ReFo: Packers @ Dolphins, Week 6

The Packer's marched down the field to a come-back win over the Dolphins and Cole Schultz runs through the significant performances.

| 3 years ago

ReFo: Packers @ Dolphins, Week 6

2014-REFO-WK06-GB@MIAOne of the weekends’ most thrilling contests, the Packers pulled off the comeback in Miami, aided by Aaron Rodgers’ own rendition of Dan Marino’s infamous fake spike play on Green Bay’s final drive. Though they were in thorough control in the first half, some ill-timed edge pressure by a pair of overmatched tackles ensured that the Packers’ offense couldn’t quite replicate its performance of recent weeks. Things got a bit hazy when both Sam Shields and Tramon Williams went down, as Miami’s offense got rolling in the second half, putting together three consecutive touchdown drives of roughly 80 yards each.

But when the Miami offense stalled out late in the fourth, Rodgers put together one of those career-defining drives, marching 60 yards in less than two minutes for the go-ahead score. There were some excellent performances by the Dolphins’ defense (even on that drive) that will sadly get overshadowed by the result, so let’s get to some of the other perspectives in this contest.

Green Bay Packers –Performances of Note

Davante Adams, WR: +1.7

Breakdown: He didn’t have the raw yardage total of Jordy Nelson, but facing his largest snap count of the season (62-of-80) Adams looked perfectly at home in the Packers’ offense. Making the most of the opportunities presented, Adams caught six of the seven passes sent his way, picking up five first downs and forcing two missed tackles.

Signature Play: On the fake spike on the Packers’ final drive, it was Adams who got the ball, picking up 12 yards (ten after the catch) and moving the chains.

Letroy Guion, NT: +2.6

Breakdown: After some lackluster performances early in the year, Guion has stepped it up as of late in a defensive line group desperate for playmakers. With just a lone hit rushing the passer, Guion imposed himself in run defense, shutting down lanes and collapsing holes against a Dolphins’ offensive line that couldn’t reliably handle him.

Signature Play: Q1, 2:27. As part of Green Bay’s goal line stand, Guion plowed inside of right tackle Ja’Wuan James to cut down Knowshon Moreno for no gain.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S: +2.8

Breakdown: He’s not been the every-week impact player many Packer fans hoped he would be when taken in this year’s first round, but the rookie put together what was comfortably his best professional game to date. Splitting time with Micah Hyde, Clinton-Dix outshone Hyde as he racked up a team-leading ten tackles (three stops) among some excellent play in coverage.

Signature Play: Q2, 8:01. Clinton-Dix drove hard on a deep crosser to Mike Wallace, arriving just as the ball did and forcing the incompletion with a strong hit.

Miami Dolphins –Performances of Note

Olivier Vernon, DE: +3.7

Breakdown: Proving too much for David Bakhtiari to handle, Vernon put up excellent pass rushing numbers (two sacks, two hits and a hurry) while remaining stout in the running game. The under-rated defensive end tied the team lead with four stops, earning his third green grade this season.

Signature Plays: On the Packers’ final drive, Vernon was a monster, recording a pressure, a hit, and a strip-sack on three consecutive plays following the two-minute warning.

Ryan Tannehill, QB: -2.8 passing

Breakdown: It would be foolish to discredit Tannehill’s rushing ability, but throwing the ball is the quarterback’s number one priority, and against Green Bay, Tannehill did not impress. Both of his interceptions came from ill-advised passes to covered receivers, and the third-year signal caller was spared two more thanks to the stone hands of Davon House and poor spatial awareness of Brad Jones. He made his share of impressive throws (including a beautiful lob under pressure for his first touchdown to Jarvis Landry), but in the end they were drowned out by a litany of risky passes.

Signature Stat: Tannehill went 1-of-7 for 25 yards and two picks on passes beyond 10 yards and outside the numbers.

Cortland Finnegan, CB: -3.2 coverage

Breakdown: Opting to leave Brent Grimes on Jordy Nelson for most of the game, Finnegan was left to cover the Packers’ second and third options, and since he lined up primarily outside, that meant a healthy dose of Davante Adams. All five catches allowed by the veteran corner were caught by Adams, and he could never seem to bring the rookie to the ground quickly, as 45 of the 70 receiving yards he surrendered came after the catch.

Signature Play: With 6:11 to go in the third quarter, Adams caught a hitch just short of the marker. Finnegan closed quickly, but then goes high with the tackle, allowing Adams to shrug him off and race up the sideline for a big gain.

PFF Game Ball

Without any overly impressive standouts, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix’s well-rounded display (+2.8) earns him this week’s game ball.

  • Real Rick Grimes

    Great game to watch but in the end I knew the Dolphins would blow it. That last play call with Wheeler in man-to-man on Quarless is mind blogging. That guy is easily the worse cover linebacker in football.

  • Allan Diaz

    How did A.Rod do?

