Packers smart to bring back James Jones

Why Green Bay's former No. 3 wide receiver is a good value pickup.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Packers smart to bring back James Jones

(Note: This article has been updated to reflect the news that the Packers have signed WR James Jones.)

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones was released by the Giants Saturday, and with Jordy Nelson out for the season and Randall Cobb banged up (although Cobb isn’t expected to miss any games), the Packers decided to bring back the sure-handed Jones. He not only knows the system, but also has years of experience working with QB Aaron Rodgers; he brought in 310 receptions for 4,305 yards and 37 touchdowns over his seven years with the Packers. Jones was also regularly one of the most sure-handed receivers in the league, ranking ninth in 2013 with just a 3.28 drop rate, and 12th in 2012 with a 4.48 rate.

Jones left the Packers after the 2013 season but failed to gain traction with a rebuilding Raiders squad. Last season with the Raiders, Jones caught 73 receptions, but for only 666 yards and 6 touchdowns. Jones struggled with being a No. 1 option, while also trying to build chemistry with a rookie quarterback in Derek Carr.

Jones can slide back in as the team’s third or fourth option and take some of the pressure off of rookie Ty Montgomery and second-year WR Jeff Janis, both of whom are still developing.  The Packers don’t normally delve into free agency and prefer to develop younger players, but with the Nelson injury and given Jones’ Packer history, Jones was a good match.

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  • Joe Doe

    Led the league in touchdowns in 2012. It’ll be interesting to see if Adams or Jones will draw the no. 1 corner since Cobb usually plays the slot. He improves the wide receiver position regardless.

    • Kevin

      Adams will be GB’s number 1 option on the outside while Cobb is in the slot. If the defense is purposely putting their #1 CB on a WR, I have to imagine it will be Adams. At this stage, Adams is the more explosive and dangerous WR. Not to say Jones has lost a step- because I really don’t believe he has- but Adams is just the better WR with the much bigger upside.

      Jones was definitely one of the better #3 WR’s in the league his last 3-4 years in GB and is a really good intermediate, possession type WR. Adams is actually similar in this way but much better athletically, running routes, high pointing the football, faster etc. They’re both very similar in size and really strong WR’s. Coming out, I think Jones would have been a solid comparison for Adams. His floor was James Jones type production but as I already said, his ceiling is much higher and a top 10 WR IMO.

      Based on all the talk from McCarthy and Rodgers this offseason, he has his coaches and QB’s trust, so he will get every opportunity to live up to the potential they believe he has in only his second year. I don’t see him being the deep threat Jordy is, he isn’t necessarily a WR that is going to beat CB’s deep with his speed but a WR that will use his excellent route running, strength and hands to make plays down the field.

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