Trevone Boykin improving as passer

TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin has seen significant growth in his passing game in 2015.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

(AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Trevone Boykin improving as passer

Despite a close call against Texas Tech, TCU remains undefeated. However, I’m not as impressed by the Horned Frogs or quarterback Trevone Boykin (+10.1) as many are, and I’m certainly not to the point where I’d put them in the top 3 teams in the country (or have Boykin as a Heisman favorite). It is clear, though, that the quarterback is playing better this season than in 2014.

Last season, Boykin finished the year with an overall grade of +2.9; he was very much up and down as a passer, with all but one passing grade from Week 7 and on either +1.0 or higher, or -2.5 or lower. That inconsistency hurt the QB, and took away from what was an impressive season as a runner.

So far this year, Boykin has graded much higher as a passer, with just one negatively graded game. In the matchup with Texas Tech, Boykin saw his highest graded game as a passer (+5.7) since we began grading college football at the beginning of last season.

Through Week 4 of 2014, Boykin earned a -2.4 overall grade. This year, the QB stands at +10.1.

He’s not a perfect quarterback, and early in the season, he was under-throwing a lot of deep passes. However, it’s a huge improvement on last year, and something that helps both Boykin and TCU.

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