Top 10 Wide Receivers

Checking in with the current Top-10 graded receivers, Neil Hornsby give a peek at the grades.

| 3 years ago

Top 10 Wide Receivers

Top-Perf-WK02-WRsHere are the top 10 wide receivers this year (after week two) as ranked by our play-by-play grading and updated during and after our All-22 Review. For all the grades at all positions grab yourself a PFF Premium subscription today.

[NB: 100 snap minimum eligibility]

1. Jordy Nelson (GB) +4.8

The most underrated WR in football. No ifs or buts, just consistently excellent.

2.  Andre Johnson (HST) +3.7

Carrying on exactly from where he left off last year. Leads league with a frankly ridiculous 4.07 Yards per Route Run.

3.  Andrew Hawkins (CLV) +3.5

We are not supposed to have favorites but, in our weaker moments, this guy is one.

4.  Sammy Watkins (BUF) +3.5

Looks every inch the player the Bills trade up to get.

5.  Antonio Brown (PIT) +3.3

Sure-handed (zero drops) and elusive (four missed tackles) he continues to excite whenever he has the ball.

6.  Calvin Johnson (DET) +3.1

Still great but needs to up his catch rate (caught only 54% of targets) to top this list the way his talent warrants.

7.  Dez Bryant (DAL) +2.5

Is this the year Bryant is at his best for the entire year. Cowboy fans expect it!

8.  Markus Wheaton (PIT) +1.8

If this form continues, could link with Brown to form one of the better WR combinations

9.  Anquan Boldin (SF) +1.7

The Ravens can say whatever they want, but with hindsight they don’t make that trade.

10.  Brian Quick (STL) +1.3

With the league’s third-best Yards per Route Run (3.26) is he just “flashing” or here to stay?


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  • Jason Williams

    Where are the “consensus” best pairing of Jeffrey and Marshall coming in?

    • ChicagoDan

      They both missed a bit of time in that first game – so I’m guessing they’ll bounce back if they’re able to stay healthy.

  • rfjax

    What about that guy in ATL? I forgot his name, you did too…

  • LightsOut85

    Devil’s Advocate (on using Catch Rate to comment on a WR) – isn’t this more descriptive of the accuracy of a QB? (& aDoT, where a deep threat would by nature have a lower comp% than a short possession pass catcher). Sure, there’s the little details where you could argue a WR should have caught a ball even if it wasn’t marked as a drop (failing to make the effort to extend himself, running a route the wrong way, not using the best body-positioning, etc), but I’d say “passes that didn’t have a chance of being caught” (because of the QB) make up the majority of most incomplete targets a WR gets. That drop% is a better indicator of their “catching ability” (Although FO did a nice series of articles that charted where “on the body” WRs caught passes to see who had the most “easy” receptions (on the numbers, etc)…pretty interesting).

  • Dutch70

    No A.J. Green… Wow… Just WOW!!!

  • Victor Cruz

    what about me?

  • Hugh Nolan

    Yep’s gotta be Nelson …GB will win the Super Bowl this year…Nelson has been consistently doesn’t deserve to be top 10 …injured too often …..I would say Nelson is giving Rodgers an MVP season …..