Best players at every position from Week 11

Russell Wilson and Doug Martin lead our list of the best players at every position for Week 11.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Best players at every position from Week 11

There were some big box score performances on Sunday, as the yards flowed for quarterbacks and the sacks flowed for pass rushers. But going beyond that, who would the tape determine worthy of a place on the PFF Team of the Week roster?

Let’s find out.


Quarterback: Russell Wilson, Seahawks (+4.3)

This wasn’t a standout week for quarterbacks, but Wilson was on the money. He had just five incompletions, three of which were throwaways, and another that was a drop.

Running back: Doug Martin, Buccaneers (+3.4)

It was going to have to be a special effort to keep Thomas Rawls out of this lineup, and so it proved, as Martin rumbled for a monster 235 yards against an overmatched Eagles’ defense.

Fullback: Kyle Juszczyk, Ravens (+2.7)

Patrick DiMarco may have ended the day with two touchdowns, but the blocking of Juszcysk means he makes this team.

Tight end: Brent Celek, Eagles (+5.0)

A tough day for Philadelphia, but Celek had a big day with his blocking and contributed as a receiver with 79 yards.

Wide receivers: Julio Jones, Falcons (+3.8) and DeAndre Hopkins, Texans (+3.2)

You can’t slow Julio down; the Falcon ended up with 160 yards in a losing effort. Hopkins really had his way with Darrelle Revis, ending up with 118 yards and two touchdowns.

Tackles: Lane Johnson, Eagles (+3.7) and Charles Leno, Bears (+2.9)

Looking much better on the right side, Johnson was nearly flawless in a strong effort against the Buccaneers. Leno was the best of a very average bunch on the left side, and even he was badly beaten for a sack.

Guards: Evan Mathis, Broncos (+3.8) and Chris Chester, Falcons (+4.1)

In any other week, Mathis’ woes in pass protection would have prevented him from making this team. But his strong work in the run game and the struggles of linemen everywhere ensure he does. Chester had a good day, and his fit in Atlanta continues to be a great one.

Center: Travis Swanson, Lions (+2.4)

It’s been an up and down year (emphasis on down) for Swanson, but he had a productive outing against the Raiders.


Each week, we put forward a hybrid defense that features two edge rushers (4-3 defensive ends or 3-4 outside linebackers), three players on the “interior” of the defensive line (3-4 defensive ends or defensive tackles), and two linebackers (all inside linebackers and 4-3 outside linebackers).

Defensive interior – ends: Aaron Donald, Rams (+12.3) and J.J. Watt, Texans (+9.7)

Watt was fantastic, with eye-popping numbers. But even he is merely a supporting act to the excellence of Donald this week. The Rams’ defensive tackle is a true force on the interior with his ability to ruin plays in such a fashion.

Defensive interior – nose: Damon Harrison, Jets (+6.7)

There are times when Harrison is unplayable. This was one of them, as he finished the game with a monster 10 defensive stops in the run game.

Edge rushers: William Hayes, Rams (+6.8) and Tamba Hali, Chiefs (+7.0)

Hayes has proven to be a really valuable part of the Rams’ defensive line rotation, and starting the past five weeks, has really stepped up. He was excellent against Baltimore with some top-tier work in the run game complementing six quarterback disruptions. While Hali tends to play second-fiddle to Justin Houston, this week was all him, as he had seven QB disruptions, including two sacks.

Linebackers: Derrick Johnson, Chiefs (+5.8) and D’Qwell Jackson, Colts (+5.2)

Two members of the veteran linebackers club showed they still have it. Johnson did his best work in the run game, while Jackson feasted on making plays in coverage.

Cornerbacks: Desmond Trufant, Falcons (+3.3) and Johnathan Joseph, Texans (+3.3)

Our two cornerbacks allowed just five passes between them, while breaking up four balls themselves.

Safeties: Reshad Jones, Dolphins (+3.8) and John Cyprien, Jaguars (+2.3)

Credit Cyprien, who is much improved in recent weeks, really turning his career round. Jones is having another one of his brilliant seasons, and will be sure to challenge for end-of-season honors with efforts like this one against Dallas.

Kicker: Mason Crosby, Packers

Five-of-five shows Crosby at the peak of his powers.

Punter: Pat McAfee, Colts

McAfee is a true weapon. His ability to get distance and hang time with his kicks allow his coverage units time to get down the field.

