Three to Focus On: All Games, Wk 13

We've reached the final turn in the 2012 season -- here's what to watch as we prep for the home stretch.

| 5 years ago

Three to Focus On: All Games, Wk 13

Time to prime for the NFL weekend ahead, there’s no better place to go when forming your shortlist of viewing targets. Looking at three key matchups for every Week 13 game, this week’s Three to Focus On previews can all be found here. Articles will be linked as they post, so keep checking in.

● New Orleans at Atlanta ● New England at Miami
● Seattle at Chicago ● Houston at Tennessee
● Minnesota at Green Bay Tampa Bay at Denver
● San Francisco at St. Louis Pittsburgh at Baltimore
● Arizona at NY Jets Cleveland at Oakland
● Carolina at Kansas City Cincinnati at San Diego
● Indianapolis at Detroit Philadelphia at Dallas
Jacksonville at Buffalo
● NY Giants at Washington




  • steve

    Its Friday, and all games aren’t up. When do you expect people to have time to read this stuff?

    • walter247

      tbh this kinda bugs me too. i’ve been waiting for the redskins giants review all week and it still isn’t here

      • drew

        lol, saturday now, still not up.

        • tom

          They usually don’t put the MNF game up until Monday

  • Rocky

    So has Jovan Belcher already made the Had a Bad Day Team?