Top StarStreet Values – Week 11

Josh Collacchi takes a look at the best StarStreet values for this Week 11 along with guest Grant Gurtin from Fanium Fantasy Football.

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Top StarStreet Values – Week 11

Case-Keenum-roll-Texans_002738Week 11 in Daily Fantasy Football is here. As always, head over to StarStreet to make your picks and start winning real money today. You can play against friends, enemies, co-workers and even take strangers money. Head over to StarStreet and get started today.

You can play against me as well, send me a challenge here

All you have to do is:

1. Signup for an account.

2. Make a deposit

3. Start playing for real money, to go to the Playboy Mansion, and the opportunity for $100,000 in the Playboy Fantasy Football Championship. Click HERE for more information.

In order to go to the Playboy Mansion, one must win a qualifier. Each week there are many qualifiers, so go find yours today on StarStreet.

Not only does StarStreet have the by far the coolest live event (seriously, the Playboy Mansion), but they also have an amazing VIP rewards program and a great roster setup (no Kickers or Defense).

StarStreet also has another great game called Pick 5, which can also be played from our site. Click here to play.

Before we get into my picks for Week 11, we have a special guest making some picks for us as well.

Grant Gurtin, Founder of the new Fanium Fantasy Football and an avid DFS player (and analyst)

POS Player Price
QB M. Glennon $10,100
QB M. Ryan $10,900
RB L. McCoy $13,200
RB R. Rice $10,200
WR V. Jackson $10,900
WR R. White $9,400
TE R. Gronkowski $12,200
FLEX D. Woodhead $10,600
FLEX R. Bush $12,500

Follow Grant Gurtin on Twitter @GrantGurtin or challenge him on StarStreet

Rather than choosing a few players at each tier, focusing on one lineup seems to be the best way to win.  This lineup is used for many head to head match-ups and in multiplier tournaments. If you want to maintain a steady flow of cash, play the head to head games. But if you are looking to “go big or go home” try the multiplier tournaments.

Here is my lineup for this week.

POS Player Price
QB C. Keenum $11,400
QB C. Newton $12,200
RB D. Woodhead $10,600
RB A. Brown $9,500
WR A. Brown (PIT) $11,900
WR T. Hilton $11,700
TE J. Reed $10,400
FLEX A. Johnson $12,200
FLEX K. Wright $9,900

StarStreet’s scoring system is a full point PPR, which allows us to go cheap on running backs and have a successful week. Danny Woodhead is consistently in double digits, and is averaging 16 fantasy points per game. He is well worth the $10,600, especially paired with Andre Brown who is back as the Giants primary ball carrier at just $9,500.

Choosing to go cap heavy with receivers this week, but it is spread out in a beneficial way. Antonio Brown is a PPR superstar, T.Y. Hilton has had 262 yards in the last two weeks, Andre Johnson has resurged under Case Keenum and Kendall Wright is as consistent as they come in PPR formats.

Quarterbacks are tough this week, since Drew Brees and Peyton Manning both face off against two of the best defenses in the NFL in San Francisco and Kansas City, respectively. The two with the best value and good matchups are Case Keenum against the Raiders and Cam Newton against the Patriots. Newton has a low floor because of his rushing ability, and Keenum faces the Raiders, who have been torched through the air lately.

In addition to PFF, Josh writes for eDraft and ProFootballCentral. With any comments or questions, each him on Twitter @PFF_JCollacchi !

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