The Training Table: Preseason Injury Notes Week 3

Brian Bulmer gives his view of the recent injury news and updates as they affect NFL players and their teams after Week 3 of the 2013 preseason .

| 4 years ago
Sanchez Emotional Face

The Training Table: Preseason Injury Notes Week 3

Sanchez Emotional FaceLights. Camera. Action!

Week 3 is the dress rehearsal for the NFL regular season. We get a better look at the starting lineups for the NFL teams and the potential fantasy studs and duds of the coming season.

Another week shows us why injuries are the rule and durability is the exception to the rule in football. In the Training Table, I will be  providing you with recent news and notes as it pertains to injuries all season here at PFF Fantasy.


Arizona Cardinals

Rashard Mendenhall — Running Back
Injury Date: August 25, 2013 — Knee Sprain

Fantasy Prognosis: Rashard Mendenhall has a minor knee sprain. He is on track to return for the Cardinals week one game. The Cardinals have announced they are looking to deal often injured Ryan Williams so they must have a lot of faith in Mendenhall and the young depth (Stephan Taylor, Andre Ellington) that were drafted in the 2013 NFL draft.

Robert Housler — Tight End
Injury Date: August 25, 2013 — Ankle Sprain

Fantasy Prognosis: Housler suffered a high ankle sprain in the week three preseason game. A high ankle sprain can be a nagging injury that can take weeks to heal. Housler’s injury makes him questionable for the start of the regular season. If you were depending on Housler as your top tight end option heading into week one, you might want to have a tight end in place to play early in the season.


Atlanta Falcons

Roddy White — Wide Receiver
Injury Date: August 15, 2013 — Ankle Injury

Fantasy Prognosis: Roddy White suffered what is beleived to be a low ankle sprain during the Falcons week two preseason game against Baltimore. If it were the regular season White would have suited up for week three. Considering it is preseason, White will be limited for the remainder of the preseason and may not take another snap until  the start of the regular season.

Asante Samuel — Cornerback
Injury Date: August 26, 2013 — Thigh Injury

Fantasy Prognosis: Samuel suffered a thigh injury and is probable to start the regular season.

Stephen Nicholas — Linebacker
Injury Date: August 17, 2013 — Leg Injury

Fantasy Prognosis: The Falcon’s were hit again by the injury bug when Stephen Nicholas went down with an apparent leg injury. There are not a lot of details about his injuries at this time. Nicholas is currently in line to start at Sam linebacker for the Falcons this season according to

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My fantasy prognosis is based on my 14 years as a sports medicine professional in athletic training covering arena football (Indianapolis Firebirds), college football (Indiana University), and high school football. I have dedicated much of my life to helping motivated athletes return from injury.

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