10 worst performances from Sunday’s Week 5 NFL action

Rams RB Todd Gurley among the players who had rough outings on Sunday.

| 9 months ago
(Jeff Gross, Getty Images)

(Jeff Gross, Getty Images)

10 worst performances from Sunday’s Week 5 NFL action

Every Tuesday, PFF will be releasing its list of the lowest-graded players at each NFL position for that week. But Senior Analyst Sam Monson gets a jump on that by picking out 10 individual performances from Sunday’s games that stood out for just how bad they were.

Here are the 10 worst performances from Sunday’s Week 5 action:

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1. Billy Turner, T, Miami Dolphins

A backup guard being asked to start at left tackle is unlikely to go well, and it went very not well for Turner and the Miami Dolphins in their loss to Tennessee. It’s tough to be too hard on Turner, who was simply out of his depth, but he surrendered three sacks, two hits and four hurries for a total of nine pressures in only 27 pass-blocking snaps. Throw in a penalty and some ugly run blocking and you have one of the worst days of the weekend.

2. D’Qwell Jackson, LB, Indianapolis Colts

Jackson missed four tackles in the win over the Bears, tied for the most among linebackers on Sunday, but he also had a poor day in coverage, allowing a catch every time he was targeted. As a smaller linebacker, he has never held up too well against the run when linemen have come to attack him, and Chicago now has one of the league’s best interior trios in the league. They consistently eradicated him at the second level.

3. Rey Maualuga, LB, Cincinnati Bengals

It’s difficult in games like this to see what the Bengals see in Rey Maualuga, who had one of his uglier performances. He was almost blanked from the stat sheet entirely, but for one lone tackle, and in coverage he coughed up 19 yards and a touchdown on two targets. Effectively he was just an obstacle out there in the middle of the Bengals defense for the Cowboys to play around, but rarely looked like actually affecting the play.

4. T.J. Clemmings, T, Minnesota Vikings

It didn’t seem like there was much room for the Vikings to get worse at left tackle from Matt Kalil after he went down hurt. Enter T.J. Clemmings, and the complete disproval of that notion. Against the Texans this week Clemmings surrendered two sacks, a penalty and was simply abused by Houston defensive end Jadeveon Clowney at the point of attack in the run game. On runs to either side of Clemmings’ block, Minnesota averaged 1.2 yards per carry, and 0.8 of those came after contact. The Vikings had yet another impressive win, but their offensive line is still an issue.

5. Johnathan Joseph, CB, Houston Texans

With Stefon Diggs out due to an injury, the Vikings’ passing offense was missing a major weapon, but Joseph wasn’t able to stop the players who were asked to pick up the slack. Joseph was thrown at four times, allowing a catch on all of them for a total of 74 yards and a touchdown.

6. Brock Osweiler, QB, Houston Texans

This was not a good week for the Texans, who were throttled by the Vikings on the road. Osweiler was actually pressured more than he was kept clean, feeling heat on 24 of his 46 dropbacks. When he was hurried, his passer rating was just 18.8, and he completed only 25 percent of his passes. Read more here about the struggles of Osweiler, who has regressed since his strong Week 1 debut.


7. Ross Cockrell, CB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Cockrell has been playing well this season for Pittsburgh, but he was just completely unable to handle one-on-one coverage with Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who was fresh off giving Seattle star CB Richard Sherman all he could handle a week ago. Marshall beat Cockrell for 96 yards on seven catches, catching a touchdown in the process. Cockrell did break up a couple of passes, but he was firmly on the losing end of his battle.

8. David Parry, NT, Indianapolis Colts

Colts second-year NT David Parry just looks a little too lightweight to hold up in the trenches at the NFL level, and he was controlled consistently against what may be the league’s best interior line now in the Chicago Bears. Parry managed one hurry in 29 pass-rushing snaps and was washed out against the run on just 14 snaps.

9. Ty Sambrailo, OT, Denver Broncos

Sambrailo made Atlanta edge rusher Vic Beasley look like Von Miller, giving up three sacks, a hurry and a penalty before finally being called ashore by the Broncos and benched later in Denver’s loss. Sambrailo has now started three games for the Broncos, and his two at right tackle have been little short of disastrous.

10. Todd Gurley, RB, Los Angeles Rams

Gurley hasn’t had a whole lot of help this season, to put it mildly, but this week he was a contributing factor to his own problems, putting the ball on the ground twice on only 23 carries. A dropped pass didn’t help his cause as a receiver, and while he made a couple of big plays, the mistakes from trying to do too much were poor.

