NFL power rankings entering Week 15

Josh Norman and the Panthers remain No. 1 after moving to 13-0. Find out where the remaining 31 teams stack up.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Brian Blanco)

(AP Photo/Brian Blanco)

NFL power rankings entering Week 15

In preparation for NFL Week 14, here are the updated PFF power rankings. This week, the rankings are presented with someone who is expected to be an unrestricted free agent this upcoming off-season, and a piece of information on how they are playing this year.

1. Carolina Panthers

Cornerback Josh Norman has a yards per coverage snap of 0.58, the best among NFL cornerbacks. When he’s thrown at, quarterbacks have an NFL passer rating of 43.1, which is also the best among cornerbacks.

2. New England Patriots

Halfback LeGarrette Blount has forced an average of 0.21 missed tackles per carry, the second-most for backs with at least 120 carries.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

Cornerback Adam Jones has yet to allow a pass for more than 24 yards. Every other cornerback who has allowed at least 30 catches has allowed a pass for more than 24 yards.

4. Arizona Cardinals

Safety Rashad Johnson has five interceptions this year, which is tied for third-most among safeties.

5. Green Bay Packers

When James Jones is targeted, Aaron Rodgers has an NFL passer rating of 116.5, which is 11th best among all wide receivers.

6. Denver Broncos

Outside linebacker Von Miller is one of just two edge rushers to have a pass rushing productivity above 15 from both the left and right side. He has 15.2 on the left, and 15.6 on the right.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

Left tackle Kelvin Beachum has a pass blocking efficiency of 97.0 this year, which is fifth-best among left tackles. He was fourth-best last year, at 97.5.

8. Seattle Seahawks

Punter Jon Ryan has had 18 of his punts this season end as fair catches, tied for third-most in the league.

9. Oakland Raiders

Left tackle Donald Penn has a PFF pass block rating of 89.0, seventh-best among all tackles.

10. Kansas City Chiefs

Linebacker Derrick Johnson has five passes defended, which is the second-most for all linebackers.

11. Minnesota Vikings

When quarterbacks target cornerback Terence Newman, they have an NFL passer rating of 68.2, 13th-lowest among cornerbacks.

12. Atlanta Falcons

Defensive tackle Adrian Clayborn has 28 pressures on the year, which is ninth-most for all defensive tackles.

13. Philadelphia Eagles

Vinny Curry has a pass rushing productivity of 10.5, which is fourth-best among 3-4 defensive ends with at least 200 pass rushes. He has five sacks, eight hits, and 23 hurries on 268 pass rushes.

14. New York Jets

Defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson has 70 total pressures, which is tied for the most among all players, regardless of position.

15. Houston Texans

Brandon Brooks has a PFF pass block rating of 85.8, eighth-best among all guards.

16. Buffalo Bills

Left guard Richie Incognito has a run block grade of 91.4, tied for third-best among all guards.

17. Baltimore Ravens

Left guard Kelechi Osemele has allowed one sack, two hits, and 10 hurries this year. That has led to a pass blocking efficiency of 97.6, which is ninth-best among all guards.

18. New Orleans Saints

Tight end Ben Watson has 113 yards from deep passes, which is fifth-most for all tight ends. He’s done this on four catches—one went for a touchdown.

19. Dallas Cowboys

Linebacker Rolando McClain has a 0.62 yards per coverage snap, which is third lowest for all middle/inside linebackers

20. Chicago Bears

Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery has 3.03 yards per route run, best in the league.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars

Center Stefen Wisniewski has a pass blocking efficiency of 98.3, which is fifth best among centers. He has allowed two sacks, no hits, and 10 hurries on 564 pass blocks.

22. Indianapolis Colts

Inside linebacker Jerrell Freeman has a run stop percentage of 13.1, second-best among all inside linebackers.

23. Washington

Cornerback Will Blackmon has allowed a 50 percent catch rate, which is eighth-lowest for cornerbacks who have been targeted at least 50 times.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Henry Melton has 24 pressures on the year, which is tied for 13th-most among all defensive/nose tackles.

