ReFo: Jets @ Packers, Week 2

The Packers had to overcome a huge deficit in the first half to avoid an ugly loss to the New York Jets. Michael Renner breaks down all of the performances ...

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ReFo: Jets @ Packers, Week 2

2014-REFO-WK02-NYJ@GBThe Jets could not have asked for a better start coming into Lambeau Field. Just seven plays into the game the Jets had already gotten a turnover and a touchdown. By midway through the second quarter the Jets had extended that lead to 21-3. Then with two minutes left in the second quarter, Geno Smith was plowed into by Mike Daniels before lofting up a duck into the arms of Tramon Williams and the game completely shifted as the Packers drove 97 yards for a touchdown.

The Packers controlled much of the second half as the Jets’ offense stagnated until their last drive. With 5:06 left in the fourth quarter, Geno Smith put a dime into the hands of Jeremy Kerley for what looked like the game-tying score, only to be informed that the play had been blown dead as the sideline had called a timeout. Five plays later the Jets would turn the ball over on downs and the Packers sealed out a 31-24 win in their home opener.

New York Jets – Performances of Note

Nick Mangold, WR: +3.5

Breakdown: After an off 2013, Nick Mangold looked like he had righted the ship in the preseason. He’s since carried that on into the regular season. He didn’t allow a pressure for the second straight week and got the better of the Packers’ linebackers at the second level. The Jets’ rushing attack lacked consistency throughout the game, but Mangold continued to hold his own despite some large cracks around him.

Signature Play: On a 3rd-and-1 late in the first quarter, Mangold rotated Josh Boyd out of the ‘A’ gap and allowed Tommy Bohanon to easily pick up the first down on the fullback dive.

Antonio Allen, CB: -2.7

Breakdown: Every member of the Jets’ secondary finished with a negative coverage grade on the day, but no one took it on the chin harder than Antonio Allen. The third-year corner allowed five of nine targets for 75 yards and dropped a would-be interception midway through the second quarter. Allen also missed three tackles on the day which led all defenders. The secondary concerns that were the talk of the preseason finally came to a head.

Signature Play: On 3rd-and-10 with 24 seconds left in the first half, Davante Adams spun Allen silly on a slant route that went for 24 yards and led to the Packers’ first touchdown.

Geno Smith, QB: -1.1

Breakdown: In Year 2, inconsistent is still the term that most aptly describes Geno Smith’s play. He’ll make a perfect throw (like the touchdown to Eric Decker) that will drop your jaw, and on the next play he’ll flip a dangerous pass when he feels the pocket collapsing (like the wheel route on their last drive almost picked off by Julius Peppers). Even though he showed a great ability to extend plays, he rarely made anything of them. He was much better throwing in rhythm Sunday. Smith went 8-of-13 with a 103.4 QB rating on drop-backs that took 2.5 seconds or less compared to 8-19 with a 37.2 QB rating on drop-backs that took 2.6 seconds or more.

Signature Stats: Smith was 4-of-14 under pressure with a QB rating of 40.2 and a grade of -2.1.

Green Bay Packers – Performances of Note

Jordy Nelson, WR: +4.5

Breakdown: It’s amazing to think that after the day he had, Nelson actually left yards on the field. The Green Bay receiver let two balls slip through his hands on the day, but his insane production (209 yards, a touchdown, three missed tackles, and a game-clinching first down) certainly made up for it. The timing and precision of Nelson’s routes with Rodgers’ throws was something to behold. The amazing part is that after Nelson’s first catch, his next eight were all on ‘silo’ routes (quick screens, hitches, and verticals).

Signature Stats: Nelson has been targeted on 35.3% of his routes this season and has gained 3.44 Yards per Route Run.

Mike Daniels, DE: +5.1

Breakdown: The Jets’ left guard Brian Winters looked like a changed man last week after a disastrous rookie campaign. That is, until Winters met Mike Daniels who just handed him the worst grade of his career. Daniels needed only 46 snaps to record five stops, a sack, a hit, and two hurries en route to the best-graded game of his career. He now leads all defensive linemen with 10 run stops on the season. The third-year end, quite simply, could not be single blocked in the run game by the Jets’ guards and was a factor on almost all of his 22 snaps against the run.

