The PFF 101, Top to Bottom

The list is complete and here it is in full form, from 1 to 101.

| 3 years ago

The PFF 101, Top to Bottom

2013-top10The names have all been announced and the 2013 version of PFF’s Top 101 is done, so here’s a look at them all in one place with links to the individual Top-10 pieces and rest of the segments on down.


1.  J.J. Watt
2.  Robert Quinn
3.  Peyton Manning
4.  Gerald McCoy
5.  Lavonte David
6.  Richard Sherman
7.  Evan Mathis
8.  Lesean McCoy
9.  Andrew Whitworth
10. Marshawn Lynch


11.  Jamaal Charles
12. Joe Thomas
13. Jimmy Graham
14. Robert Mathis
15. Trent Williams
16. Michael Bennett
17. Ndamukong Suh
18. Darrelle Revis
19. Calais Campbell
20. Earl Thomas


21. Justin Houston
22. Devin McCourty
23. Brent Grimes
24. Patrick Willis
25. Josh Sitton
26. Kyle D. Williams
27. Jurrell Casey
28. Kam Chancellor
29. Marcell Dareus
30. Dontari Poe


31. NaVorro Bowman
32. Brandon Marshall
33. Antonio Brown
34. Jason Peters
35. Calvin Johnson
36. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
37. Eric Berry
38. Adrian L. Peterson
39. Jordy Nelson
40. Cameron Jordan


41. Greg Hardy
42. Jordan Gross
43. Philip Rivers
44. Tyron Smith
45. Louis Vasquez
46. Cameron Wake
47. Anquan Boldin
48. Russell Wilson
49. Keenan Lewis
50. Terrance Knighton


51. Andre Johnson
52. Thomas Davis
53. DeMaryius Thomas
54. Joe Staley
55. Randy Starks
56. Brandon Mebane
57. Tamba Hali
58. Patrick Peterson
59. Karlos Dansby
60. Drew Brees


61. Donte Whitner
62. Stephen Tulloch
63. Keenan Allen
64. Chris Harris Jr.
65. Aldon Smith
66. Jason Hatcher
67. Larry Warford
68. Von Miller
69. Elvis Dumervil
70. Eddie Lacy


71. Nate Solder
72. Derrick O. Johnson
73. Alshon Jeffery
74. Josh Gordon
75. Joe Haden
76. DeMarco Murray
77. Brian Orakpo
78. Jason Kelce
79. Desmond Trufant
80. Luke Kuechly


81. Sheldon Richardson
82. Alex Mack
83. Michael D. Johnson
84. Tyrann Mathieu
85. Vontaze Burfict
86. Will Hill
87. John Sullivan
88. Trent Cole
89. DeSean Jackson
90. Tom Brady


91. Damon Harrison
92. T.Y. Hilton
93. Alterraun Verner
94. Cliff Avril
95. Troy Polamalu
96. Eric Weddle
97. A.J. Green
98. Phil Loadholt
99. Jake Long
100. T.J. Ward
101. Marques Colston



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  • tony

    where the hell is brees rodgers ?!?

    • Perception

      Brees is 60th. As for Rodgers, they based this on 2013 alone and he missed half the season. I don’t think anyone disputes he is an elite QB.

  • Rak43

    lmao entirely, Phillip Rivers @43 with Brees @60, [email protected], and Rodgers and Manning don’t even make the list. and Marshawn Lynch @10 and AP @38? Who the heck compiled this garbage. I understand numbers can tell many stories that are true and false, but if you really want people to take you guys seriously you should stay away from stuff like this. It makes you look like a bunch of arrogant eggheads who think they’re smarter than everyone else when everyone else is just laughing at you..

    • Mike Jones

      why would rodgers make a list based off last years play? learn how to read before ranting

    • Doug

      Aaron Rodgers missed 7 games. So at 9/16 games (56%) he’d essentially have to play twice as good as any other quarterback to be better than them. Twice as good as Geno Smith? Probably. Twice as good as Drew Brees? Nope.

  • Rak43

    What is this a list of anyway? top 101 fathers in the NFL? Because it sure is heck can’t be 101 best players.

    • Perception

      Their criteria is listed there.

      “Now before looking at the list there are some important things to understand regarding the criteria for selection:

      – This list is based solely on 2013 play. Nothing that happened in previous years or may happen in the future is accounted for. This isn’t about class or talent; it’s about form throughout 2013.

      – This list is created with an “All Positions Created Equal” mantra. So you won’t see 32 quarterbacks heading the list, even though that is the most valuable position, instead seeing how guys played relative to what is expected from their position. You might disagree with this for doing a Top 101 list which is your right, but this is how we’ve done it for the past three years and will continue doing it. This way every player has a fair shot at getting the respect they deserve.

      – A repetition because it’s often the most misunderstood: this is not a list about talent or a lifetime achievement award. It is solely, 100% based on what happened between the opening kickoff of the 2013 regular season and the final snap of the Super Bowl this past February. Anything outside those dates does not matter.”

  • Danny Smith

    If your list is based on the 2013 regular season overall performance, how do you leave Zack Strief off? He was the highest graded right tackle in the entire NFL. Oh by the way, the grade was given by pro-football focus.

  • ChickenHunter

    Ndamukong Suh? For what, Top 101 dirtiest players? Top 101 disapears in big games? Top 101 most ovverrated? Trying to get a grasp on this because the times Ive seen him play against the 49ers, he was invisible.

  • ChickenHunter

    Mathis over Iupati? Iupati goes up against the best Front 7s in the league week in and week out. Mathis is pushing around a bunch of stiffs in the weak tit NFC East.

  • Billy Bob Thorton

    Once I got to #7 Evan Mathis and #9 Andrew Whitworth, I had to stop reading. That’s just ridiculous. Everyone wants to give this site so much props for “real stats” and crap. Uhhh…look at their top 101 players in the NFL. So they’re telling us that Mathis and Whitworth are better than everyone in the NFL except for 6 – 8 players?!?! Get the F outta here!!!

    • Doug

      Offensive linemen rarely get hype unless they are drafted high and dominate, and sometimes even then they don’t.

  • Luke

    Defensive player of the year, number 80? Sounds about right, he got it all on the hype train. Many defensive players way before him including many inside linebackers.

    • NICK

      OVERRATED Panther Bum. What happen in the playoffs