Top 10 Offensive Tackles

Neil Hornsby lines up the 10 tackles who have grabbed hold of the top of the rankings through two weeks.

| 3 years ago

Top 10 Offensive Tackles

Top-Perf-WK02-OTsHere are the top 10 offensive tackles this year (after Week 2) as ranked by our overall play-by-play grading and updated during and after our All 22 Review. For all the grades at all positions grab yourself a PFF Premium subscription today.

1.  Branden Albert, LT (MIA) +7.1

So far playing up to the huge contract he signed to come over from the Chiefs.

2.  Derek Newton, RT (HST) +6.5

Almost written off (at least by me). Thankfully the Texans were more patient.

3.  Joe Barksdale, RT (STL) +4.8

Carrying on from where he left off last year with a super start to 2014.

4. Zach Strief, RT (N0) +4.7

The Saints Mr Reliable remains a stalwart at right tackle for the team.

5.  King Dunlap, LT (SD) +4.4

Still more of a run blocker but holds his own in pass pro, too.

6.  Ja’Wuan James, RT (MIA) +4.1

Is that nervous looks I see from the draftniks who pronounced him over-drafted?

7. Jason Peters, LT (PHI) +3.6

A left tackle who continues to impress on every down regardless of what the playcall is.

8.  Jermon Bushrod, LT (CHI) +3.5

More than held his own against both the Bills and 49ers

9.  Joe Thomas, LT (CLV) +3.3

So what else is new? The most consistent pass protector in the game.

10.  Andre Smith Jr, RT (CIN) +3.7

His bad old early years seem a long way behind us now.

=10.  Donald Penn, LT (OAK) +3.2

Not the superstar some would have you believe but not bad either


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  • Pygskyn

    James has been an awesome surprise. I was one of those that called his pick a reach at #19. Rarely have I been so happy to be wrong… so far at least.

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