Brock Osweiler trade smart move by Browns’ front office

Analyst John Kosko breaks down the move that will bring Brock Osweiler to Cleveland.

| 3 months ago
Brock Osweiler

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Brock Osweiler trade smart move by Browns’ front office

An absolutely shocking—but brilliant—trade, the Houston Texans off-load QB Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns. In a move rarely if ever seen in the NFL, this trade saves the Texans $16 million in cash and $10 million in cap space, and the Browns are essentially buying an extra second-round pick from Houston. The Browns are reportedly not expected to keep Osweiler but because they came into the offseason with over $100 million in cap space, have the luxury to make such a move. In addition to acquiring Houston’s 2018 second-round pick, the Browns will get their 2017 sixth-round pick while giving away their 2017 fourth-round pick.

This move gives Houston a chance to acquire Tony Romo, and puts them squarely into Super Bowl contention for 2017. Osweiler graded as the third-worst QB in the NFL, with a season grade of 40.5 where he struggled mightily under pressure with a passer rating of 49.9, throwing just two touchdowns and seven interceptions. If the Texans are able to land Romo, they’ll get a significant upgrade at the most important position in all sports.

From the Browns’ perspective, this is about as “Moneyball” as a football franchise can get. Sashi Brown covets draft assets, and found a way to buy one. If they are serious about keeping Osweiler, they’ve built an offensive line over the past 12 hours to protect their investment. Most reports are stating that they plan to cut or trade Osweiler, but Cleveland could be getting ready to just cut Robert Griffin III, as well. Still is much in the air about their plans, but the Browns’ ability to acquire an extra draft pick falls directly in line with their approach.

This is a win for both teams, as the Texans have a roster in prime position to compete for the Super Bowl, and the Browns get assets to continue their “analytics” approach of building through the draft.

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John is an analyst for Pro Football Focus and former safety for the University of Kansas Jayhawks (2004–2006).

  • Truthi Betoldi

    only a non smart person would think this is a smart move. Yeah spending 18$ million dollars on a bust QB is a smart move. Ask the owner and see if it’s a smart move. NFL is a business and not a free meal ticket. its because of bad signings like this by the GM of Houston Texans, that regular hard working people who are NFL fans have to shell out 300$ to take a family to watch a football game these days while stiff like Osweiler, and many other NFL lazy players who look into cash in on contract years by actually giving it an effort for that one year only. But none of these guys really care about the fans who are the ones really suffering from these players NOT giving their best. on so many instances once a player gets that “guaranteed” contract for millions they no longer give it their all. this is so unfair to the fans. i hate guarantee contracts in sports. especially baseball and basketball. its a known fact in league circles amongst some NBA players to just go through the emotions while collecting 20$ million a year for doing absoutely nothing but playing soft/lack luster no effort basketball. And than whining and crying that their not getting “payed” going on strike every few years. like I said the only ones truly suffering are the fans. who are the reason these premadonnas are being paid the ridiculous sums they make!!

    • Zach

      cool story

    • 42DAHA


    • Brine Crow

      “only a non smart person would think” that owners are worried about a move like this affecting revenue, when most of the vast majority of team revenue comes from national television contracts that are shared across all 32 teams.

      “only a non smart person would think” that Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, who allowed Sashi Brown to gut the team last year, resulting in a 1-15 record, didn’t sign off on this move.

      “only a non smart person would think” that fans of the Browns care how much money the team throws around in free agency provided that the end result is winning football teams.

      “only a non smart person would think” this a good opportunity to criticize the size of NFL player contracts.

      Good thing there are only smart people around here.

      • Truthi Betoldi

        And “only a non smart person” think spending 18$ million for a 2nd round draft pick is smart when they could have used the same money to resign a Terrel Pryor or some other talented free agent! Instead they gamble it on a non proven 2nd round pick which they are gonna have to pay in addition to the 18$ million payed to Houston to allow to dump their dead weight on Cleveland. Tell me was RG III abother smart move by Sashi amd Hue? Only a “non smart” person would think so at a tune of 14$ million for him this past season. And how did that work out? Ray Farmer and now Sashi Brown has made some really dumb moves and think they ate at the cutting of edge is some “analytics” revolution. Like I said why not take the 18$ million and pay it to a talented free agent, instead of giving it away for a 2nd round pick! That’s NOT SMART! Why do you think Texas jumped at the chance of making this trade and of course, no other tram but Cleveland bit. For 4 or even 5$ million, it’s plausible but 18$ million? They could have used it to sign some of the best young free agent available. They refuse to pay Terrel Pryor 9$ to 10 million per season and pay 18$ Million for a 2nd rounder? Lol, come on “only a non smart person” does that!

        • crosseyedlemon

          Life isn’t fair and Brown fans certainly are entitled to vent after all the frustration they’ve endured. There are other ways of spending quality time with your family besides going to sporting events so maybe you should give that some thought.

    • Pook

      Tell me more about your “suffering”.

      • Truthi Betoldi

        I’m “suffering” because I am regular Joe trying to take my kids to a football game and even buy season tickets but very tough these days for most middle class families. Why not give the fans a discount for once? All the money owners and players are making….instead of raising salaries every year give some it back to the fans in the way of ticket and merchandise discounts!

  • Tim Edell

    The Browns definitely aren’t goin to trade Osweiler. Well they are the Browns maybe they will trade him throw in a 1st rounder so some team will take the contract off their hands!

    • crosseyedlemon

      Hi Tim. Not a lot of teams are that desperate at the QB position. The Niners signed Hoyer from our Bears so they might be a possible.

  • crosseyedlemon

    A year from now the Texans will still be trying to find a franchise QB so all they’ve managed to do is confirm that acquiring Osweiler was a huge mistake on their part in the first place. Super Bowl contenders? I’ll be surprised if they win more than 8 games in 2017.

    • Leon Kalayjian

      I thought the Texan head coach was a q b guru? Why are they cutting bait on osweiler? I will bet with a year in the system he could be a Joe flacco in a year or two. A decent starter that is big and doesn’t get hurt often. Now hes a castoff and who knows where he will land. Another knee jerk impatient move by a dumb g m. Look at Eli, Phil Sims and others in their first year. Lucky they had organizations that didn’t trade them one year later.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Hard to know whether this was entirely the GMs call or whether he was reacting to pressure applied by his boss. Either way, the impression that outsiders are going to have is that the front office has no plan in place that they are really committed to.

        • Leon Kalayjian

          The idea is you scouted the guy, you traded for him. You believed he was your guy. Now after he didn’t set the world on fire in his first year, you give up on him. What does that say about you as an evaluator of talent.?