25. St. Louis Rams

Defensive end William Hayes has an 11.0 run stop percentage, which leads all 4-3 defensive ends with at least 100 run snaps. 2015 will be his fourth consecutive year finishing in the top five.

26. New York Giants

When Robert Ayers lines up on the right, he has a pass rushing productivity of 11.3, which is fourth-best for 4-3 defensive ends with at least 25 pass rushes on the right. He has three sacks, five hits, and 14 hurries on 153 pass rushes from the right. Fifth-best is Jason Pierre-Paul, at 11.1.

27. Miami Dolphins

When wide receiver Rishard Matthews is targeted, Miami has an NFL passer rating of 125.1, fourth-highest for all wide receivers.

28. Cleveland Browns

Right tackle Mitchell Schwartz has an overall PFF grade of 85.4, the second-best for all right tackles.

29. Detroit Lions

Defensive end Jason Jones has a pass rushing productivity of 9.6, which is 10th-best among 4-3 defensive ends. HE has four sacks, six hits, and 25 hurries on 285 pass rushes.

30. Tennessee Titans

Tight end Craig Stevens has a PFF run block grade of 83.3 which is third-best among all TEs.

31. San Francisco 49ers

Defensive tackle Ian Williams has 27 run stops, which is the fifth-most for defensive/nose tackles.

32. San Diego Chargers

Tight end Antonio Gates has 1.89 yards per route run, which is tied for sixth-best among tight ends.

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  • AKjester

    Why are the Chiefs below the Raiders? I can understand that we may not agree that the Seahawks should be higher than the Steelers, but putting the Raiders above the Chiefs is just weird.

    • anon76returns

      Might be based off something weird like combined PFF grades for the team. I don’t think anyone would defend the Raiders as a better team than the Chiefs right now.

    • William Metzger

      No it’s not. The Chiefs have a 7-game winning streak, but the only teams they’ve beaten who are good are the Broncos, when Peyton Manning was hurt, and the Steelers. The Chiefs are an average team with a pedestrian offense.

      • AKjester

        Your argument that the Chiefs should not be higher than the Raiders is because the Chiefs only beat the Broncos and the Steelers (notably, you forget they beat the Raiders). However, you still need to show the Raiders are better (despite losing head to head against the Chiefs). The Raiders have beat two teams with winning records – the Broncos (without Manning) and the Jets. The Chiefs have beat three.

  • Jason Williams

    The Panthers look great each and every week and yet I still don’t think they are the best team in football. I think their biggest nightmare is going to be Seattle coming to town on divisional weekend.

    • AKjester

      I haven’t watched the Panthers since they played the Seahawks. Since that game, the Seahawks seem to have turned a corner and their OL can actually block now. At the time, that was seen as a momentum shifter game for the Panthers. I know they haven’t lost, but have they become more dominant since that game? Cam looked like a different QB the first 3/4 to the last quarter. If he plays like the 4th Quarter QB of that game, I doubt they have any reason to fear the Seahawks.

      • Jason Williams

        Something tells me we will find out.

      • Ben M

        The defense when motivated, will play lights-out. They messed around with New Orleans who put up 38 on them. Count that 14 of those were offensive turnovers or set up from them, then NO put up 24 in actuality.

        The Panthers nearly had that as their first loss. The problem is, their secondary has had major injuries, and they’re now signing street players and practice-squad-players. What saves them is the coverage play of the linebackers and Kwann Short destroying the middle in the QB’s face.

        Seattle will play them tough if they meet. But Cam has been playing like vintage Brady from the pocket the 2nd half of the year.

    • Sam Doohan

      I certainly agree that the resurgent Seahawks would be an intimidating opponent for the Panthers even if they end up 16-0. But I still think the Panthers win that game. Here’s why – The Hawks are clicking on offense the past few weeks but their D really hasn’t improved, they’ve just played mediocre teams.

      They’ve lost every game against well balanced team (Cards, Panthers, Bengals) and only beat the Steelers by out-scoring them thanks to a crappy Pitt secondary. Point is that the Seattle O is definitely back. But their D hasn’t stopped a good offense all year. They’ve been good (great even) in wins against mostly bad teams but in their losses (ie against good teams) their D has given up 30 points per game. That is not a winning number, especially not against the Panthers who they can’t hope to just outscore.

