PFF Preview: Packers @ Bears, Week 4

| 3 years ago

PFF Preview: Packers @ Bears, Week 4

2014-Prev-WK04-GB@CHIThe 1-2 Packers will take the short trip to Chicago on Sunday, looking to step out of the NFC North’s cellar while the Bears (2-1) try to keep momentum rolling after two consecutive primetime wins.

The Packers offense hasn’t produced the type of numbers that they’ve shown themselves capable of with a healthy Aaron Rodgers under center. With the offensive line struggling, and Rodgers 21st-ranked accuracy percentage of 55.6, look for him to continue to get rid of the ball quickly.

On the other side will be Kyle Fuller & Co. The rookie has done a splendid job stepping in for the injured Charles Tillman who was placed on IR after tearing his right triceps in Week 2. His +5.9 is the best overall grade on the Bears defense despite having played less snaps than most of the opening day starters. It’ll be interesting to see how he holds up against the Rodgers – Nelson connection.

Green Bay Packers

Josh Sitton – The only Packers offensive lineman with a positive overall grade (+4.3), the rest combine for a rocky -14.9.

Jordy Nelson – Nelson’s 3.11 Yards per Route Run leads all wide receivers in 2014. His 2.04 YPRR placed him 15th among WR’s last season.

Mike Daniels – Has a team-high +8.2 overall grade and a second-place Run Stop Percentage of 13.3 among all 3-4 defensive ends (trialing only Arizona’s Calais Campbell at 17.5).

Chicago Bears

Brandon Marshall – Helped by his three touchdowns and zero drops, Marshall leads all wide receivers’ in Slot Performance. Randall Cobb is the only other WR with three touchdowns from the slot.

Kyle Long – Sits in sixth-place among qualifying guards in Pass Blocking Efficiency with his 98.9 score. Ranks fourth for right guards alone.

Matt Forte – Has averaged 6.5 yards a carry when running between the center and right guard. Just 2.0 YPC in all other gaps.

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  • Greg Maus

    “continue to get the ball out quickly”? your own stats say Rodgers has been one of the 10 slowest QB’s to get the ball out so far this year with an average time-to-throw of 2.75s (9th longest), time-to-attempt of 2.59s (9th longest), and time-to-sack of 3.96s (5th-longest). surprised to see a statement like that on PFF.

    • Kevin

      That could have a lot to do with the isolated snaps where Rodgers has held onto the ball way too long. For a good majority of the first 3 games, Rodgers and the Packers offense have had a ton of quick passes.

  • Jason Williams

    this is put up or shut up time for the Bears. Either you’re going to be a real team this year or we’re going to get the same near-.500 garbage we’ve gotten used to since the Superbowl year.

    as a lifelong Bear fan, I’m not optimistic.