ReFo: Chiefs @ Dolphins, Week 3

A Dolphin linebacker steps forward but a defensive pair from KC take home the game ball.

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ReFo: Chiefs @ Dolphins, Week 3

2014-REFO-WK03-KC@MIAThe Chiefs came in looking for their first win and picked it up as Miami faded in the fourth after notching a safety to close the third-quarter gap to six points.

In a game featuring 12 punts (none, though, that reached the end zone due to a handful of questionable decisions by returners), there were extended periods of short possessions and field position flipping before it finally settled with a late KC score. The Dolphins had their chances but couldn’t execute in the final quarter to answer and the teams’ records came even at 1-2.

Kansas City Chiefs – Performances of Note

Allen Bailey, DE and Dontari Poe, NT: +7.7 combined

Breakdown: Kansas City spent the majority of the day fielding just two down linemen, but got substantial returns from the Bailey-Poe combo. The two totaled 111 snaps, five stops, five total pressures and a pair of batted passes on their way to scoring positives across the board.

Signature Play: 2Q 6:30, patrolling the line of scrimmage, Poe positions himself and gets off the ground to bat down a pass intended for an open crossing route.

Sean Smith, CB: +2.4

Breakdown: The former Dolphin’s +2.2 coverage grade matched the highest he’s earned in a game since leaving Miami. Smith saw seven targets into his coverage but only one was completed as he allowed just 15 yards and came away with a pass defensed.

Signature Play: 1Q 2:17, Smith slides in front of Brian Hartline on a slant to swat down a third-down Tannehill pass and force a punt.

Knile Davis, HB: -7.2

Breakdown: The 132 yards on the ground that were highlighted by an impressive touchdown scamper certainly don’t tell the whole story of Davis’ day. That run and a few other positives on the ground couldn’t outweigh the negatives in other facets — Davis fumbled twice, dropped the only pass that came his way, and had a nightmare outing as a pass blocker, surrendering two sacks and a hurry to blitzing linebackers.

Signature Stat: On five pass-blocking snaps, Davis gave up the aforementioned three pressures and whiffed on another attempt as Cameron Wake slipped past him (3Q, 7:26).

Miami Dolphins – Performances of Note

Jelani Jenkins, OLB: +4.5

Breakdown: With the highest snap total of his young career, Jenkins turned in an active day. The linebacker notched a pair of sacks and added a hurry, forced a fumble and logged eight defensive stops among his 13 total tackles.

Signature Stat: His five run stops and three total pressures were both second-best figures at his position this week.

Cameron Wake, DE: +3.1

Breakdown: Wake’s QB hit and four hurries contributed to a growing pass rush grade that sees him comfortably leading all 4-3 defensive ends (+12.3) after finishing second in that category last season and first in 2012.

Signature Play: 4Q 15:00 Wake blows past KC right tackle Ryan Harris and squares the turn to arrive at QB in a blink and deliver a hit.

Dallas Thomas, RG: -5.1

Breakdown: After a preseason that saw Thomas land at the foot of our guard ranks (with a -15.8 overall mark), he saw his first start replacing injured Shelley Smith at right guard. Unfortunately for Miami, Thomas picked up where he left off in the exhibition games, allowing four hurries in pass pro and earning a -3.3 grade as a run blocker as he had trouble

Signature Play: 1Q 6:30 Failing to catch a looping Bailey, Thomas gets spun around and lets the DT past to get in on a TFL.

PFF Game Ball

Helping the Chiefs to their first win, the Allen BaileyDontari Poe pairing share the game ball.


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  • Kevin Bohorquez

    Do you guys grade a rushing touchdown as the same play as a miss block??? Also, what you guys consider a miss block?? a guy that miss blocking a player or a guy that miss blocking the guy he was supposed to block?? those two are not the same, for example, a RB that couldn’t block a DE shouldn’t be penalized because the guy that was supposed to block that DE was the RT that completely miss the block, in that situation, you guys penalized the miss blcok the same for the two players??? also, do you guys consider scheme and audibles and what a plaer is suppose to do in a play?? sometimes a player don’t block a guy bcause in that play is not their job. I will like to know that, because it seems very very inaccurate Knile Davis’s grade of -7.2 when he had the best game of his career.

    • Doug Emerson

      I don’t have a subscription anymore, but I assume that his base rushing grade for this game was good but destroyed by the two fumbles (each one is roughly a -2 to the grade, but thats a guesstimate). That combined with bad pass protection and the one drop meant his pass game score wasn’t very good either. He had the best game of his career as far as rushing is concerned if you ignore the fumbles, but on the whole his game wasn’t that good.

      • Chris

        Davis had 132 yards but it came on 32 rushes. His YPC was a very average 4.1. That plus the fumbles, the drop, and the 3 pressures allowed including 2 sacks does not make for a quality grade.

        That may have been his highest grade as a rusher, but it was far from a good day. Erase the fumbles and the pressure allowed and 4.1 YPC with a TD and 9 missed tackles becomes a +2 or so, but way to many mistakes drag his grade down.

        • Richard Light

          Well put.

          Davis gained a lot of yards because the Chiefs kept running the ball since they couldn’t pass protect Alex Smith. Smith was sacked 5 times on 30 drop backs, or once every 6 times.

          He wasn’t always very effective, he was regularly stopped for 3-4 yards, and while he did break off a couple of big runs, he had several big mistakes. 2 fumbles, a drop, and multiple mistakes in pass protection.

