Quarterbacks in Focus

A month-long breakdown of quarterback play from every angle.

| 3 years ago

Quarterbacks in Focus

qb-month-linksThough we certainly miss football during the offseason, it’s always a good time to take a step back and analyze our plethora of data.

We’re often so busy grading and collecting data during the season that we’re unable to put a lot of the information to good use. With that said, we’ve decided to declare June as “QB Month” as we break down NFL quarterbacks every which way.

We’re going to examine quarterbacks from a number of situations before looking at each of them individually. The grades and numbers should reveal each quarterback’s strengths and weaknesses from the 2013 season.

PFF’s Steve Palazzolo has dug deep and will present daily looks beneath the surface of QB stats. Each piece will be linked here as they post:

League-wide performance Individual Quarterbacks
Down Robert Griffin III & Kirk Cousins, Eli Manning
Down and Distance Tony Romo, Nick Foles & Michael Vick
Shotgun, Pistol, Under Center Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn & Scott Tolzien, Matthew Stafford
Pocket, Rollout, Scramble Jay Cutler & Josh McCown, Christian Ponder & Matt Cassel
vs. Pressure/Blitz Matt Ryan, Mike Glennon
Pass Depth Cam Newton, Drew Brees
Pass Direction Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson
Quarter/Half Carson Palmer, Sam Bradford & Kellen Clemens
Dropback Depth (3,5,7 step drop) Tom Brady, Geno Smith 
Time to Throw Ryan Tannehill, E.J. Manuel & Thaddeus Lewis 
Play Action Ben Roethlisberger, Andy Dalton 
Pass Distribution Joe Flacco, Brandon Weeden, Jason Campbell & Brian Hoyer 
Screens Chad Henne, Case Keenum & Matt Schaub 
Routes Andrew Luck, Jake Locker & Ryan Fitzpatrick 
vs. Base, Nickel, Dime Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning
QB Tendencies Alex Smith, Terrelle Pryor & Matt McGloin 



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Steve is a senior analyst at Pro Football Focus. His work has been featured on ESPN Insider, NBC Sports, and 120 Sports.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaterrance.young JaTerrance Dwayne Young

    you guys still have not finished the defensive prototype series

  • Dale GoDawgs McLerran

    Hmm, what has happened to the charts for Russell Wilson? They displayed previously, don’t work today (7/18/14). Charts for every other QB examined to date (through Sam Bradford and Kellen Clemens) all display properly.

  • Arthuro

    I can’t seem to find anywhere what the success % is.
    I’m guessing something like 50% of needed yardage on 1st, 60% on 2nd and conversion on 3rd & 4th are considered successful plays.

    • Arthuro

      @ArthuroMolenda >= 4 yds on 1st down, half on 2nd, picking up the 3rd/4th

  • Emvee Kaz

    The order in which this is being done is quite silly. Does everything have to start with the AFC West and proceed agonizingly through the rest of that conference? Please show some originality, PFF.
    Here’s an idea: How about doing the QBs in order by their ranking starting from 1 and proceeding down the list to 32 (or 33 or whatever number of QBs there were in 2013)? Granted that not everyone’s not going to fully agree on your ranking, but at least it shows some kind of an intelligent way to get to the most wanted information at the top and allow a lot of discussion on those first few.
    Another way of saying the same thing: Who actually cares about Schaub or Keenum or Pryor?