Team of The Week, Week 2

He's picked out the worst, here Khaled Elsayed picks out the cream of the crop of Week 2 action.

| 5 years ago

Team of The Week, Week 2

Tired of the box score telling you who the best players were?

Well don’t fret because we’ve had four people watching every play of every game in agonizing, relationship-destroying detail, so the truly talented can get the praise they deserve.

So sit back, relax and see which players made the Team of Week 2.



Quarterback: Eli Manning, NYG (+6.2)

There should be an uneasy feeling in selecting a QB who was intercepted three times to this team, but there isn’t because, as good as Mike Vick was to close the game and as solid as Matt Ryan was, nobody did more to help their team win than Eli and his 510 game-changing yards.

Running Back: Pierre Thomas, NO (+4.0)

Reggie Bush had more yards, C.J. Spiller had more touchdowns, and Marshawn Lynch broke more tackles rushing. But with an astonishing elusive rating of 717.9 Thomas- who picked up 143 yards from scrimmage while forcing 12 missed tackles- was unmatched when he got his hands on the ball.

Full Back: Evan Rodriguez, CHI (+1.6)

He was only on the field for 12 snaps but Rodriguez continues to impress with his lead blocking duties. Suffice to say it wasn’t the strongest week when it came to fullback play.

Tight End: Vernon Davis, SF (+3.3)

You’d think 157 receiving yards would get you on this team, but some atrocious run blocking kept Brent Celek off. Instead a more rounded display from Vernon Davis that featured three missed tackles and two touchdowns got the nod.

Wide Receivers: Hakeem Nicks, NYG (+4.9) and Percy Harvin, MIN (+4.5)

I’d have no gripes with anyone suggesting that Roddy White, Danny Amendola, Vincent Jackson or Victor Cruz deserved to make the team, but with only two to go in Nicks and Harvin squeezed out the competition. Forcing four missed tackles Harvin is rapidly becoming the only guy Chrsitian Ponder can trust as he hauled in 12-of-13 targeted passes, while Nicks just keeps on making big plays. A dominant, dynamic and diverse duo.

Tackles: Joe Staley, SF (+5.5) and Mitchell Schwartz, CLV (+4.9)

Two players who didn’t have the easiest time of it in Week 1 bounced back in fine fashion. Staley was in dominant form against Kyle Vanden Bosch chiefly, allowing just one hurry to go with some superb work in the run game. The Brown, Schwartz, narrowly edged out fellow rookie Bobby Massie, and will be grateful he doesn’t have to face off with Jason Babin every week.

Guards: Jason Pinkston, CLV (+3.0) and Josh Sitton, GB (+5.0)

Two Browns offensive linemen in the team of the week, and neither is Joe Thomas or Alex Mack? Interesting times. Pinkston was perfect in pass protection with a positive grade in the run game to boot. While Sitton allowed one hurry, he manhandled the smaller Henry Melton for much of the game in a dominant display.

Center: Nick Mangold, NYJ (+4.5)

It’s early days but Mangold has hit the ground running with his 2012 season. The ease at which he moved Casey Hampton was stunning.


Defensive Front 4-3

Defensive Ends: Kamerion Wimbley, TEN (+5.8) and Chandler Jones, NE (+4.7)

No pass rusher quite smells Charger blood like Wimbley. In an outing reminiscent of his demolition of Brandyn Dombrowski in 2011, Wimbley feasted on an undrafted rookie, Mike Harris, to the tune of nine hurries. In New England the reputation of Chandler Jones continues to grow, picking up four more QB disruptions, a forced fumble and impressing in run defense.

Defensive Tackle: Kyle Williams, BUF (+4.4) and Kevin Williams, MIN (+4.3)

There was nearly a spot on this team for Derek Landri, but in the end the opportunity to create our own Williams Wall was too great to pass up on. The relentless Kyle did his best work rushing the passer with two sacks and two hurries, while Kevin was disruptive when the Colts ran. He only had the one tackle, but that stat can’t explain how he had his way with Mike McGlynn, Seth Olsen and anyone who thought it was a good idea to get in his way.

Linebackers: Von Miller, DEN (+7.8), DeMeco Ryans, PHI (+5.4) and Chad Greenway, MIN (+5.2)

It’s only Week 2 and I find myself feeling a touch of déjà vu as I wax lyrical about Miller once more. He was a force all over the field on Monday, with his game reaching another level as he becomes more than just a feared pass rusher. On the other side it’s been a while since we’ve seen Greenway look quite that good, but he really turned on it against the Colts. Nobody who saw DeMeco Ryans play would begrudge him his spot on the team, with his work in coverage a particular highlight and pushed a very fine display from Brandon Spikes out of the spotlight.

