Team of the Preseason: Second Team

The best preseason showings among the reserves assembled into a full lineup.

| 3 years ago

Team of the Preseason: Second Team


It’s not long to go now until we get to the stage of meaningful action. But just because we’re excited about that doesn’t mean we should neglect the preseason.

Indeed we’ve been grading every player on every play of every game. Want to see? Well you just need a year-long PFF Premium Stats subscription, and then you’ll get yourself access to this preseason, the upcoming season and all our historical grades dating back to 2007.

For now get a small glimpse with our team of the first three weeks of preseason – this time looking at the guys who were playing once the starters came off the field. (…and see the ‘starters’ on their team, here)


Quarterback: Matthew McGloin, OAK (+7.4)
While he’s been the victim of some drops, McGloin hasn’t let it bother him with some crisps displays that show he may have a future in this league greater than the role of No. 3 quarterback.

Honorable Mention: Blake Bortles, JAX

Running Back: Cyrus Gray, KC (+4.1)
Gray might be an afterthought when you’ve got Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis on the roster, but he certainly made an impression with his 134 yards on 26 carries, earning our top rushing grade of all running backs.

Honorable Mention: Devonta Freeman, ATL

Tight End: Travis Kelce, KC (+5.0)
While Kelce spent some time with the starters, the majority of his impressive preseason came rolling with the 2’s. And impressive it was. More yards than any other tight end and the only one to get triple digits after the catch.

Honorable Mention: Chase Coffman, TEN

Wide Receivers: Brian Tyms, NE (+5.5), Corey Washington, NYG (+4.0) and Brice Butler, OAK (+3.4)
With too small a sample size for any of the second-string fullbacks, an extra receiver included here. That meant room for Butler who has more yards from the slot than any other receiver in preseason. Outside of him, Washington and Tyms were no-brainers with dynamic preseasons that should have secured roster spots.

Honorable Mention: Allen Hurns, JAX and Ryan Broyles, DET

Tackles: Ryan Harris, KC (+4.8) and Cameron Fleming, NE (+4.2)
You rarely get bad play from Harris, it’s more a case of him being able to handle a full workload with a history of back problems. Playing on the more unfamiliar left side, he’s delivered again. Fourth-rounder Fleming could prove useful insurance for the oft-injured Sebastian Vollmer.

Honorable Mention: Carter Bykowski, SF and Sam Young, JAX

Guards: Matt Tobin, PHI (+8.5) and Travis Bond, SL (+3.9)
The Eagles continue to produce line talent, with Tobin having a fantastic preseason. He’s unlikely to feature this year barring injury, but he looks like an able backup to have on hand. Outside of one sack given up, the seventh-rounder Bond has likely ensured himself of a roster spot as he’s rarely put a foot wrong.

Honorable Mention: Gabe Jackson, OAK and Dennis Kelly, PHI

Center: Eric Kush, KC (+4.7)
Something to be said for development. Kush looked terrible last year in preseason but the former sixth-rounder has taken a big step forward in 84 snaps this year. Patience is a virtue, you know.

Honorable Mention: David Molk, PHI


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  • Darnell

    Why doesn’t the 2nd team consist of the 1st team honorable mentions?

    • KB88

      I think you missed the point. These are all players that haven’t been starters during the preseason just as the 1st team didn’t include backups.

  • Cptjesus

    Jets backup nose tackle’s first name actually doesn’t have a d in it, it’s Kenrick. Easy mistake to make, I can’t think of another time I’ve seen that, and google insists on suggesting Kendrick Lamar if you start to type his name in, but I figured I’d point it out.