Sets, Snaps & Stats: Week 3

Pat Thorman examines the fantasy impact of up-tempo offenses and other emerging trends after three weeks of NFL action.

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Sets, Snaps & Stats: Week 3

Dwayne-BoweThe weekly Sets, Snaps and Stats report is a summary of participation, formation, target and other data mined by PFF’s game charters. Used with PFF Fantasy’s own signature stats, our aim – as always – is identifying relevant trends to provide out subscribers with a competitive advantage.

Taking Tempo-Ture

No-huddle offenses bookended Week 3, with the Eagles getting things kicked off on Thursday night and the Broncos closing up shop, and the Raiders, on Monday Night Football. There were some surprises nestled in the middle, including a few teams not known for an up-tempo approach dipping their toes into the rapids. There also was one offense that uncharacteristically slowed things down.

The Patriots only went no-huddle on four plays, clearly feeling their way through the growing pains associated with the forced infusion of youth on offense. After a slow start, the approach worked well against Tampa Bay’s solid defense. Expect more up-tempo as veterans get healthier and rookies gain repetitions.

On the other side of the equation, the Ravens are apparently committed to the no-huddle more than is commonly thought. After executing 33 up-tempo snaps against Cleveland in Week 2, Baltimore skipped a huddle on 35 occasions with the Texans in town. While they scored 30 points, only one touchdown was of the offensive variety and they gained just 236 yards. This comes on the heels of managing only two second half scores and less than 200 yards passing against the Browns. Like the rest of the Ravens’ offense, the no-huddle is a work in progress that we will continue to monitor.

In what can most logically be chalked up to play scripting, the Lions went no-huddle on three of their first seven plays. The Chargers did the same on three of the first 14 plays encompassing their initial two drives, and then again on 11 of 17 snaps of their first two drives after halftime. Perhaps they caught the fever after their Week 2 barnburner with the Eagles? Even the Jets sprinkled in single no-huddle snaps on several of their drives against the up-tempo Bills.


Week 3 Snaps

2013 Snaps

Opponents’ Snaps


Minnesota (79)

New England (225)

Buffalo (235)


Kansas City (78)

Baltimore (215)

Philadelphia (227)


Green Bay (77)

NY Jets (214)

Cleveland (215)


Buffalo (76)

Denver (213)

Minnesota (215)


Saints/Redskins (74)

Houston (211)

Tampa Bay (215)

Even with the Patriots easing off the gas as far as going no-huddle, their 72 Week 3 snaps were still ninth most in the league and pushed them to a league leading seasonal total of 225. Despite the Ravens using the hurry-up on more than 60 percent of their snaps against the Texans, they ran the eighth fewest plays on the week and sunk to second place for the season. The Bills and Eagles continue to be opponents to target for fantasy purposes, as they surrendered the second and tenth most snaps and top the NFL in that department for the season.


Week 3 Snaps

2013 Snaps

Opponents’ Snaps


NY Giants (50)

Pittsburgh (173)

New Orleans (166)


Oakland (51)

Oakland (175)

Seattle (166)


San Diego (53)

NY Giants (178)

Houston (175)


San Francisco (53)

San Francisco (179)

Indianapolis (182)


Arizona/Miami (55)

Tampa Bay (181)


The 49ers ran the fourth fewest Week 3 plays after registering the smallest snap count in Week 2. They have been a far cry from the aerial circus that logged 75 Week 1 plays against the Packers, and next face a Rams defense that gave them trouble in 2012. With the game on Thursday Night Football, which has tended to produce some sloppy games, the short turnaround time does not do Jim Harbaugh’s staff any favors. The Rams have also allowed fewer plays in each successive week, from 70 to 61 to 59. San Francisco will have to earn it this week with patience and sharp execution, or things could begin to spiral out of control for the defending NFC champs.

Now, on with the rest of this week’s Sets, Snaps & Stats, after a peek at a few notable games from a tempo perspective:

Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills

Both the Ravens (2nd) and Bills (6th) are at the top of the NFL in snap count, and Buffalo is allowing the most opposing plays. However, both Baltimore (tied for 12th) and Buffalo (20th) have been just okay when it comes to turning those plays into points.

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