NFL power rankings entering Week 11

The Panthers move to No. 1 in Nathan Janke's power rankings, while the Cardinals jump to No. 4.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

(AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

NFL power rankings entering Week 11

In preparation for NFL Week 10, here are the updated PFF power rankings. This week, the rankings are presented alongside a piece of information on each team’s most-recent draft pick who has seen significant playing time.

1. Carolina Panthers

Outside linebacker Shaq Thompson has a 7.6 run stop percentage, 17th best among 4-3 outside linebackers.

2. New England Patriots

Defensive tackle Malcom Brown has a run stop percentage of 11.2, 10th-best among all defensive tackles.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are the team that uses their rookies the least. Third tight end Tyler Kroft has the most snaps at 90, has yet to be targeted on a pass, and has a slightly below-average run block rating.

4. Arizona Cardinals

Markus Golden is one of six edge defenders with a grade above 71 in run defense, pass rushing, and coverage.

5. Minnesota Vikings

In his limited playing, Trae Waynes has been targeted 20 times on 54 coverage snaps. That is the highest target-to-coverage snap ratio of all cornerbacks with at least 10 targets. He has allowed just a 55 percent catch rate, and has allowed just 18 yards after the catch on 11 receptions.

6. Atlanta Falcons

When Vic Beasley lines up on the defense’s left side (rather than right), he has two hits and 10 hurries on 60 pass rushes for a pass rushing productivity of 15.0. The only 4-3 defensive end with 40 or more pass rushes from the left, and a higher pass rushing productivity, is Michael Bennett.

7. Denver Broncos

Shane Ray has two sacks, one hit, and five hurries on 57 pass rushes. That gives him a pass rushing productivity of 11.4, 14th-best among 55 3-4 outside linebackers with at least 50 pass rushes.

8. Green Bay Packers

Cornerback Damarious Randall has eight passes defended, which is the eighth-most among all cornerbacks this year.

9. Oakland Raiders

Wide receiver Amari Cooper has a yards per route run of 2.18, 15th-best in the league. He has the most routes run for a rookie at 336. The five rookies with the next highest number of routes run have a combined 0.93 yards per route run.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers

Bud Dupree has four sacks, one hit, and 10 hurries on 178 pass rushes, which gives him a pass rushing productivity of 6.9. All of his pass rushes have come from the defenses’ left side. His pass rushing productivity of 6.9 is the lowest on the left for 3-4 outside linebackers with at least 100 pass rushes from the defenses’ left side.

11. Philadelphia Eagles

Wide receiver Nelson Agholor has improved in nearly every game he’s played this season. His grades by game have been: -2.4, -0.7, -1.5, -1.5, -1.3 and -0.4.

12. Buffalo Bills

When Ronald Darby has been targeted, opposing quarterbacks have an NFL passer rating of 51.5. The only cornerbacks who have been targeted 50 or more times and have a better passer rating against them are Josh Norman and Darrelle Revis.

13. New York Jets

Defensive end Leonard Williams has a run stop percentage of 8.3, 14th-best for 3-4 defensive ends. He has the second-most run stops for Jets defensive linemen, at 13.

14. Baltimore Ravens

Maxx Williams is the only tight end this year with a PFF season grade of 72 or higher in receiving, run blocking ,and pass blocking. He has an overall PFF rating of 77.6 which is tenth-best among all tight ends.

15. Houston Texans

Cornerback Kevin Johnson has five passes defended this year, which puts him among the top 20 for cornerbacks.

16. Chicago Bears

Defensive tackle Eddie Goldman has a pass rushing productivity of 6.7, 19th best among all defensive tackles. He has two sacks and 11 hurries on 154 pass rushes.


17. Seattle Seahawks

Defensive end Frank Clark has five run stops on 48 run snaps. His 10.4 run stop percentage is fifth-best among 4-3 defensive ends with 40 or more snaps against the run.

18. Indianapolis Colts

Wide receiver Phillip Dorsett has 1.99 yards per route run, which is the best among Colts wide receivers with at least 50 routes run.

19. Kansas City Chiefs

Cornerback Marcus Peters has 13 passes defended, the most for all cornerbacks this year. Only two cornerbacks had more than 13 passes defended over all of 2014.

20. St. Louis Rams

Running back Todd Gurley has 10 runs of 15 or more yards, tied for fourth-most in the league. On those carries, he had 346 yards, which is the second-most breakaway yards behind just Adrian Peterson.

21. New Orleans Saints

In his 120 snaps this season, Andrus Peat has had an above average grade in both pass blocking and run blocking.