          Again, if Chiefs fans are upset that PFF penalizes running backs for fumbling the ball twice in one game, for dropping a pass, and for sucking in pass protection, that’s fine. They can continue to assume that running backs who fumble the ball, drop passes, and make mistakes in pass protection are playing football at a high level.

          The rest of us won’t, though.

  • Anthony

    As someone with a subscription, PFF consistently lacks basic face validity with their grading. You’ll watch a game, see someone make a bunch of great plays, then come to the site and find out PFF graded them terribly.
    The problem is obviously the cumulative grading. Surely if a running back carries it over 30 times while scoring, ripping off consistent gains (against what was PFFs top rush D), and propelling a win, then it was a good game. But no, with PFF more touches for running backs consistently means just more opportunities for PFF to look for mistakes.

    • corners

      would you let a qb off if he had 5 or 6 ints in one game? Thats what it is like if a rb fumbles not once, but twice in one game.What if smith dropped one on one of those sacks the kc back gave up?

      • Anthony

        Again, more carries leads to more fumbles for the vast majority of backs, and PFF by their own admition grades harshly for fumbles.
        Davis lost one fumble with 30+ touches while surrendering 3 “pressures” (and PFF is VERY liberal with alloting QB hurries). This should not, in any fair grading system, outweigh the numerous good plays Davis produced.

        • Richard Light

          League average fumble rate is around 1 fumble per 80-100 touches. Davis FUMBLED TWICE IN ONE GAME.

          That is VERY BAD since most good running backs go several games only fumbling once.

          When you combine that with him betraying Alex Smith with poor pass protection and a drop, that translates to a bad grade.

          If you want to live in a world in which a running back who drops a pass, fumbles twice, and gets his QB pressured multiple times gets a “good grade,” then go ahead.

          The rest of us will continue to believe that good running backs don’t fumble, don’t drop passes, and don’t betray their quarterback in pass protection.

          • Chris

            It’s bound to happen several times in a game statistically, even if the rate is 1 per 80-100. You’d have to look at his next 3 or 4 games to see if this was routine or if it’s a larger issue.

          • Anthony

            I don’t know what’s so difficult about this….
            ONE lost fumble in 30+ touches should not undo all the good he did, which included a touchdown and several broken tackles. If touches are correlated with fumbles than a cummmulative grade that automatically deducts for fumbles makes 0 sense.
            Davis’ grade is not defensible. Do you honestly believe his day against Miami qualifies him to be the WORST hb in football? (no other hb has a grade below -6). All this grade achieved was to help shed light on an extremely flawed grading system.

        • rogue

          Fumbles are inexcusable. Always. They are the fault of the ball carrier. The number of carries is irrelevant. You don’t fumble the football. Period. PFF if correct to make fumbling a grade wrecker. It’s also the reason Eric Dickerson shouldn’t be in Canton.

          • Anthony

            This is just wrong. What position always leads the NFL in fumbles?- QBs (who touch the ball the most).

          • ugh

            wow, what a ridiculous statement. fortunately for the rest of us, dickerson IS in canton, and you are a miserable nobody with a shitty opinion.

    • Chris

      Anthony, you’re correct. More chances does lend itself to more chances for mistakes. The thing is, good players don’t make mistakes even with a lot of snaps. If you watch Revis or Sherman, they’ll play perfect coverage on 40 snaps and maybe make a mistake on a handful. This results in a positive grade. But the undrafted rookie who’s forced to start because of an injury and sees way more snaps than usual, and he has a lot more chances to make mistakes. Which he does, and then he grades negatively.

      Apply that to Davis here. You say he made a bunch of great plays, ripping off consistent gains. I say he did not have a great day running the ball. Sure his yardage total was high (130+) but that’s because he had over 30 carries. That’s like saying a QB had a good day because he had 300 yards, except he had 60 attempts. Bottom line 4.1 YPC is not great, that is merely average. And an average day running is not good enough to withstand the negative impact of several big mistakes (fumbling twice, dropping a pass, allowing 2 sacks) which really hurt his grade.

      If he had a great day running the ball (130 yards on 15 carries at 8.7 YPC) then maybe he could withstand a few mistakes. However since he was so average running the ball, making several big mistakes ends up with a negative grade. As someone else said, fumbling is inexcusable and especially when it’s more than once a game. You better have a damn good day running the ball if you want to get away with fumbling and still grade well, and simply put he didn’t do that.

  • Chris

    The Dolphins are reportedly considering benching Tannehill. What are they not seeing that you guys are? I know you guys have said in the past that you think Dolphins fans really underrate him, but this is the team now.

    • Richard Light

      They gave Tannehill a bad grade for this game, and his grade for the last game was barely positive.

      The only game in which PFF graded Tannehill highly was the Patriots game, and that was a game in which the Dolphins dropped 2 touchdown passes that would’ve boosted his passer rating for that game by over 15 points if caught since both were long passes.

      Otherwise, Tannehill was graded as “average” and “bad” the other 2 games, and this “bad’ game is why they’re debating benching him.

      • Chris

        They gave him a poor grade this week but last week they made a post just to defend the grade they gave him so I don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s 9th overall among QB’s right now.

  • rogue

    I see davathon is missing again. Where’s the rest of the chest-thumping Phins fans that were legion in the Re-Fo Pats/Phins comments???