      Don’t get me wrong I think it’d be a close game but the Seattle secondary is certainly the weaker of the two right now. That could definitely change but I right now I see the Panthers winning a low scoring game.

      • eYeDEF

        Actually the Seattle offense has been “clicking” in a way it never has before with Wilson’s quantum leap operating out of the pocket the past month. He’s in a zone after dramatically reducing his time to throw and knowing when to stay in the pocket and when to run, and it reflects in his historic 152.3 QB rating during that frame.

        The problem with the D was Cary Williams playing like Cary Williams blowing assignments which is why he’s no longer on the team after Jeremy Lane came back from his grueling injury in the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh was his first game back so even though he had a timely pick, he had some costly mistakes against Markus Wheaton, but he’s since shaken off the rust and is back playing as well as he has in the past. So it’s just not true to say that D hasn’t really improved. Addition by subtraction deactivating Williams and adding Lane. Lots of dissension in the LOB after Kam’s holdout directly contributed to the first two losses, Sherman wasn’t playing like himself the first half of the season but has since returned to shutdown form while shadowing the opposing team’s best receiver.

        Wilson is 3-0 against Cam in their house. I’m sure it’ll be a tough game and the D isn’t as good as in years past but because of Wilson’s far improved play I like their chances. The knock on Wilson before was that his D had to hold an opponent to 24 or fewer points for him to win. That myth has been laid to rest as he’s demonstrated he can drop 30+ points on an opponent with his arm and legs. Of the top teams in the NFC, Carolina is the far preferable matchup than Arizona or Green Bay.

        • Craig Hipp

          So you prefer to play the team that no-one has been able to beat at home after they beat you on your on field? Makes “purrfect” sense! GPKP!

          • eYeDEF

            That Wilson has beaten every time he’s played them in their house? Absolutely. Like I said, I don’t put much stock in that early game since this is a different defense. Unlike Arizona, Carolina doesn’t get great safety play. Their safeties can be more easily exploited. And Green Bay has a better home field advantage in January.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Always gonna be critics regarding these power rankings but nobody with any intelligence can argue the Panthers shouldn’t be listed at the top. At least you had the good sense not to suggest the Bears are the best team in football Jason.

      • Jason Williams

        hah! I don’t dispute that they belong at the top but at the same time it’s such a young and unproven group – that doesn’t usually work come playoff time.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Experience can be an advantage in the playoffs but ball security might be even more important and the Panthers at +18 in turnover ratio have a comfortable lead over every other team in the league.

          • eYeDEF

            The only way turnover differential matters is when looking at the complete stat comparing to all the teams played. When going head to head it’s better to look specifically at giveaways. Cam has 3 more picks than Wilson and as a team Seattle only has one more fumble. So it’s practically a wash with Seattle having a slight edge with Wilson less prone to throw picks.

          • crosseyedlemon

            You can look from any perspective you choose but a +18 ratio indicates that the team is playing smart focused football on both sides of the line and that makes them dangerous.

          • eYeDEF

            My point is that when it comes to turnovers the onus is still more on the team that has the ball that coughs it up. The team getting the takeaways are in a great position to capitalize on a mistake and recover the turnover. Even in the case of forced fumbles it comes down to the original player not properly securing the ball even if some teams are better at capitalizing by making it harder for a player to do so. Turnover differential is a great general stat, but that’s why in a head to head matchup it’s more interesting to look at giveaways to see if there’s a considerable gap there. I’m just not seeing one when Carolina has two more giveaways than Seattle.

          • JT

            Panthers won in Seattle last time despite turning the ball over twice to Seattle not turning it over at all.

          • eYeDEF

            I’m more than aware. But that was early in the season when the defense was still a hot mess from Kam missing all of training camp and holding out the first two games and a black hole in Cary Williams on one side of the LOB who could be thrown on at will. He’s no longer on the team while the secondary has gotten Jeremy Lane back from his SB injury and he’s shaken off the rust and played as well as he has in the past. Also, Cam’s winning touchdown throw came on a play when half the defense was running the wrong play call because they weren’t clued into a change of play in time by new defensive coordinator Kris Richard. I’m sure we’ll never see that again. My point is that this is a different defense than the one Cam played against.