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Sam is a Senior Analyst at Pro Football Focus, as well as a contributor to ESPN and NBCSports.

  • Bill Goularte

    Can’t you just say the entire dolphins team? The dolphins organization continues to make fundamental mistakes in team development that inherently breeds inconsistency. Their personnel decisions are just plain bad. They will never win as long as they keep bringing in GM’s who never managed, Head coaches who have never head coached, guards who have never played guard, cornerbacks who are wide recievers and dumbest move of all….take a wide reciever at #8 to be your QB. They will also never be consistent and gain any continuity as long as they keep bringing in players that they know, based on their injury history, will not be able to play. Not until this team changes the way they think, will this team change the way they play.

    • JC Harris


    • geo2209

      Yep, and I don’t see why they don’t just make Ajayi the normal back. He’s outplayed the others, and most successful teams eventually choose a lead dog back because it imbues them with confidence/trust. Look at what Isiah Crowell said about Hue having faith in him, now he’s the highest graded back and killing it in fantasy.

    • Antileftist

      yeah, it’s strange to see how far the Dolphins have fallen since Shula left. It seems like it coincides with the rise of the Patriots, though I don’t follow them close enough to know for sure if that’s the case.

      • Mr. Lambert

        The Dolphins have 9 seasons with winning records since Shula retired. I don’t think he’s the issue.

        • Antileftist

          That many, I’m somewhat surprised. He’s been gone for what, 20-21 years? Every year I hope they can get better and give the Patriots some competition and it seems like it has been awhile since they have.

          • Mr. Lambert

            As a Bills fan I’m happy that the Dolphins have had little success. During the Jim Kelly years the Dolphins were our biggest rival. The Pats were nothing then. It was a fun rivalry that hasn’t been fun for a few decades.

          • crosseyedlemon

            Bills were more patsies than rivals as they went 0-20 against the Dolphins during the 70s (that still stands as the record for consecutive losses against an opponent). The Bills vs Jets has been a much more entertaining rivalry with Buffalo holding a 60-51 edge.

      • Backinmd

        Don’t know about the Dolphins NFL drafts have panned out but that could be a reason ..That and 30% + of your offense is your QB …Shu seems like he’s playing good ball but have have the other free agents contributing …Know the disasters the Redskins had with all the bad free agents they signed a few years ago, especially Albert Haynesworth — a 100 million dollar mistake that took years to get over …Shula was a great head coach even when he was in Baltimore ..Franchise went down the drain after he left due to the then owner who moved the team out of Balmar in the middle of the night a few years later ..Only head coach better ( retired ) than Shula ever was Paul Brown and Modell ran him out of town ..

        • Antileftist

          yeah, that Hayneworth signing for the Redskins was horrible. He just tanked after he got his money.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Good comment Bill. I think the only thing keeping the Dolphins from being worse than the Browns is that they haven’t signed Jim Carrey as the team pet detective.

      • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

        you called this early

        • crosseyedlemon

          Bills are showing some signs of life so are gentleman’s bet is getting interesting now.

          • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

            i’m gonna need tyrod taylor lining up behind richie incognito more often, lol

          • crosseyedlemon

            I seem to recall some college team using a gadget play like that a few years back and scoring a game winning TD off of it. Maybe Taylor was having a similar flashback.

          • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

            elway once did it too, he turned out to be pretty good if i recall correctly.

  • Antileftist

    it is becoming commonplace to see some of players on this list come from whichever team plays against the Vikings, and also for one of the Vikings O-linemen to also show up on the list. Osweiler is at least the 3rd QB to make the list on account of the Vikings defense. Mariota and A Rodgers also made it that I know of.

    • Goooogle

      Good point. Admittedly am a Vikings fan but from what I’ve seen this D is every bit as dominant as Broncos and Seattle were the prior two years. At least thus far. Seasoned QB’s have looked flustered, confused , and downright scared sometimes. On the other hand Clemmings is a disaster. He literally whiffed on Clowney or Mercilus about 4x Sunday. Bradford will not last long if he continues to be the blindside LT. And our team changes significantly with Bradford out.

  • McGeorge

    You left out “the Jets Defense”. Stank top to bottom, except for Leonard Williams.

  • Thomas

    Cockrell got bullied hard by Marshall, especially on that missed INT / Jets TD. He needs to step up his game vs New England.

  • GBPFan12

    The Packer’s Punter was doing his best to shank his way ahead of the Charger’s punter.