    • Dohkay

      They had him at a +0.9 grade. On the bright side, he completed another clutch drive to win which should silence any remaining idiots who like to cite that as a reason for him being overrated.

      As a Lions fan I hate to say it but he is the ONLY reason you guys have a chance to win more than 4 games. He is so. damn. good.

      • Russell

        You got that right, but the people in Green Bay really believe that they have a great supporting cast. I don’t see it. Matthews is no longer someone you have to be aware of, so other than Jordy & Rodgers, they have no bona fide all-stars.

    • mutzki

      What Rodgers did in that game couldn’t even be graded. That final drive with his checks at the line of scrimmage was pure genius. This guy is special. And an +0.9 grade doesn’t do him justice, if you’re actually taking PFF grades seriously.

      • Richard Light

        ” And an +0.9 grade doesn’t do him justice, if you’re actually taking PFF grades seriously”

        “Yeah, who takes PFF seriously?” says the guy who reads PFF and comments on their website regularly…

        • mutzki

          PFF is a good read and great coverage provided, but its grading system has its flaws and some people don’t get it. That was my whole point.

          Did you see a -0.1 (they changed his grade, ya know) performance out of Rodgers on Sunday because i did not.

      • politicalpuck

        Rodgers put the ball on the ground in the last drive, and Philbin’s two gift timeouts on Green Bay’s last drive gave Green Bay time to map out a winning strategy. Rodgers is having a so-so year, and though he’s been a starter for seven years, he still doesn’t have seven fourth-quarter, game-winning drives.

        • mutzki

          15TD to 1Int and you’re calling it a so-so year. He has passed for 10TDs and 0Int’s in the last three games. Stop watching football, you don’t seem to know it at all.

          You must be one of those people that i talk about in that post. People that only believe in PFF grades. I feel sorry for you!

  • Yonatan Bogale

    Great news for a packers fan about the late progress of the three guys mentioned. Everyone of them are needed for a big playoff run aside from the usuall suspects.

  • guest

    Did Packers fans have a lot of expectations for Clinton-Dix? It has been a while since they’ve had a rookie first rounder make any impact. I think his level of performance at a position few rookies excell at has been a pleasant surprise.

    • Yonatan Bogale

      As far as I know by watching the games and reading articles HaHa is playing very solid. I personally like that more than having up and down games from other former Rookie-Safeties. He can build on those consistent performances to get better and better

      • Brian Dugan

        I agree, I think Ha Ha has played pretty solidly and that he has improved from game to game. I love his decisiveness on the field. His play also allows Micah Hyde to go back to CB if Tramon or Sam Shields miss an extended amount of time (which I very much hope they don’t as CB is the 2nd biggest strength of this team).

      • Chad Evert

        I like Ha Ha and am happy with his play. BUT, I think Calvin Pryor was more of what we needed. Had he fallen to us I’m sure he’d be more of an impact to our D as he is a thumper and can really help in run support. No knock on Ha Ha of course.

        • Yonatan Bogale

          I believe GB needed more a Safety like HaHa than Pryor because thats why Morgan Burnett can now play to his strengths which is run-support and not covering space/receivers down the field. HaHa often has the role of an single high safety and still has the awareness to read run plays over the top. But I mustt admit I dont watch any Pryor tape…

    • jacob

      I spilled my beer celebrating when he was drafted, hope that answers your question.

  • corners

    Finnegan really screwed up on that fake spike. He never should have been fooled by that as a dolphin.

    And then he had a mistackle on it, letting the wr get the first down AND go out of bounds. Had he tackled him in bounds the game might have been over.

    Not sure why nobody is talking about the dolphins bad special teams coverage lately. Good punt blocks, but bad on punt and kick coverage. Rodgers got to start close to mid field rather than the 20.

    • Tommy

      he was trying to bait the rookie into cutting it back to go for the TD but the rookie Adams showed natural football Smarts and juked middle and then bulldozed down the sideline. Big Play and believe that Thompson has hit on another 2nd round WR, wait til Rodgers starts throwing Adams jump balls! He is a beast on those.

  • Tommy

    He is getting better every week, its pretty clear to see and his play is making the other safety Burnett better as well. Think GB FINALLY dialed the right guy to fill the other safety spot. I think he will eventually become more of a playmaker.

  • JC Harris

    As a Dolphin fan it is one of those frustrating games. We all just KNEW they would blow it when giving the ball back at the end of the game. The bad assignments, bad play calls, goes to coaching and I think it is evident, once again, that the choice for leader of this team was a mistake. We need a young, hungry, coach that can instill toughness in this weak-minded Dolphin squad, not some old, career coordinator. So tired of this. I think it’s the curse for treating Shula the way they did at the end. Shula at his age now could out coach Philbin. Bring in Harbaugh and when Rex gets canned in New York hire him as Defensive Coordinator.

  • Jacob Basson

    I hope you guys will do a focus feature on Clay Matthews. Where is he? Looks lost on those zone reads, isn’t getting pressure, quiet in the run game…what’s happening?