Signature Play: At 1:51 in the third quarter, the play after he was flagged for illegal hands to the face, Daniels’ performed his patented swim move on Brian Winters for a quick sack.

Tramon Williams, CB: +2.2

Breakdown: Without a doubt the second-most impressive defender for the Packers this season has been cornerback Tramon Williams. On Sunday he played about as flawless a game as you can play in coverage. Targeted six times, Williams allowed one catch for zero yards and added an interception as well as a pass breakup. The cornerback has still yet to be downgraded on a pass into his coverage this season.

Signature Stat: On 11 targets this season, Williams has yielded a passer rating of 7.0.

PFF Game Ball

With two viable contenders, Jordy Nelson ultimately takes this game ball home. He put together highlight reel play after highlight reel play and finished with the second-best receiving grade of his career.


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  • Biebs

    Smith went 8-of-13 with a 103.4 QB rating on drop-backs that took 2.5 seconds or less compared to 8-19 with a 37.2 QB rating on drop-backs that took 2.6 seconds or more.

    – I wonder if that speaks to the Jets receiving talent as well.

    • Izach

      Think that stat should be obvious tho quick throws should be to WR that got open quickly, the longer the throw either it’s further down field or the WR wasn’t getting seperataion. Sure could be exceptions like play action passes or trick plays but for the most part the longer the QB needs to get rid of it the less likely the actual called play is working, and anything after that is the play “breaking” which few QBs actually look good at on a consistent basis

      • Biebs

        True, but the fact that the stat was used makes me believe that the numbers are well below average, otherwise, why post it as a relevant stat.

        Again, I also don’t excuse Smith’s play, he was terrible in the 2nd half (though I think missed long pass down the field was partially caused by Decker slowing down a bit). I just feel like teams with good/great WRs are able to recover on broken plays and get open for the QB. I recall that happening with Rodgers quite a bit.

        @Kevin, as a Jets fan, I was focusing on the Jets side of the ball, but you are right, GB secondary deserves a lot of credit too.

        • Izach

          I’d assume you’re right as well, stat probably is below average but not surprising IMO

        • Mike Renner

          Quick passes resulted in a QB rating 9.2 points higher than longer ones on average last year, with a 12% point difference in completion percentage. So Geno’s numbers notably deviated from average.

    • Kevin

      GB really does have a pretty strong secondary no matter what some media believes. Having 4 CB’s that would start for the Jets(Not saying much I know so lets say quite a few of the teams in the NFL) and a young but far improved Safety group should result in them having success stoping the young Smith and not very deep WR group. The biggest problem for the Packers has been the pass rush and that appears to be far improved this year with Daniels improving further and Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews rushing from the outside(not to mention the far improved depth at OLB).

      • fred

        Excellent points. And House doesnt even get much time on the field and Haywood hammie problems again. And I promise you Richardson will be starting by week 6 at safety. To good for the bench.

  • a57se

    How bad was Winters grade this week???

  • Kevin

    Not sure if you guys kept track but I’m really curious how often did GB’s defense line up in their 4-3 scheme? Also curious how Mike Daniels performed in the 4-3 compared to their base 3-4? Not sure if this was kept track of but thought I’d ask.

    • Mike Renner

      Can’t give away too many specific numbers, but they lined up with 4 down linemen only a handful of times. Bunch of snaps though with Peppers hand in the dirt in a ‘hybrid’ front.

      • Kevin

        Okay, thanks. Without going back I knew Peppers had his hand in the dirty quite a bit more than I had anticipated before the season but wasn’t sure how often that was in a 4 DL front.

        You can’t? I am a paying subscriber, after all. 😉

  • SeattleSteve

    Nick Mangold, WR: +3.5

    ^ I wouldn’t doubt that Mangold could play Wide Out better than the jet’s non-Decker receivers.