Trade Wins – Big Names to Target and Avoid

Ryan McKee looks at a few players to trade for and away in the categories of Injured, Not-Yet-Injured, Buy High and Sell Low.

| 3 years ago

Trade Wins – Big Names to Target and Avoid

spnw_marshawn_Lynch_flex1Last week, we looked at in-season VBD to see how it has evolved since the preseason. It showed us, among other things, that tight ends had gained significant value. We’ll revisit it a few more times throughout the season, but for now, let’s get onto a few specific trade targets. This isn’t going to be a typical buy low, sell high feature. At the end of the day, everyone you are trying to acquire is a buy low in that you expect them to perform even better after you acquire them (and vice versa with sell high). But the following players fall under a variation of the buy low sell high group, and so you may find value targeting these specific guys.

The Injured

If I’m performing well and have decent depth, these next few weeks are when I’ll focus in on injured players. Chances are my depth can cover me for a few weeks and I’ll be getting the player at a slight discount and, best of all, he will be fresh for the stretch run. For my opponent, they may be in need of a few wins and can’t afford to sit on an injury.

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