22. New York Giants

Left tackle Ereck Flowers has allowed 39 pressures, and has a pass blocking efficiency of 91.4. Both are the worst among left tackles this year.

23. Miami Dolphins

Of the five wide receivers on the Dolphins’ roster with significant playing time, DeVante Parker is the only one to not drop a pass yet.

24. Dallas Cowboys

After having no passes defended in his first five games, Byron Jones has four passes defended over his last four games.

25. Washington

Right guard Brandon Scherff has a run block rating of 82.8, second-best for rookie guards.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars

Halfback T.J. Yeldon has had 23 players miss tackles on his carries, which is tied for 11th-most among running backs this year.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Quarterback Jameis Winston has an average time to throw of 2.86 seconds, which is the eighth-highest in the league. His average depth of target of 10.0, is also eighth-highest.

28. Cleveland Browns

Defensive tackle Danny Shelton has 12 run stops on the year, which is among the top 20 for defensive tackles.

29. Tennessee Titans

When Marcus Mariota throws a pass 2.5 seconds after the snap or less, he has an NFL passer rating of 109.2, fifth-best among quarterbacks this season.

30. San Francisco 49ers

Arik Armstead has one sack, three hits, and 17 hurries on 114 pass rushes this year. That’s good for a 14.0 pass rushing productivity, the best for all 3-4 defensive ends this year.

31. Detroit Lions

Left guard Laken Tomlinson has not allowed a sack or hit in half of his games this season. He has just allowed one sack all season.

32. San Diego Chargers

Halfback Melvin Gordon has five fumbles this year, which leads running backs. No running back has had more than five fumbles in a season since 2010.

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  • crosseyedlemon

    The pre-season odds of the Bears being ahead of the Seahawks on the list at any time during this year had to be at least 1000-1.

  • Tim

    the niners are not good, but they have beaten two winning teams that are a combined 13-5. I think that puts them over the browns, Titans, bucs, and jags at the very least.

    • Sam Schell-Olsen

      They are not better then the Bucs and Jags…they might be better then the Titans….and they are better then the Browns….

  • kyle

    Where would the Giants be had Landon Collins catches the ball?


    The Ravens at 14? Even as a fan I think that’s too high for them.

    • Vitor

      Exactly. Wish they could play like a #14 team…

    • crosseyedlemon

      They probably give the Ravens an inflated rating just to keep Ray Lewis from going on Twitter and launching one of this rants.

    • Pete

      These rankings are a joke…..Collinsworth must be involved….

  • Numbers Logos

    17 Nov computer comparison of SEASON records: 1. New
    England, 2. Carolina, 3. Cincinnati, 4. Arizona, 5. Denver. The 32 team rankings fit visibly to records
    (W, L, PF, PA) AND schedules like pieces of a puzzle:

  • Jimmy Bell

    Whew!! Chargers at the bottom. A direct reflection on the poor leadership of this team. Wish we could fire the owners. It’s on them.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Yeah, it’s never a good sign when people would rather see your zoo attractions than your sports teams.

  • Joe

    You have the Raiders over the Steelers even though the Steelers won head to head, obviously I am a biased Steelers fan but come on, really? They ACTUALLY beat them.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Just be thankful ugly uniforms don’t figure into the ranking because if they did those “bumble bee” costumes the Steelers wear would cost them several spots on the list.

  • Max

    Horrible Rankings

  • CountMahdrof

    Washington? Huskies? I thought this was PRO football focus. Or are you just a-holes interjecting your political opinion into a sports page that prides itself on objective observations? No wonder myself and many others didn’t renew this year. Libocrisy abounds.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Not sure what they’re putting in your kibble but you need to chill out and not go mad dog whenever there is a simple omission.

    • Nunya

      I don’t see why this is an issue. The issue should be with the team name itself. Kudo’s to them for not putting the team name in there.

  • Sam Schell-Olsen

    14, Ravens? What???? Their Flippin 2-7!

  • Brian

    The panthers #1??? I’m a panthers fan and even I think that’s ridiculous. I have no problem dropping the pats from #1. They are beat up and missing many key players and many rotational players as well. If NE was healthy I think they’d be the clear #1 but they aren’t so 2 if fine. But there’s no way Carolina is 1. I wouldn’t care if u left ne 1. Wouldn’t care if u put Arizona 1. Even w the dud the Bengals laid I’d be ok w them 1. But Carolina should not be 1. And this is coming from a fan of theirs. The panthers are 2 at best. U really have to take anything from pff with a grain of salt.