Redskins: Safety play still a concern

| 3 years ago

Redskins: Safety play still a concern

PFF-headlinesThe safety positions for Washington have been a weakness for years, and that trend continues this season. They signed aging veteran Ryan Clark this off-season and while he hasn’t been anywhere near terrible in coverage (-0.1 coverage grade through four games), he has already missed six tackles in run support (which was also a problem for him last season with the Steelers).

The other part of the Redskins’ safety duo is Brandon Meriweather. The controversial safety finished with a -3.7 coverage grade last year coming off a 2012 ACL injury, but a closer look shows he improved significantly in the 2nd half (+4.0 coverage grade in final six games).

Initially sophomore, Baccari Rambo started in his place, gave up a pair of long TD catches in comical fashion, and was cut as soon as Meriweather was eligible to return. But Meriweather hasn’t been a huge upgrade over Rambo through 2 games, conceding a TD pass in each (and it could’ve been more in the Eagles game if Nick Foles had been a little more accurate) along with 143 yards. His talent has appeared in flashes – three passes defensed, one which led to an Eli interception, but one which was also a dropped interception. It remains to be seen if Meriweather can re-discover his late 2013 form.

  • Roger Goodell

    Meriweather should get a year suspension for his next helmet to helmet hit… because you know there’s going to be one.

    • rogue

      What are you waiting for?

  • Shizzle Dawg

    Safety has been the Redskins worst position for a few years now. The cap penalty and RG3 trade prevented us from getting better safeties in the FA or draft, so that’s likely our top priority this off-season. Too bad we don’t have Sean Taylor to hold it down back there, RIP #21

  • rogue

    Belichick drafted Merriweather in the 1st round, so you know he’s never been part of the problem.