Returner: Rashad Greene, Jaguars

He didn’t get a lot of touches, but he made them count with a game-winning contribution.

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  • Leach

    I’m sick of the disrespect towards the Carolina Panthers, We continue to win it may not always be pretty but looks are irrelevant. Furthermore, the fact that some feel cam is not a top notch QB and Carson Palmer is, is nothing short of ignorance. Cam is playing with distant number 3 receivers (excludes Olsen). I’m not going to name palmers numerous number of weapons. In conclusion the number one attribute for any player or athlete is avalibility and Carson lacks that, continuing I don’t recall Carson ever leading a team to 10-0

    • prophetik

      yeah, a perfect 9-1

    • Marcus Johnson

      Cam is number 4 in the qb rankings…the panthers are the second highest graded team in the league…this is a pointless post

    • Guy who can’t connect to PSN

      What is the basis for this post? I don’t see anything “disrespecting” Newton.

      • Leach

        Watch the best team in the NFC video and you’ll see..

    • SeattleSteve

      Complaining when you’ve got a 10-0 team usually motivates the football gods into cooking up some humble pie… just enjoy the victories man.

    • Tommy

      I’m a Packer fan and its not even close in my mind who the MVP of the year is so far, Cam Newton. so I give it up. :)

  • Jason

    Not a standout week for QBs when two throw for 5 TD passes? Okay, PFF

    • Johnny U.

      i know what your getting at, and i can read between the lines too

  • Leach

    Watch the best team in NFC video..

    • Kornel Hartung

      Hilarious. It is a how to make you look like a massive idiot 101.

  • Jim

    “There are times when Harrison is unplayable.”

    Is this supposed to mean something good? It doesn’t make any sense.

    • jason witten

      It’s a British term.

    • SeattleSteve

      I’m guessing it’s good, like “Oh man, I can’t even play at his level.” type of thing?

    • NAJ

      It basically means there is nothing you can do to stop him when at his best.

  • warner

    If they gave Winston a +5.2 this week why did they choose Wilson (+4.3) as the best of the week?

    • Spanky Quigman

      “This wasn’t a standout week for quarterbacks…”

      Except for the one who stood out. Which would seem to be the point of best of the week. It’s not about longevity or previous career. Unless of course it is.

      • Jones

        Anyone else have no clue what he is saying with that?

        • crosseyedlemon

          I think what he is trying to say is that it’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham….but I could be reading between the lines from the wrong direction.

    • ImperishablePhantasm

      It’s actually happened more than a few times. I don’t know why, but it does. If you go back and look at all the previous times they’ve done the ‘Best Players at Every Position’, you’ll see that.

      Week 10, they said the best running back was Adrian Peterson (+3.4)
      Matt Jones’ grade against the Saints was (+4.4)

      Week 9: Sammy Watkins had a grade of (+3.9), but Jordan Matthews had a grade of (4.0)

      Sometimes it’s like they’re giving players with bigger names the nod over other guys despite what their grades say.

  • crosseyedlemon

    Really wish Doug Martin was on a team that was a playoff contender.

    • Brandon Lane

      so the bucs aren’t a playoff contender? Seems like one to me.

    • JT

      only 1 game out of wildcard….thanks to the Falcons blowing.

  • osoviejo

    Rawls had more yards from scrimmage than any running back in the last three years. That includes Doug Martin.

    • Rikou

      Actually Doug Martin had 272 yards from scrimmage 3 years ago.

      • osoviejo

        Hence “in the last three years.”

        • Rikou

          But it was less than 3 years ago, it was in December 2012. Hence, it was done in the last three years.

          • osoviejo

            I was going to suggest you find a hobby, before I realized you have one.

          • boodlkn

            he made you look stupid. maybe you should find a new hobby?

          • osoviejo

            You’re both idiots. Martin’s game in 2012 occured on November 4th. You know, with a little more training you could probably teach yourself to look this stuff up.

  • lol

    I like how the Eagles have more players than the Bucs do on this list and also have no players on the worst team of the week to the Bucs 2. PFF is a joke. Oh and Winston was better than Russel Wilson this week. Your “stats” also agree with this.

  • lol

    I like how the Eagles have more players than the Bucs do on this list and also have no players on the worst team of the week to the Bucs 2. PFF is a joke. Oh and Winston was better than Russel Wilson this week. Your “stats” also agree with this.