CAR-NYG Grades: Beckham Jr. and Norman both earn negative grades

The top performers and highest-graded players from the Panthers' 38-35 win over the Giants.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

CAR-NYG Grades: Beckham Jr. and Norman both earn negative grades

Here are the most noteworthy performances and top-graded efforts as the Carolina Panthers stayed perfect, despite a frantic comeback from the New York Giants. The final score was 38-35 Panthers.

Carolina Panthers

– What can we say about Cam Newton (+4.3) that hasn’t already been said? This was far from his best effort, but still mightily impressive, as he had himself a five-touchdown game that featured his usual brand of composure and chain moving. Where he struggled somewhat was going downfield, where he completed just the one pass out of seven (though there was one drop), but he more than made up for that with the damage he was able to do with his legs. Showing that if you take one weapon in his arsenal away, the MVP candidate will just double down on another to hurt you.

– No denying what the marquee matchup was, as Josh Norman (-5.9) battled Odell Beckham Jr. (-5.5) in what was more than just a feisty affair. Looking solely at Norman, he won’t be happy with his performance, during the play and after it. He missed three tackles, allowed Beckham to beat him deep twice (one was dropped, one throw was off target) and was flagged for two unnecessary roughness penalties of his own. While this did feel like an anomaly to his excellent season and discussion will center on the theatrics of their battle, there’s no denying Norman was given his toughest test in coverage on the year.

– That makes it two out of three weeks that the Carolina defense has been knocked on the ropes, and given the time of the year it is, there’s a worry that it’s peaked too soon. Luke Kuechly (-0.1) may be having a season for the ages, but this was not a game where he’ll look back as one of his better ones. He caught himself out of position in coverage a couple of times, gambling on where the ball was going and leaving wide open spaces for Giants’ pass catchers. He also didn’t have the best time when linemen got their hands on him, and the result was a big tackle day (13,) but rather average effort.

Top Graded Players:

QB Cam Newton (+4.3)
RG Trai Turner (+4.3)
LG Andrew Norwell (+3.1)
DE Mario Addison (+2.5)
CB Charles Tillman (+2.2)


New York Giants

– Where else can we start but with Odell Beckham Jr.? His -5.5 grade is the worst of his career, and really tells the story of a man who let the situation (or opponent) get the better of him mentally. The stuff before the catch? He was fine. He was able to get separation against Josh Norman on a fairly consistent basis (certainly more than any other wide receiver this year). Where he fell down was when it came to making the catch (two bad drops) and more noticeably after the catch where he drew three personal foul penalties (to go with one offensive pass interference). This was a different Beckham Jr. who, for whatever reason, seemed more intent on laying a hurting on Norman and Cortland Finnegan, than just doing his job.

– While most of the talks of Giants’ defensive linemen centers on Jason Pierre-Paul (+0.7), it was once against Robert Ayers (+3.3) who stepped up with a big day. He was a constant menace to Michael Oher (-1.2), and ended the day with a couple of sacks and five total disruptions along with three more stops in the run game. He’s proven to be no one-year wonder in New York, and looks a different player from the guy once viewed as a bust in Denver.

– It was a solid outing for Eli Manning (+3.8), throwing four touchdowns with one pick that came when a receiver fell down. He didn’t have a lot of success downfield, but did work the shorter and intermediate stuff impressively. That’s no lighthearted feat when you face the kind of pressure he did, with 16 of his dropbacks impacted by the Panthers; yet to his credit, he kept his poise, avoiding sacks or turnovers.

Top Graded Players:

LG Justin Pugh (+3.9)
QB Eli Manning (+3.8)
DE Robert Ayers (+3.3)
C Weston Richburg (+2.2)
DL Cullen Jenkins (+1.8)

  • patsfan94

    I feel like Norman deserves some credit for drawing 3 personal fouls on Odell honestly. This article says itself that Norman got the better of Odell mentally.

    • Anonymous

      Mentally, sure. But physically, which is where the grade comes from, Norman repeatedly got beat when targeted. Were in not for the 2 drops, they would have been a perfect 6 of 6 when targeting Norman for 2 TD’s. As it was, they ended up 4 of 6 for a TD.

      Also, Norman himself had 2 personal foul penalties so it’s not like either of them really got “the better” of anything.

  • Brian

    Well, pretty much what I saw. I thought Beckham really did beat Norman quite a few times, and of course he let emotions get the best of him and kinda vanished from that game. Pretty much, both had poor games, glad PFF is there for backup.

    Also damn Giants defense lol Eli must feel like he’s steering a sinking ship, week after week he carries this pathetic team to wins or near wins when we should be blown out

  • etyb

    I had a feeling leading up to this game that New York would hand Carolina its toughest test of the season, based solely on history (and Beckham Jr.’s ridiculous level of play). They have a history, especially with Coughlin as HC, of knocking down top-tier opponents like Carolina. ’98 Broncos. ’07 and ’11 Patriots. Carolina should probably hope New York doesn’t make the playoffs and advance to them.

    • Blackfive

      Tom cough kin wasn’t coaching the Giants in 98.

      • etyb

        “especially with Coughlin as HC”

        I know he wasn’t coaching them in ’98. Just saying it’s happened more with him as HC.

    • Tim Edell

      I highly doubt the Giants will be advancing to meet them in the playoffs!!

      • etyb

        As a perennially disappointed Redskins fan, I can definitely say that stranger things have happened.

  • Kason Edell

    Norman and Beckham were both horrible to watch

    • etyb

      Yeah, but it seemed to me like Beckham was the one starting most of the crap between them. He needs to be suspended for at least two games for that helmet-to-helmet spear he leveled on Norman.

    • Pantherfan all week

      Norman? Beckhype was acting like a bitch after he dropped past lead from Eli that would been a TD. Norman said it best “fuck that Bitch”