Top 10 Cornerbacks

The 10 cornerbacks who have set themselves apart through two weeks of play.

| 3 years ago

Top 10 Cornerbacks

Top-Perf-WK02-CBsHere are the Top 10 cornerbacks this year (after Week 2) as ranked by our play-by-play coverage grading and updated during and after our All-22 Review. For all the grades at all positions grab yourself a PFF Premium subscription today.

[NB: 100 snap minimum eligibility]


1.  Tramon Williams (GB) +4.2

Allowed a mere 16 yards on 11 targets through two games.

2.  Corey Graham (BUF) +4.1

Wanted to come home to Buffalo and showing just how much that means to him.

3.  Aqib Talib (DEN) +3.8

His less than auspicious end to 2013 is looking more and more health related by the game.

4.  Antonio Cromartie (ARZ) +3.5

Another player showing last year was an aberration to the norm.

5.  Leon Hall (CIN) +3.1

Returning from injury, the eight-year veteran only took a game to get back to his very best.

6.  Darius Slay (DET) +2.9

The sophomore corner has talent and is currently making his personnel department not regret eschewing corner in the draft.

7.  Desmond Trufant (ATL) +2.8

Still looking every bit the special talent he appeared in 2013.

8.  Chris Harris Jr. (DEN) +2.5

Everyone talked about Ryan Clady and Von Miller missing the Super Bowl, but Harris was just as big a loss.

9t.  Sam Shields (GB) +2.3

Giving the Packers two Top-10 corners. Plays better than his base numbers suggest

9t.  Cortland Finnegan (MIA) +2.3

Working towards redemption in Miami after crashing and burning in St. Louis.


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  • Ron rogers

    Haven’t the packers been lit up in the defensive passing game…Lol..idiot morons!!

    • feyr

      allowing 184 yd avg / game. i guess that’s being lit up.

      • Ron rogers


        • Kevin

          Haters will hate even if it happens to be a blind hate. Like it or not, GB has one of the deepest group of CB’s in the NFL. They have 4 CB’s that would be starting for any other team in the NFC North.

    • SeattleSteve

      Less than 200 passing yards allowed in the 1st two games.
      It’s the Packer’s Run Defense (Brad Jones/AJ Hawk) that’s awful.

    • Argyle Gargoyle

      No, they haven’t been.

    • Turd Fergusson

      They’re the fifth best against the pass.

    • Tim

      idiot morons? Why does that sound like the pot calling the kettle black?

  • David

    Didn’t you give Williams bad grade against the run this past week? Does this list only concern coverage?

    • stone

      49ers struggling this yr didn’t get alot of credit for their conerback play butt ccully and pcox had contract yr performances!

  • SamSerra

    What’s Revis grade??

    • CharlesBaltimore

      Revis who?

      • eer002

        rated # 2 at this point dummy

  • bob

    Ok so what do you guys think, ya want to run the ball.

  • stone

    culliver and cox played well in contract yrs