Trust the Texans DST this week

Ryan Rauch explains why the Texans and some other surprise defenses should be on your fantasy radar in Week 6.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Bob Leverone)

(AP Photo/Bob Leverone)

Trust the Texans DST this week

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that finished last season 2-14, have a fantasy relevant defense in 2015. Despite being owned in 6.6 percent of ESPN leagues, the Buccaneers have forced more turnovers (8) than the Seattle Seahawks (7) and have more sacks (19) than the Bills and Jets do combined (17).

Not all is well in Tampa, however, as they’ve given up more points than any other team in the NFL. But the only stat that matters to fantasy owners is the points their DST scores each week, and they’re averaging more points than highly-owned teams like the Bengals, Bills, and Ravens.

This column isn’t meant to sell you on the Buccaneers defense, although for dynasty league owners who own teams like the Texans or Dolphins and are ready to cut their losses, you could do worse than Tampa Bay. Rather, this column is a reminder that you have to look at fantasy defenses with an objective eye, and understand that you can find value where other owners, both in dynasty leagues and DFS games, might not yet see it.

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  • T1tans

    Trust the Bucs or Texans?? Headline and picture says Texans, but the article is about the Bucs

  • Doug Woods

    Did you actually WATCH the Texans get abused at home by a 40-year-old, sick QB and over-the-hill RB? They have 6 sacks and 2 TO’s to their name. No thank you.

  • geo2209

    Another PFF article says how good Bortles has been, in fact a top 10 QB. So yeah, not betting against him. The only comfort is that Yeldon has a hurt groin, but not risking it after HOU got smoked by the Bucs (granted Muscle Hamster is playing awesome right now despite horrid line play).

    Lions, not a bad bet but they are banged up and Slay hasn’t been the player of the past. No Deandre Levy or Ngata? Not chancing it until seeing how the replacements do, even with CHI having key players all banged up as well. You could roll the dice, sure, but there are better options this week.

    NYG, no way especially since Prince Akurmura isn’t going to play and NYG were already giving up some of the most yards in the air WITH him. They may be able to stop the run, but their pass rush also sucks and Bradford is not a bad QB (PFF middle of the pack).

    Titans at home is your best suggestion. I like them against a struggling team with a new coach and a team that hasn’t been able to run the ball despite the talent of Lamar Miller.

    Chicago on the road, they have been good but too risky on the road. If they were at home, sure, but this seems like a trap game to me. The Lions offensive line has been bad but with Ebron back they have too many weapons to stay bad.