ReFo: Raiders @ Patriots, Week 3

| 3 years ago

ReFo: Raiders @ Patriots, Week 3

2014-REFO-WK03-OAK@NEThe Oakland Raiders traveled to Foxborough yesterday for the New England Patriots’ home opener. Each team struggled to move the ball, especially on the ground, and Tom Brady’s second quarter touchdown pass was the only time either team found the end zone.

Here are some notable performances:

Oakland Raiders – Performances of Note

Khalil Mack, LB: +6.2

Breakdown: Mack was excellent for the second week in a row, and gave Nate Solder trouble throughout the game. The rookie recorded four run stops, and added two hits on Brady on his way to a game-best +6.2 grade.

Signature Stat: Mack was especially dominant in the run game, earning a +5.8 grade.

Austin Howard, RG: -3.0

Breakdown: Oakland’s offense finished the game with a cumulative -9.1 run blocking grade, and Howard was the worst offender after earning a -2.7 in that department. Howard also allowed a hit and a hurry.

Signature Stat: The Raiders ran 11 times for just 28 yards between the right A and B gaps behind Howard.

Denarius Moore, WR: -2.4

Breakdown: Moore was targeted seven times and caught three passes for just 23 yards, including two drops. Moore’s 0.96 Yards per Route Run for the game would rank second-worst among qualifying recievers so far in 2014.

Signature Play: Moore’s second dropped pass caromed off of Logan Ryan, right into the arms of DT Vince Wilfork for the game-sealing interception.

New England Patriots – Performances of Note

Dont’a Hightower, LB: +5.1

Breakdown: Hightower graded positively in all phases of defense (run defense, pass rushing and coverage) for the second week in a row, and currently leads all Patriots defenders with a +8.3 overall grade for the season. The Alabama product recorded four run stops, and had a hit and two hurries on 11 pass rush attempts.

Signature Stat: Hightower was at his best in pass coverage (+3.0), allowing 3 passes to be complete for -7 yards.

Nate Solder, LT: -3.3

Breakdown: Solder’s struggles continued yesterday, as he earned his third consecutive red-graded game. He had trouble with Khalil Mack throughout the game, and Solder’s overall grade now stands at -7.8 in 2014.

Signature Stat: Solder allowed three hits and a hurry on Tom Brady, earning a -2.5 pass blocking grade in the process.

Jerod Mayo, LB: +3.4

Breakdown: Mayo recorded four run stops, earning a team-best +2.4 run defense grade. Like Hightower, Mayo earned positive marks in all three areas defensively.

Signature Stat: Mayo recorded four QB hurries on just eight pass rushes.

PFF Game Ball

Khalil Mack gets the game ball in a losing effort, after posting the best game of his young career.



  • rogue

    What’s wrong with Nate Solder? He’s been bad since the 1st PRESEASON game, when he was getting blown up by Brian Orakpo. The team can tweak the interior. They benched Devey in the 4thQ. However, they can’t afford have Solder remain in the weeds. He was the 1st round pick of 2011 the team got in the Richard Seymour trade and is the only true LT on the roster. He needs to get out of this funk, soon.

    • SCW

      Good question. Seems to me that he hasn’t been the same guy since he missed wk-16 (Ravens) last season with a concussion. I’m actually a bit concerned about his health. I’m actually wondering now if the whole thing with Cannon subbing in at both tackle spot against KC wasn’t about figuring out how best to replace Solder. I mean, they know that Vollmer can play LT (he played well there for a few games as a rookie, standing in for Light when he was injured. Cannon was a starting LT in college, so maybe they were just testing where Cannon would fit best.

  • rogue

    I love Mack. The Texans, Bills, and Rams must be having regrets.

  • Ryan

    How did Darrelle Revis grade out? It didn’t seem like he had a very good game but sometimes it’s tough to tell from TV.

    • twnick2014

      Revis graded out badly, with a -1.9 grade in that game. Logan Ryan graded out badly as well, with a -1.0 grade.

      • rogue

        If not for a QB hit on his only blitz, his overall grade would be in the red. I never liked Ryan. He’s another Ellis Hobbs. There’s nothing special about the guy and he will be replaced when Browner’s suspension is over.

        • PatsFinatic

          Ryan is deff not that bad. He is solid, you know this is only his 2nd year right ? he gives up some catches but he isn’t terrible

        • SCW

          Seems to me that Ryan’s problem right now is that he’s over-aggressive. He rushes himself and overreacts/overpursues. It seems like he doesn’t realize that his vision and athleticism allow him a half-beat more to think things through than he’s been giving himself.

  • Jay

    What did Tom’s final grade come out to? He made some good plays under pressure.

  • Kool_Papa

    Nice grades. Good to find this.