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Our full access pass elevates your football IQ to genius level. Elite is the best of PFF. It includes everything available in the Edge membership plus advanced data and tools that you can’t get anywhere else. This upgrade gives you full access to PFF Signature Stats, our newly refactored DFS optimizer, player position pivot tool, and a private FB group.

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Gain clarity at every position using metrics no one else can even imagine. We collect data on every player for every game. So we can offer things like QB Adjusted Completion Percentage, which gives them credit for dropped passes that should have been caught, and ignores throwaways and spikes.


Hone your daily fantasy skills and make quick decisions with confidence. Our optimizer gives you insights that make the difference. It combines the PFF propriety matchup ratings and PFF Grades, factoring in several data points to score each player’s potential. It’s an incredibly valuable tool that helps streamline all of your DFS activity. It’s a single platform for player research, points projections, and our multiple lineup generator — all geared to helping you dominate DFS.


How many times did Brandin Cooks line up as a slot receiver in the last game? How many times did Khalil Mack rush from the right side? With our exclusive player position tool, you can have this kind of data by player and game for 2016 and 2017 seasons.


An intelligent football conversation is hard to find. That changes now. With Elite you’re welcomed into a private Facebook group where we highlight game notes, offer up winning strategies and breakdown the fundamentals behind player performance.

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Let others rely on their gut. We know that victory comes to the prepared. And we want to help you spend this season winning.

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