Top StarStreet Values – Week 15

Josh Collacchi takes a look at the best values on StarStreet, and includes two lineups, one for a safer score, and one for those feeling lucky.

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Top StarStreet Values – Week 15

cousinsWeek 15 in Daily Fantasy Football is here. As always, head over to StarStreet to make your picks and start winning real money today. You can play against friends, enemies, co-workers and even take a complete stranger’s money. Head over to StarStreet and get started today.

You can play against me as well, send me a challenge here

All you have to do is:

1. Signup for an account.

2. Make a deposit

3. Start playing for real money, to go to the Playboy Mansion, and the opportunity for $100,000 in the Playboy Fantasy Football Championship. The qualifying for this year’s PFFC is over, but there are still a number of different things to qualify for. Head over to StarStreet and check it out!

Not only does StarStreet have the by far the coolest live event (seriously, the Playboy Mansion), but they also have an amazing VIP rewards program and a great roster setup (no Kickers or Defense).

StarStreet also has another great game called Pick 5, which can also be played from our site. Click here to play.

Rather than choosing a few players at each tier, focusing on one lineup seems to be the best way to win.  This lineup is used for many head to head match-ups and in multiplier tournaments. If you want to maintain a steady flow of cash, play the head to head games. But if you are looking to “go big or go home” try the multiplier tournaments.

I have found that the best players play “double ups” exclusively, then put a few lineups in for the big tournaments. That way, should you not place in a big tournament, the ability to make money is still there with the multipliers. In multipliers, the idea is not to have the “best” lineup of the bunch. You just have to be in the top half. This requires different structure to a lineup.

Here is my lineup for multipliers this week (safe).

POS Player Price
QB M. Ryan $11,200
QB P. Rivers $11,700
RB A. Morris $10,900
RB D. Woodhead $10,700
WR E. Decker $11,300
WR K. Allen $11,200
TE A. Gates $9,900
FLEX H. Douglas $10,700
FLEX D. Murray $12,400

With Matt Ryan and Philip Rivers having good matchups, the two of them may be the safest bets in daily fantasy this week. The same goes for Alfred Morris and Danny Woodhead, who have each been very consistent, and in multiplier play, that is what you want. Eric Decker and Keenan Allen face each other this week in what should be a very pass-oriented game. Both players will benefit and have good days. Antonio Gates is a tight end facing the Broncos, which has been a safe bet each week since Week 3. Douglas and Murray are both almost guarantees to get double digits, but also have high upside. With them in the two FLEX positions, there is not much to lose in terms of value.

Here is my lineup for big tournaments (more risk)

POS Player Price
QB J. Campbell $9,500
QB K. Cousins $10,200
RB C. Ogbannaya $8,700
RB P. Thomas $9,600
WR J. Gordon $13,100
WR P. Garcon $11,800
TE C. Clay $9,700
FLEX J. Charles $14,000
FLEX A.J. Green $13,200

As you can see with this team, it looks like an all or nothing. But to win the big tournaments, you have to beat a lot of players, and the best way to do that is take chances. Chris Ogbannaya and Pierre Thomas could each have six points, but could also have 20 points. Ogbannaya faces the Bears who cannot stop the run, and Pierre Thomas has had two bad weeks in a row, against the Panthers and Seahawks. Expect both of these guys to see their fair share of touches, and hopefully a lot of fantasy points. Going cheap at RB allows a lot of possibilities as you can see.

My other skill players are Josh Gordon, Pierre Garcon, Charles Clay, Jamaal Charles and A.J. Green. All of whom are capable of scoring above twenty points, especially with their matchups. The wild card in choosing a team to win huge is the quarterbacks. Jason Campbell and Kirk Cousins have every opportunity to get 25-30 fantasy points, but could also get less than ten. But with great risk comes great reward. With Kirk Cousins facing the Falcons secondary and Jason Campbell being one of the hottest fantasy players in the NFL at the moment, this lineup could produce big money in the right tournaments.

In addition to PFF, Josh writes for eDraft and ProFootballCentral. With any comments or questions, each him on Twitter @PFF_JCollacchi !

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