Top DraftKings Football Values for Week 10

Nick Slegel takes a look at the top DraftKings values for Week 10

| 4 years ago

Top DraftKings Football Values for Week 10

Garrett+Graham+Houston+Texans+v+New+Orleans+9A5J5-S8LtUlIf you’ve never played weekly salary-cap fantasy games, you’re missing out on what’s quickly becoming the hottest new trend in fantasy football and a great way to make some quick cash. No longer are you locked into a team for an entire season (or longer) and subject to the pain of injuries and poor performance. Instead, each week you pick a new set of players to fill your lineup. This is an exciting format that takes away a lot of the stress that goes with season-long fantasy leagues.

For those not familiar with DraftKings’ format, you are awarded a total budget of $50,000 to fill a roster of nine players (QB, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, TE, FLEX (RB/WR/TE), K and DST). You must pick players from at least two different NFL teams that represent two different games that week. The scoring rules are similar to most PPR scoring leagues, but you can check out the details over at DraftKings for more information there.

Now that we’ve gotten the introductory information out of the way, here’s the most valuable DraftKings lineup for Week 10.



Eli Manning, New York Giants ($7,700)

Manning has been anything but consistent all season, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns in four of his eight games. But, in the last two weeks against the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles, Manning showed great improvement – raising his passer rating nearly 30 points and throwing for 446 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions. If Manning can continue to limit the mistakes, he’s in line for a huge day against the Oakland Raiders and their 25th rated pass-coverage unit, which currently sports a -25.0 grade. The Raiders have struggled heavily against the pass this season, allowing 2,253 yards and 17 touchdowns, with only five interceptions to opposing quarterbacks. They’re also allowing 19.5 fantasy points-per-game, which is the second-most in the league. Manning is a steal at $7,700.


Running Back

Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans ($7,200)

Last week, Johnson finally eclipsed the century mark for the first time this season, after coming extremely close in the two previous weeks. The Jacksonville Jaguars are the second worst run defense in the league this season, with an ugly -42.4 grade and come into this game having allowed over 1,000 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns, the second most, to opposing running backs this season. They’re also giving up the second-most fantasy points to opposing ‘backs at 21.8 per game.


Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers ($7,100)

After holding steady at $6,800 for two-straight weeks, Lacy finally bumps up a little to $7,100 and closer to the top of the running back price range. Even so, you can’t go with Lacy, especially now that Aaron Rodgers is out. There’s no reason to believe Lacy won’t get at least 25 carries and will likely eclipse 30 as the new focal point of Green Bay’s offense. It’s also worth noting that while the Philadelphia Eagles’ run defense is ranked seventh with a +24.7 grade, they have allowed over 1200 total yards and seven touchdowns to opposing ‘backs this season and over 15 fantasy PPG. Plus, Lacy had great games against the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens, both of whom are ranked higher in run defense than the Eagles.


Wide Receiver

Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears ($8,000)

Marshall is the same price as Jordy Nelson and Cheaper than Andre Johnson, two receivers he will easily have a better week than. Marshall gets Jay Cutler back this week, is averaging 20.6 fantasy PPG on DraftKings this season and is going up against a Detroit Lions’ defense that has allowed nearly 1,500 receiving yards and nine touchdowns on 99 receptions to opposing receivers. Marshall is an elite receiver who should have a huge day, as we have him projected to finish in the top three with 19-plus points.


Keenan Allen, San Diego Chargers ($6,000)

Allen is an tremendous value at just $6,000, as he’s one of the only true WR1s left in a sea of high-end WR2s. Allen has established himself as the go-to guy in San Diego and should see a ton of targets this weekend against the Denver Broncos’ pass-coverage unit that currently sports a -6.4 grade and is allowing over 25 fantasy PPG to opposing receivers. So far this season they’ve given up 1,571 receiving yards and nine touchdowns on 106 receptions. Allen will crack the top 10 for receivers this week, with ease.


Tight End

Garrett Graham, Houston Texans ($4,000)

Graham is in a great situation: Case Keenum is set to make his third start, which means the Texans will continue to expand their playbook and look to include more players. Patrick Peterson will have Andre Johnson locked down most of the day, which will leave Keenum to spread the ball elsewhere. The Arizona Cardinals are struggling heavily against opposing tight ends, allowing a league-high 749 yards and eight touchdowns on 55 receptions. They’re also giving up a whopping 14.5 fantasy PPG, which is obviously the most in the league. All of this makes Graham an absolute steal at $4,000 as Keenum’s likely No. 2 target this week.



Mike James, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($4,000)

James burst onto the scene in a big way last week against the Seattle Seahawks, rambling for 158 yards and even throwing a passing touchdown for good measure. This week, James gets to take on a much-easier Miami Dolphins’ defense, at home to boot. The Dolphins are currently ranked 18th in run defense with a +5.0 grade and have allowed over 1,000 total yards and 11 total touchdowns to opposing ‘backs, as well as 21.3 fantasy PPG, third most in the league. James is a crazy steal at just $4,000, as he’s the only primary running back in that price range, and is cheaper than guys like Roddy White, Brandon LaFell, Charles Clay and more – and will have a better day than all of them.



Dan Carpenter, Buffalo Bills ($3,000)

Of all the cheapest $3,000 kickers, Carpenter is definitely the best option. He’s averaging 8.8 fantasy PPG this season, and Buffalo looks to have E.J. Manuel and C.J. Spiller healthy and on the field, which just means more opportunity for Carpenter.


Defense and Special Teams

Buffalo Bills ($2,700)

Sticking with the Buffalo theme here, the Bills are the best defensive deal of all 32 teams at just $2,700. They’re averaging 7.9 fantasy PPG and facing a Pittsburgh Steelers offense they match up extremely well against.


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