SD-MIN Grades: Adrian Peterson looks like old self

The top takeaways from Sunday’s San Diego-Minnesota game, including the highest graded players from each team.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Tom E. Puskar)

(AP Photo/Tom E. Puskar)

SD-MIN Grades: Adrian Peterson looks like old self

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Chargers-Vikings game:

Minnesota Vikings

– Teddy Bridgewater (-0.8) had his worst-graded game of the season, where he went 13-for-24 for 121 yards and an one interception. Bridgewater struggled to push the ball downfield against the Chargers, where he only completed two passes out of seven on throws over 10 yards; the Chargers where able to limit the Vikings to short passes all game long.

– While Bridgewater had his worse game of the season, Adrian Peterson (+3.5) performed at a level that was reminiscent of 2012. Peterson had the highest elusive rating in Week 3 at 272.5, thanks to 5.45 yards after contact and 10 forced missed tackles in the run game.

– Rookie CB Trae Waynes (+2.3) saw his first action of the season after Xavier Rhodes (CB -1.4) had to leave the game with a concussion. In the preseason, Waynes struggled to adapt to the NFL game, but in Week 3, he only allowed four catches on nine targets for 32 yards. He also only allowed four yards after the catch, as he was able to keep the Chargers’ receivers in front of him.

Top performers

FS Harrison Smith (+5.2)

HB Adrian Peterson (+3.6)

DE Everson Griffen (+3.1)

C Joe Berger (+2.6)

LB Anthony Barr (+2.5)


San Diego Chargers

– Philip Rivers (-1.9), just like Teddy Bridgewater, had his worst game of the season. Outside of the 34-yard touchdown pass to Keenan Allen at the end of the first half, Rivers struggled to complete any passes over 10 yards, going 3-9 for 88 yards and a touchdown. Rivers clearly has confidence in third-year WR Keenan Allen (+1.7), who he targeted 18 out of his 34 attempts; however, if the Chargers are going to get the passing game going this season, they will need another target to step up, or teams will be able to lock in on Allen and leave Rivers very few options.

– Rookie HB Melvin Gordon (+1.0) had another solid game; while he only had 14 carries for 51 yards, he was able to maximize the opportunities that the offensive line gave him. With the Chargers unable to produce much deep passing, the Vikings put an extra man in the box most of the game. Gordon had 33 yards after contact, meaning, on average, he was hit after only gaining 1.2 yards per attempt.

– While only two of the four sacks where the fault of the offensive line (Rivers moved into one, and the other was an unblocked blitzer), the unit struggled to give Rivers (-1.9) or Gordon much time or room to operate. Overall, only LT King Dunlap (+1.1) and backup LG Chris Hairston (+1.4) graded in the positive. The Chargers did have to use a makeshift offensive line, as they lost their starting center, left guard and left tackle in the game; however, the backups outside of LG Chris Hairston failed to produce any help.

Top performers:

OLB Jerry Attaochu (+2.6)

DE Kendall Reyes (+1.7)

WR Keenan Allen (+1.7)

OLB Melvin Ingram (+1.5)

LG Chris Hairston (+1.4)



  • crosseyedlemon

    It looks like Peterson is playing with a chip on his shoulder now and that will be bad news for defenses around the league.

    • enai D

      Yeah that 43 yard TD run was vintage AP- what a vicious stiffarm!

      • brocklanders

        That run should have been wiped out by holding by the LG or Center… The first defender through the line was tackled by the offensive lineman right before he would have tackled Peterson. The refs blew the call.

        • hotbari

          Lol. Vikings haters crack me up.

        • enai D

          Lol riiiight. Every single play in the NFL, especially running plays, have holding that COULD be called, so you don’t really have a point here.

  • enai D

    Beastly game from Everson Griffen.

  • Thinkaboutit

    It’s too bad teddy sucks, otherwise we could be a contender. I wish he would figure it out.

    • Chill

      It the begging of his second season, chill out. Hes played well in the past, he’ll get it going

      • Malachi

        SD’s strength on D is their secondary too

        • Jack

          Half of the starters were out.

          Teddy sucked this past game

          • Malachi

            flowers was the only significant inactive on SD’s D…, but yea “half”, ok. both teams had 46 players active, 11 on the field at any given time, it’s football

          • Jack

            Verrett was in and out of the lineup(eventually as shutdown in the third) and Addae didn’t play as well.

          • Malachi

            addae is addition by subtraction tho, why i didn’t mention him, lol. you got me on verrett, i didn’t watch this game obv, and he’s a baller. none of it really matters now tho, and SD can’t stop the run in general, not just peterson. their run D was suspect on paper in the preseason and it’s bearing out now on the field

  • Matt

    The Chargers where able?…. hmmmm I believe it’s were…