Second-Rounders in Focus: Preseason Wk 2

Some breakout and disappointing performances are looked at by Steve Palazzolo in his review of the second-rounders from week 2 of the preseason.

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Second-Rounders in Focus: Preseason Wk 2

Week 2 of the preseason is in the books and it’s time to check in on the second round rookies. Many of them saw their first NFL action while others looked to build upon, or learn from, last week’s debuts.

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We’ve already provided notes on the first 32 picks, and the second-rounders from preseason Week 1.

33. John Cyprien, FS, Jacksonville Jaguars
Grade: -3.5
Snaps: 28 snaps with first team
Analysis: Cypriens’ debut was not a good one as he graded at -3.3 in coverage, including two penalties and looking lost at times on the deep ball. Here’s Thomas Maney’s closer look at Cyprien’s day.

34. Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee Titans
Grade: 0.0
Snaps: 23 snaps, all as an outside wide receiver
Analysis: Hunter caught one of his two targets as he beat Bengals CB Dre Kirkpatrick on a 10-yard out-route to convert a first down late in the third quarter.

35. Zach Ertz, TE, Philadelphia Eagles
Grade: +1.2
Snaps: 42 snaps, nine at inline tight end
Analysis: Solid all-around game for Ertz who graded positively as a run blocker while catching both of his targets for 36 yards. He’s been a jack-of-all-trades through two preseason games.

36. Darius Slay, CB, Detroit Lions
Grade: +0.5
Snaps: 29 snaps, 26 at RCB
Analysis: For the second week in a row, Slay saw little action in coverage as he was only targeted once for a 7-yard gain. He did pick up a stop in the passing game as he tackled RB Dion Lewis short of the sticks on 3rd-and-14.

37. Giovani Bernard, RB, Cincinnati Bengals
Grade: +1.4
Snaps: 19 snaps
Analysis: Bernard’s second game was much better than his debut as he picked up 37 yards on seven carries, including 25 yards after contact. He found the end zone on the ground and took a swing pass 24 yards on his only target. Bernard also surrendered a pressure on one of his four pass block attempts.

38. Manti Te’o, ILB, San Diego Chargers
Grade: n/a
Snaps: 0
Analysis: Did not play due to injury.

39. Geno Smith, QB, New York Jets
Grade:  n/a
Snaps:  0
Analysis: Did not play due to injury.

40. Tank Carradine, DE, San Francisco 49ers
Grade: n/a
Snaps: 0
Analysis: Still recovering from a knee injury suffered at the end of last season.

41. Robert Woods, WR, Buffalo Bills
Grade: -0.1
Snaps: 32 snaps, 11 in the slot
Analysis: Caught his only target for a 22-yard gain as he broke free on a drag-route near the end of the first half. Other than that, a pretty quiet game for Woods.

42. Menelik Watson, OT, Oakland Raiders
Grade: n/a
Snaps: 0
Analysis: Did not play due to an injured calf.

43. Johnthan Banks, CB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Grade: +1.0
Snaps: 28 snaps with the starters, 17 at RCB and 11 at LCB
Analysis: Only targeted once for a 3-yard gain, Banks broke quickly on the curl-route to fellow rookie Kenbrell Thompkins to prevent any yards after the catch.

44. Kawann Short, DT, Carolina Panthers
Grade: -0.1
Snaps: 36 snaps, mostly with second string
Analysis: Another strong week for Short as a pass rusher as he graded at +0.6 with two hurries on his 19 rushes. His -0.8 grade against the run brought him down for the week.

45. Kevin Minter, ILB, Arizona Cardinals
Grade: 0.3
Snaps: 26 snaps with the second string defense
Analysis: Minter did fine work against the run, picking up two stops on his way to a +0.6 grade. He picked up another stop in coverage, but was also responsible for a first down and a touchdown as he was late to the flat to cover fellow rookie Gavin Escobar.

46. Kiko Alonso, ILB, Buffalo Bills
Grade: n/a
Snaps:  0
Analysis: Did not play due to injury.

47. Gavin Escobar, TE, Dallas Cowboys
Grade: -0.6

Snaps: 29 snaps including 3 at FB, 20 at TE, 4 in the slot, and 2 at WR
Analysis: Escobar’s struggles at the point of attack continued this week as he graded at -1.5 as a run blocker, but he did catch all five of his targets for 32 yards and the aforementioned touchdown.

48. Le’Veon Bell, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers
Grade: -0.8
Snaps: 5 as starting running back
Analysis: Bell’s preseason debut was cut short after only five snaps due to a foot injury. He’d only managed to pick up nine yards on his four carries to that point.

