Rams: Hope to harness best of Foles

| 2 years ago

Rams: Hope to harness best of Foles

PFF-headlinesA year ago there was talk of Nick Foles being an ascending quarterback after a logic-defying season where he only threw two interceptions against 27 touchdowns, seemingly blending perfectly with Chip Kelly’s offense. A year later he was shipped to St. Louis for Sam Bradford after a disappointing 2014 season that was cut short by a shoulder injury.

Even during his productive 2013 season, Foles did not grade consistently well with the inconsistency of his performances not reflecting in his production as it did in 2014. After he entered the starting lineup in Week 6, each of Foles’ performances earned either a red or a green overall grade, there was no middle ground. Performances like his 406-yard, seven-touchdown display against the Raiders (+5.8) were spectacular, but that one followed up a dire start against the Cowboys (-7.6) before the Eagles’ bye week.

In a quarterback landscape that looks pretty bleak in terms of free agents, the Rams have been able to offload their oft-injured starter who carries a heavy cap number for a young passer who you could say at the very least has shown great potential in his first three seasons. While there are warts and some really poor performances from Foles over that time, there are also performances of genuine class that the Rams will hope they can build on. It will be interesting to see how Foles copes with another change of scheme with, at present, an array of weapons that do not match up to those he had at his disposal in Philadelphia.

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