PFF Roundup – Week 14

Alex Welch looks around PFF Main for some fantasy takeaways leading up to the first week of the fantasy playoffs.

| 3 years ago
Keenan Allen

PFF Roundup – Week 14

Keenan AllenEvery week I look around PFF Main content and features to see what fantasy insight we can take away to help owners going forward. Last week’s column praised Kenny Stills and built up his expectations for Week 13. He finished with 162 yards and a touchdown against the Steelers. Let’s see what Week 14 has in store.

What should we expect from Allen?

Keenan Allen worried fantasy owners for the first half of the year. He averaged just 49.3 yards per game over his first six matchups. Now he’s finally starting to play like the wide receiver we expected to see in 2014.

Kiernan Hogan was impressed with Allen in Week 13, and he highlighted the second-year wide receiver’s play in his Chargers-Ravens ReFo. Allen caught 11 of his 12 targets for 121 yards and two touchdowns against the Ravens, easily his best game of the season.

A key point Hogan mentions is that Allen made his 11 receptions on four different defenders. If you read through Mike Clay’s Week 14 Wide Receiver Matchup Chart, you’ll see Allen lines up as the left wide receiver 46 percent of the time. Allen comes out of the slot 15.2 percent of his routes.

We know the Patriots like to use Darrelle Revis on opposing team’s No. 1 wide receivers. He’s already acknowledged the upcoming matchup with Allen. The numbers prove how tough this matchup has been for No. 1s.

Week 8, Brandon Marshall: three receptions, 35 yards
Week 11, T.Y. Hilton: three receptions, 24 yards
Week 12, Calvin Johnson: four receptions, 58 yards
Week 13, Jordy Nelson: two receptions, 53 yards, one touchdown

Expect a mediocre week from Allen. He’s been hot lately, which means the Patriots will do everything they can to eliminate him from the gameplan. I’m avoiding his $7,200 price on DraftKings. For $200 more you can get Randall Cobb with a great matchup against the Falcons. Redraft owners should tread lightly if they have alternative options in the range of Kenny Stills, Jordan Matthews or even Jarvis Landry (more on him later).

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