49. Johnathan Hankins, DT, New York Giants
Grade: 0.0
Snaps: 16 snaps with second string defensive line
Analysis: Strong performance against the run, Hankins got in on two stops (one assisted) as he did a nice job of controlling blockers at the point of attack. As a pass-rusher, he came up empty on his seven attempts.

50. Jon Bostic, MLB, Chicago Bears
Grade: -2.4
Snaps: 29
Analysis: While most are celebrating Bostic’s big hit that dislodged a wide receiver screen, and rightfully so, it’s hard to ignore his issues against the run that led to a -2.3 grade. He was consistently blocked at the second level and when he finally had a chance to make a play, he whiffed on a tackle on Fozzy Whittaker.

51. David Amerson, CB Washington Redskins
Grade: +0.2
Snaps: 39 snaps with the starters, all at RCB
Analysis: As I mentioned last week, I really wanted to see Amerson challenged deep. We’ve still yet to see a good example of it. His only target was a tough one as he tried to stick with two receivers in his zone and surrendered a 26-yard catch. Overall, another solid evening for Amerson.

52. Jamie Collins, LB, New England Patriots
Grade: -0.1
Snaps: 47 snaps playing mostly nickel linebacker in the first half and 3-4 outside linebacker in the second half
Analysis: As we documented, Collins had a nice day in coverage (+1.9) but struggled at times against the run (-1.7). He worked downhill on a number of routes to keep them to short gains, while adding a pass defensed. But, some over-aggressiveness and poor run fits showed his inexperience.

53. Margus Hunt, DE, Cincinnati Bengals
Grade: -3.4
Snaps: 37 snaps, 29 at defensive left end
Analysis: Hunt failed to notch any pressure on his 22 rushes and after a strong start, struggled to get off blocks in the running game.

54. Jamar Taylor, CB, Miami Dolphins
Grade: +0.2
Snaps: 12 snaps, all covering the slot
Analysis: Uneventful debut for Taylor who surrendered a 4-yard gain on his only target.

55. Vance McDonald, TE, San Francisco 49ers
Grade: n/a
Snaps: 0
Analysis: Did not play due to injury.

56. Arthur Brown, ILB, Baltimore Ravens
Grade: -0.6
Snaps: 39 snaps with first-team nickel defense and second-team base defense
Analysis: Brown showed his potential by bursting into the backfield for a tackle for loss in the second quarter, but found himself sealed out of a few plays as well. In coverage, he was beaten to the edge on a swing route to RB Antone Smith.

57. D.J. Swearinger, FS, Houston Texans
Grade: +0.3
Snaps: 46 snaps, 24 at free safety, 13 at strong safety, and 9 in the slot
Analysis: Most will remember Swearinger’s hit that injured TE Dustin Keller, but other than that, it was a rather average night for the safety. He notched a stop in the running game and gave up only one completion on his four targets, though he was the beneficiary of two drops.

58. Montee Ball, RB, Denver Broncos
Grade: -0.7
Snaps: 18 snaps with the backups
Analysis: Ball picked up 28 yards on his six carries including 10 yards after contact. His poor grade is a result of surrendering a hit on his only chance in pass protection.

59. Aaron Dobson, WR, New England Patriots
Grade: -0.3
Snaps: 38 snaps, mostly with the second-team offense
Analysis: Dobson caught two of his four targets for 30 yards. He ran a nice, deep out route to the cover-2 hole for a 23-yard gain, but was later unable to break free from tight man coverage when given an opportunity to run the “go” route against single coverage.

60. Robert Alford, CB, Atlanta Falcons
Grade: -0.5
Snaps: 28 snaps,
Analysis: Alford’s only target resulted in a defensive pass interference as he was just unable to get away with some downfield jockeying against WR Aaron Mellette.

61. Eddie Lacy, RB, Green Bay Packers
Grade: +1.9
Snaps: 19 snaps
Analysis:  Seeing his first preseason action, Lacy burst onto the scene with 40 yards on eight carries — including 37 yards after contact. He forced three missed tackles in the running game and added one more on his 11-yard reception.

62. Christine Michael, RB, Seattle Seahawks
Grade: n/a
Snaps: 0
Analysis: Did not play due to injury.


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  • Leo

    Lacy had 37 of 40 yards after the contact?! that is both impressive and depressing, impressive is of Lacy’s running skill depressing is our offensive line’s run blocking.

    • [email protected]

      Their pass blocking isnt any better. If you had any other mortal besides Aaron Rodgers back there you would be in trouble.

      • Der

        not every team is dirty enough to use PEDs