Race For Rookie of the Year, Week 9

It was quite the week for rookies. Doug Martin produced another sublime performance while Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson delivered big victories.

| 5 years ago

Race For Rookie of the Year, Week 9

So you could say Week 9 was a good week for the rookies in the NFL.

Doug Martin and Andrew Luck smashed records as they inspired victories, while Russell Wilson led his Seahawks to victory. With the Washington Redskins struggling could they close the gap or even surpass Robert Griffin III?

Let’s see.

1. Robert Griffin III, QB, WAS (+23.6)

It’s not going quite as well for RG3 now is it? Still you can apportion a lot of the blame to his receivers, who are struggling to catch the ball, and a fair amount to Tyler Polumbus who followed up his impressive game against the Steelers with a woeful one against Carolina.

2. Russell Wilson, QB, SEA (+15.0)

While other rookies got all the press this week, the performance of Wilson was shamefully overlooked. He was near flawless against the Vikings and makes mockery of not just where he was drafted, but of his rookie status.

3. Chandler Jones, DE, NE (+14.3)

This is what happens when you have a bye week. Others play so well you find yourself dropping down through no fault of your own. The impressive Jones will look to reclaim his spot against Buffalo next week.

4. Doug Martin, RB, TB (+9.0)

The new darling of the NFL, Martin has taken the league by storm in recent weeks. He now has the fourth-highest rushing grade of all backs and leads the league with 38 forced missed tackles in rushing situations.

5. Kevin Zeitler, RG, CIN (+12.6)

Gave up only his second sack of the year against the Broncos but outside of that rarely put a foot wrong. Exactly what they Bengals had hoped they got when they drafted him.

6. Alfred Morris, RB, WAS (+8.1)

We’ve seen him play better and not end up with as good a statline as the one he did against Carolina. Still ranked seventh overall in our running back rankings.

7. Matt Kalil, LT, MIN (+10.3)

It wasn’t a surprise that Kalil was perfect in pass protection, but that was the best he looked in the run game against Seattle. Has given up just 11 quarterback disruptions in his nine games.

8. Andrew Luck, QB, IND (+9.0)

He’s flashed talent throughout the opening eight weeks of the season, but Luck hadn’t put it together like that before. Does he build on that? Or will his roller coaster year continue? Let’s see where he ranks next week.

9. Casey Hayward, CB, GB (+12.9)

That’s the first negative grade Hayward has earned this year as he gave up 6-of-10 balls into his coverage for 99 yards. The demands of more playing time could be catching up with him.

10. Trent Richardson, RB, CLV (+5.1)

He broke tackles against the Ravens but he also put the ball on the ground. He continues to tease, exciting one week and disappointing the next.

Dropping Out

Ryan Tannehill, QB, MIA: With the competition stiffening, Tannehill needs to do more to stay in the race.

Five To Watch

Bobby Wagner, MLB, SEA: Didn’t distinguish himself against the Vikings.

Dwayne Allen, TE, IND: Has played well but struggled with his run blocking against the Dolphins.

Cordy Glenn, LT, BUF: Glenn lost his spot in the top ten because of injury. He came back against the Texans with a decent effort. Building on that will see him challenging.

Lavonte David, LB, TB: Our 15th-ranked outside linebacker has been a huge part of the Bucs improving defense.

Bruce Irvin, DE, SEA: Our ninth-ranked pass rushing 4-3 defensive end continues to pick up pressure.


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  • Steven

    What about Luke Kuechly? 52 tackles and the team has not allowed a 100 yards rusher in four game since he played MLB.

    • Pratt

      Thank you, was just going to throw that name out. If you were to extrapolate (scary stuff, but still), his 4 starts at MLB over the course of a full season, Kuechly would finish with 208 tackles. 208! The guy is everywhere, and looking more and more comfortable by the week.

      • Richard

        Grades are cumulative. If he keeps up his good work, he’ll get on here, but he has catching up to do.

  • Ian B

    This doesn’t pass the smell test. I would have Andrew Luck at #1.

    • Richard

      Look at his stats for every game besides his game against the Dolphins, and you’ll see why the media is overreacting to one good game.

      Heck, the week before, he looked mediocre against the Tennessee Titans. The Titans!

      • Ian B

        The way I see it, he’s had 4 pro bowl caliber games (MIA, MIN, JAX, TEN), 2 okay games (GB, NYJ), and 2 bad games (CLV, CHI). His interception totals aren’t great, but he throws so much, and so successfully, that I think the good far outweighs the bad.

        For that Titans game you’re calling mediocre, he had his highest completion % of the season (68). They took away his deep ball a little and he beat them anyway with a shorter game.

  • bengals fan

    zeitler didn’t get beat…it was an overload blitz and he actually did and admirable job attempting to block two guys on the play you say he gave up the sack

    • Not A Bengals’ Fan

      That’s one way to look at it. However if you’re not biased you could just say Miller had gained leverage on Zeitler and was about to make the sack anyway when Unrein leaping in late just gave him (and you) an excuse.

      • Get Over it!

        Kalil at Left Tackle is usually pitted against the best pass rusher a team has, game after game.4-3 or 3-4 D, makes no difference for this 6-7 Super Stud. His stats compared to an interior lineman is a joke. Yet he has only given up one sack in 8 games out on the Island. His RB has gained the most yards to date in the entire NFL. He must be blocking somebody in the Viking’s run attack..All Rookie Team? Sounds more like he is making a statement for landing on the NFL All-Pro team if he keeps up his excellent play, if they can get over the fact that he is a rookie.

  • Fish

    One hell of a rookie class this year, regardless.