Seahawks: Add dimension in swap for Graham

| 2 years ago

Seahawks: Add dimension in swap for Graham

PFF-headlinesWhen the leak of all the big name free agents occurred over the weekend there were fears that the start of free agency would be a bit of a damp squib but it exploded into life as the Seahawks and Saints announced a blockbuster deal with Jimmy Graham headed to the Pacific Northwest. After five productive seasons in New Orleans the Saints have seen fit to move on from Graham after a tumultuous contract negotiation last offseason and their loss is the Seahawks’ gain.

This past season was the first time since his rookie season that Graham finished outside our Top 10 tight ends in terms of receiving grade, with his eight drops and two fumbles taking a toll, even though he was still productive with his third double-digit touchdown season. The Seahawks been undermanned at receiver and Graham adds an extra dimension to that receiving corps, even as a tight end Graham arguably comes in as their best receiving threat.

To illustrate Graham’s threat as a receiver, six of his 10 touchdowns this season came when he was lined up at LWR or RWR; Seattle as a team got only seven touchdowns from those positions all season. The Seahawks have given up a quality center to acquire Graham but a suitable replacement at center is far harder to find than a matchup nightmare like Graham.

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  • Erik

    Do you mean “far easier” to find?

  • Football Facts

    Seahawks front office is so overrated.

    Their talent level will drop so hard when they give extentions to Wagner and Alex Smith. They haven’t added anyone good over the past two drafts, Pete Carroll’s only good first round pick was Earl Thomas, he trated a 3rd rounder for Charlie Whitehurst believing he would be a starter, traded a first for Harvin and now for Graham, a tight end who doesn’t block playing in a run-first offense.

    All their overpraising comes from the Lynch trade and some late rounders, when all of them get paid, any depth will be gone and the Seahawks will sink. They will tank even further when Lynch retires and black Smith will be obliged to win games with his arm.

    • Rob Harrison

      I can absolutely guarantee you that the Seattle FO won’t be giving an extension to Alex Smith.

      Either of them.

      • Yeah

        Russell Wilson = Black Alex Smith

        • Jefferson

          You = Black Crap for Brains

          • Yeah

            U mad?

    • eYeDEF

      Yeah sure. Drafting All Pro players and that defense out of the late rounds is really not deserving at all of praise. You sound really un-knowledgeable about football facts.

    • This post is a joke right…..


  • Jefferson

    Would have liked to have seen a career chart for Graham as was produced in the other article on this trade.

    Saints sure seem the “winners” to get that #4 Center in exchange for a #11 Tight End!

  • Al Martin

    Saints traded an Ace for two Kings. Win/Win.