Day games for the three game player pool essentially gave you a week within a week to add to leaderboard standings or take away from. In my case it was the latter despite averaging 142 points in five Turkey Day Throwdown games. Choosing Aaron Hernandez in lieu of an injured Rob Gronkowski and over, gut feeling, Dustin Keller most certainly spelled my dimise. Well that selection and not choosing the Patriots defense that is.

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