    • Rickn3car

      U d bag

  • Alex K

    This list is shamefully bad. And BTW, Kevin Beachum hasn’t played since tearing up his knee in week 6.

  • Cant FixStupid

    Umm, you do realize Atlanta has lost 6 in a row right?? If not for SD, Atlanta would look like the worst team in the NFL right now. Yes, I would take a Johnny led Browns over Atlanta today.

  • James Winslow

    This list is based on overall grades not just records.

    • Nomaar

      A fact that just adds more weight to the argument that their scoring system is bull poop.

      • James Winslow

        Nah some teams just have games where a bunch of players played extremely well (like in blow outs). To be fair its not always the team who has the best record who wins the superbowl. I mean the raven were 10-6 last year and pff focus was really high on them, and they were probably the second best team in the playoffs.

        • Kellen Winslow

          Grading a team as a summation of their subjectively scored player scores is idiotic. PFF is a decent resource for player analysis, but all of their team analysis work is horrendous.

          Almost as horrendous as it is listening to Collinsworth run his yap.

          • James Winslow

            Like I said earlier sometimes a team record doesn’t determine how good a team is it sometimes just shows how inconsistent they are. Also some teams may have a bad record due to strength of schedule, not because they are terrible.

          • crosseyedlemon

            Sounds like Kellen is still bitter about that 81 playoff loss to Chris and the Bengals.

  • Ross McCorkle

    I usually try to defend pro football focus, but the Steelers snippit of information screams a lack of awareness of what is going on. Why in the world are you talking about Kelvin Beachum’s pass blocking effectivity. The dude has been on IR for weeks.

    • osoviejo

      As noted in the introduction paragraph, the player snippets are about an interesting impending unrestricted free agent for each team.

      • Madi

        I guess they consider that drop from 97.5 to 97.0 more important than his intact ACL average dropping from 2.0 to 1.0.

        Also more relevant would have been Alejandro Villanueva’s PBE number.

  • TGO

    You have a dalton-less bengals above the cardinals? wrong

  • Backinmd

    With no QB to speak of you have the Ravens 17th .. They played awful Sunday ..

  • Backinmd

    Atlanta has lost SIX in a row and you have them 12th .. Think Alabama could beat the Falcons on a good Saturday …

  • Brain

    These rankings are a joke how r the Falcons who got crushed and lost like 5 straight games ranked that high?

  • Steve Jones

    Didn’t the Chiefs just beat the Raiders on the road? Don’t they have a better record? Whoever wrote this is a total idiot.

    • Sex For Sam


  • Tony

    LOL to the Raiders in the top 10.

    • Rico Stifler

      LOL at your picture with a prostitute…..

    • D.Dawg

      LOL to your picture from your gay boyfriend

      • Rico Stifler

        How is Raiders QB Derek Carr my gay boyfriend? It is an avatar to show support for my team. You’ve only proven yourself to be a fucktard. Now, why don’t you go blow a donkey?

        • jay

          Bro you got no chill. Settle down.

  • swidt

    Just came to see this list because I read elsewhere about how bad it is. Lived up to the hype.

  • Sex For Sam

    These rankings are a joke. The Raider fans were jumping for joy about the five sacks on Denver. Those are cute stats but KC had 5 sacks and 5 INT against the Donkeys.

  • David Shefchik

    9-14 should be:
    9. Vikings
    10. Chiefs
    11. Raiders
    12. Jets
    13. Falcons
    14. Eagles

  • Kevin Flannery

    Raiders above Chiefs? Really?
    Whoever wrote this is dumb. There is no way anybody can argue that Oakland is better than KC. Especially since KC just beat them by 2 touchdowns a little over a week ago.

  • William Metzger

    AKjester, I said good teams. The Jets are mediocre. Alex Smith is mediocre. The Chiefs are mediocre. Boring, boring, boring.

    • Trent Jones

      You don’t know what you are talking about pal, please do not talk out of your a**.