Defensive Front 3-4

Defensive Line: J.J. Watt, HOU (+8.8), Kendrick Ellis, NYJ (+2.5) and Cory Redding, IND (+4.1)

If you haven’t watched Watt take over the Texans’ trip to Jacksonville, then do so. It was a rare display of defensive dominance that doesn’t come along that often. After a strong 2011 it was a surprise there wasn’t more interest in Redding, but there’s no shock that he’s putting in performances like this for Chuck Pagano. Two batted passes and two hurries highlight his impact in the passing game. Ellis was only on the field for 20 snaps but in limited action picked up four positive grades including an impressive tackle for a loss.

Outside Linebackers: Albert McClellan, BLT (+6.1) and Clay Matthews, GB (+4.7)

He might not be the most conventional 3-4 outside linebacker, but consider us impressed with McClellan who is grabbing his opportunity to start with both hands. Six defensives stops in the run game were the highlight, but he showed his rounded play with a pass deflection and two hurries. Matthews added a couple of defensive stops in the run game to a flattering four sacks that owe some to his incredible ability, and a little more to Jay Cutler holding onto the ball too long.

Inside Linebackers: Patrick Willis, SF (+4.3) and Kavell Conner, IND (+3.3)

There’s no surprise to see Willis on any team of the week, with him at his best as the 49ers’ train chugging along. Detroit tried getting linemen on him at the second level, but he was too good to let that stop him impacting plays. In a week that didn’t feature a great deal of stellar linebacker play, Conner made enough plays with a pass deflection, sack and pressure to earn the selection.

Cornerbacks: Alterraun Verner, TEN (+3.8) and Cortland Finnegan, SL (+3.1)

We’re reuniting a couple of Titans here at cornerback. Finnegan had a pick and gave up just seven yards in coverage as he continues to look worth the money. The man who has replaced him in the Titans lineup, Verner, has rarely disappointed and while Sunday was disappointing for Tennessee he can feel proud of his days work that included a pick and a pass deflection to go with just 16 yards given up.

Safeties: William Moore, ATL (+3.9) and T.J. Ward, CLV (+3.0)

In a league devoid of playmaking safeties keep an eye on William Moore. His interception, sack and touchdown breakup should have helped him make a name for himself on Monday Night Football. Ward, and in particular his work in run defense, is something that was really missed in Cleveland last year. He’s shown his talent since starting as a rookie.

Special Teams

A nice day from Justin Tucker including two from over 50 … If you’re going to spend a third-round pick on a punter then at a minimum they need to punt the way Bryan Anger did on Sunday … Joe Lefeged led the way with five special teams tackles … Be very careful when kicking to Trindon Holliday who looked good running kicks back on Sunday.


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  • Bill Clinton

    Tramon Williams holds Marshall to 2 catches and has 2 ints. He caught as many Cutler passes as his star wideout did, and he doesnt make the list?

    • william

      marshal doesnt need anyone covering him to drop td’s

      Phin fan

      • John

        The truest statement of the year.
        From one Phin fan to another.

        I’m a Fannehill of Tannehill

  • [email protected]

    Let me get this straight a Qb that has 3 Ints and nearly single handed blows the game for his team has double the grade of a QB that made incredible play after incredible play, had the best rating ever for a QB v Rex Ryan D, yep makes bags of sense. I dont need to get into some of the other BS because this tops it all. Manning sucked for an entire half I mean he was chronically bad and if Giants are not playing Tampa they lose. Ben with no run game, ok pass pro and 3rd way long after 3rd and way long converted. He literally carried the offense and made plays no other QB in the league not even Eli makes. Little wonder Peter King thinks you guys rock, lmao.

  • I am not Roger Goodell

    William Moore hasn’t been healthy in the past, and Brian Van Gorder’s schemes really handicapped his ability, but I think that with the arrival of Nolan, if he stays healthy this season, he has the potential to do something special. Good looking out gang.

  • Not Neutral

    Why is Patrick Peterson not here? I thought he got a grade of +3.5 which appears higher than 3.1 (Finnegan).
    I too wonder how it’s possible that no other player of the defense that held the Patriots to a single TD is mentioned here (e.g. Calais Campbell).

  • river

    Don’t agree with having Eli in at all. Also have you considered changing the formations of your team of the week, have a slot receiver in instead of a full back, and have a nickel defence in as well. Nose tackles are important, but maybe there could be an additional place for slot corner? Brandon Boykin was excellent in that role this week

  • RespectTheBull

    I think JJ Watt was very dominant and deserves to be on here, but I find it hard to believe he is the only one that scored high on a defense that held their opponent to 38 snaps. Is it just that everybody else did exactly what they were supposed to and nothing extra (in other words, no mistakes but nothing spectacular) or that they didn’t play enough snaps for anybody else to get enough pluses to make the list?